Pass Me Another Box Of Wine, Cankles



Open thread on tonight’s goat rodeo.


7 responses to “Pass Me Another Box Of Wine, Cankles

  1. The Usual Suspect

    Looks like someone is grabbing her pussy,
    WOW are they in for a surprise.

  2. a very dignified and humane picture of Mrs. Clinton, I must say. Full of joie de vivre. And notice the unfeigned adulation of her attendants. What a happy country we will be once Hillary is inaugurated: “stronger together”. Amen to that.

  3. Mock outrage from the perfumed mandarin’s. I can smell the fear.
    What they are afraid of is their irrelevancy and illegitimacy, (never mind they are the criminal class).
    Trump’s remark are thermonuclear gas lighting: Because Fuck You Thats Why.

    This guy is an upper echelon Mencha, 165 IQ. They don’t know what to do with the guy. He is 5 steps ahead of them. They keep trying to gas light him and they hang themselves on their own petards every time.
    See, if Donald J. Trump Refuses to accept a rigged election, he creates an actual paradigm. For the first time in political history a candidate is going to call major fucking bullshit.
    Yet what is going to matter is The Great Fuck You are gonna become the I’m Gonna Get You Sucka Party. You can like Ol’ Trump or not, the reality is he has a massive and very popular support. It can not be denied, and if Trump refuses the rigged outcome, it is because the guy knows beyond any doubt he won. People like Trump don’t do or say things unless they know the truth, and the consequences. It is why they are successful men.
    And Trump gave the sonofabitches the finger and told them to kiss my ass.
    It is politically a terrifying act of refusing to comply. Trump is past being president. He is a leader of men, and leaders lead, a title is a formality, it that people follow such men where their leadership is derived. And is there any doubt that leadership, effective leadership from the political class has been dead for 50 or 60 years. Like when it took a bullet in the head in Dallas. Something is trying to fill that vacuum. It is human nature.
    But it is that won’t be denied part of the dirt people here that is thermonuclear.

  4. When she wins, the Saudis and other ragheads can work right out of the White House……..Wha?…..They wha?……already?….. Never mind.

  5. we don’t have enough rope nor ammo