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The Kakistocracy

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  1. Already follow – enjoy his thoughts even if I don’t always agree 100%

  2. The reason this new blog exists, along with WRSA and the entire Alt-Right, is because of the absolute catastrophic failure of the republican party to win anything from the left. Like the debate commission. This year, along with 2012, both Trump and Romney had to literally fight a fist fight with the radical left wing ‘journalists’ the republicans approved of, in both of the first two debates. By the both of the third debates, when the races were basically over, the left allowed a token ‘moderate’ panelist to ask questions. The republicans on the debate commissions strategy is complete capitulation on any issue. People thought Trump ‘lost’ the first debate. But there were at least 15 obvious questions that weren’t asked. And Trump was interrupted at least 3 to one in the first two debates. In any conflict with the left, the republican establishments first move is to capitulate. These debates matter. The alt-right is now the voice of the conservative voters.

    • And there’s a whole bunch of folks who’ve now decided talking has lost it’s value.

      I return to my best analogy of what the left looks like in the ring (and sadly much of the “right” but we’re working on that as the good Ship Trump slowly slips under the water).

      As God is my witness, I truly wish we weren’t going in this direction, Northern Ireland and the troubles in true scale is just a really bad thought. You globalist fckers who think you’ve figured this out need to step back and ponder what’s coming. What Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn figured out was that the state does not have a monopoly on violence. Many of the Russian people simply went to the Gulags. Here in America the forecast is for raining hammers. My children’s future or your life global fucktards, for now you get to choose. That window is closing.

      • MichiganderJim

        “You globalist fckers who think you’ve figured this out need to step back and ponder what’s coming.”

        Don’t listen to him. You fucks ponder to your heart’s content.

  3. well, at least the injuns in Murica still have balls:

  4. colddeadhandsdays

    I have a black heart for leftists. God won’t be able to help them if the start a war with us and I’m alive. I’ll eat their eyes and drink their brain stew happily:)

  5. colddeadhandsdays

    Very very well said

  6. I don’t think there’s much a self described ‘visionary of Marxist teachings’ has to offer me. Another pseudo-intellectual shitbird with a thesaurus is what he is.

  7. the alt-Right has already been converged, co-opted: see: (((Milo))) and the (((Breitbart/Drudge))) “we can still vote our way out of this” crowd. They’ll know better after 8 November, though, and more of them will visit the gun shop. I expect quite a spike in gun/ammo sales between the election and the inaug.