Spengler: The Roof Blows Off The Echo Chamber

walter cronkite

Not newsmen, but propagandists.

Every damned one of them.

Screw Uncle Walter.

14 responses to “Spengler: The Roof Blows Off The Echo Chamber

  1. Yet there will still be those countless “patriots” who will demand a more “credible source” than Alex jones or ZH when presented with news they deem “tin foil hat stuff”. Those fools won’t be happy until faux news or cnn report it.

  2. Some day we will get to the point of lynching reporters and other propagandists. Sadly, there will be no one left to report on their demise.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Just put ’em up on the cross or a blunt stake, and give them a megaphone. They can report on their own demise over the couple of days that it takes. It combines everything they love: “if it bleeds, it leads;” mawkishness/pathos; and themselves.

  3. HHH Old Vet.

    What Good are these Media people? CNN- Clinton News Network puts out LIES per Minute based on their PAY? How do You explain it?
    Everything is Upside Down and Bass ackwards.
    Time for the Civil Restoration to start……

  4. I love the smell of irrelevant collapsing illegitimate ruling “elite” in the afternoon.

  5. It’s beyond mere propaganda. It’s weaponized “information.”

    It’s far easier to be spoon-fed talking points, as well as to be seeded information from the State, than to conduct actual journalism. Plus it won’t piss off your corporate advertisers, thus cutting into your revenue stream by catering to all those pesky facts flying around.

    The incestuous backflow of scum through the media/government/corporate revolving door says it all. The collusion, glad-handing, and champagne quaffing between these parasites will continue unabated, until it doesn’t.

  6. colddeadhandsdays

    I want them all hanged streamed live on the internet!!!

  7. The Usual Suspect

    Welcome to Hollywood, Whats your Dream ???

    I want them all hanged streamed live on the internet!!!

    Yeah !!!

  8. Bracken, What I Saw……

    It’s coming kids, bet your life…..


    No more Edward R. Murrow. No more Walter Cronkite. Give me a break! Murrow was a FDR lickspittle shill who was cheerleading us into The War To Save Joseph Stalin. Then, the chain-smoking useful idiot goes after Joe McCarthy, who was RIGHT, and had the Reds on the run.
    This is why that Clinton lickspittle and modern-day Hollywood useful idiot,George Clooney, was so anxious to produce a movie about HUAC and McCarthy, even though Clooney was probably soiling his diaper or just a gleam in his mother’s eye when McCarthy and Hoover were exposing the Masters of Deceit.
    Then there’s Walter. We had decimated the f***ing Dinks after TET, and he goes on TV and tells the sheeple that we have lost the war. Turns out this mook was another closet leftist-useful idiot with a bunch of dysfunctional doper kids, who gave BILLARY a cruise on his sailboat and complete support during the impeachment hearings. Another Red Wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    I do not know how old the author of this article is, but I have seen news managed by the FEDGOV and their minions ever since this nation of brain-dead fools went gaga over JFK and Jackie. The last honest journalist I know of is H.L. Mencken. Time for another Boilermaker. .

  10. Stealth Spaniel

    My dad loved the news. He bought a new tv every year-the bigger the better. He would LOVE the 55 inch flat screens that we have now. As soon as Uncle Walter came on, my mom would arch that right eye brow up to her hairline, look my dad in the face, and elegantly utter, “Turn that son of a bitch off.”

  11. I can almost cry thinking either result, and will shed tears either way.

    We are besieged by urinalism, not journalism.