It’s Probably Nothing


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RFE/RL story

To be read as US agitprop, just as RU sources are read as RU agitprop.

6 responses to “It’s Probably Nothing

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Naw! Nothing at all here. What the hell do we care, anyways? All 535 of us are 4,861 miles away from all this, plus we have our well-stocked bunkers here in DC. What, us worry?

    –signed The (spineless, gutless and cajones less) US Congress

    P.S. To all Congress Critters: We “dirt people” know that Vlad’s flyboys have a passel ‘o bunker busters targeted to each of your clever “safe houses” underground. They can chew thru 60 feet of dirt and 6 feet of reinforced concrete to make your day, shall we say, “interesting.” Wars tend to gravitate to decapitating the leaders first, but not us lowly dirt people. Have fun!

  2. Russia’s “military seizure” of the Crimean peninsula….talk about agitprop!

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Did a stint on the border/wall zone at the height of the cold war, and this sort of stuff happens all the time. There is more exciting posturing and events that go on than mobile systems playing in the field.

    Specially fun is when the opposition battles among itself, as there is a reason they are paranoid of everyone, including their own best.

    Distant take is that they fear a Killary win, as she is a creature of war and conflict.
    Then they are twitchy whether Donald in a win will be as effective as advertised.
    Or worse fear of all, will things lock up and take a stumble.

    Somehow they often think we are interested in taking them over, by force. At height of cold war they told their kids we wanted to come take their socialist utopia. Daft but scary mindset.

    If I were them I move my hardware around a pose big and mean too.

    Would be more worried if they went quiet and reclusive.

    Just my 2cents from part of the 3percent – Your Mileage May Vary.

    Big Sam

  5. Obama and Hillary seem to be trying trash talk Putin into a conflict of some kind as a way to win the election. Putin seems to be taking theses threats seriously. NATO is insanely putting German NATO tanks within cannon fire of the Russian border, the closest by hundreds of miles, since Operation Barbarossa. The Russians remember that 80% of the Russian men born in 1923 did not survive the war. All of them were killed by German Nazi’s. They are getting real fucking touchy about those tanks. Neither shitty Syria or Crimea is worth war. The stock market won’t like it either.

  6. It’s nothing until fighters start getting shot down in Syria and ships are sunk in the Mediterranean. Then that’ll be something…