Her Crimes, His Words



Assume crash positions.

We will have incoming fire as well.

Brace for impact.


11 responses to “Her Crimes, His Words

  1. For what we are about to recieve, may we be truly thankful.

    Or, as Cromwell warned, “Keep your faith in God, but keep your powder dry.”

  2. 99.9% of Trump’s opponents are enemies of Individual Liberty.

  3. At some point the reality of the system being completely rigged will occur to the consciously dumbed down masses. I suspect when that cathartic epiphany sinks in we will have some sort of civil events transporting on a order of magnitude greater than any ‘hits’ or boils on the radar we have been getting thus far. It’s always been who counts the votes that matters most.
    Preparing & bracing for impact in 3-2-1

  4. Where does that evil communist skank get off wearing a necklace with the cross?

    • The burning pain helps her maintain focus. Like putting a tack in your shoe before a polygraph

    • It’s actually a swastika, but Huma has been sucking so hard that the legs have straightened out. Sorta like Hillary’s do just before she comes…

      Now try to scrub THAT image out of your mind!

  5. It’s a charm from Huma.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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    After walking through the living room last night while she was raging against The Donald, the thought of rope-a-dope came to mind. All of this speculation, false hope, schadenfreude over the alleged “illnesses” this Marxist criminal is reputed to have is just nonsense. She is as hale and hearty as I have ever seen her. And, she will take her oath of office from the podium on January 20th. Deal with it.