Two From TL


To Alter Or Abolish

A Nasty, Bloody Business

Si vis pacem…

6 responses to “Two From TL

  1. colddeadhandsdays

    Asked for the first. No we do not have any legitimate means of redress left. Until everyone on our side resigns themselves to the fact that all we have left our our cartridge boxes we will lose. I’m sorry it’s come to this I really am. I want to live a peaceful life without government overreach and harassment at every turn. If Hillary gets in this is no longer possible. If Trump gets in he may be able to notch it down a bit. I don’t know but I’d like to try.

    Bottom line old men here and in the patriot movement all we have left is one final play and maybe will all see that play out.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. TL, still blathering about the “American People”. My reaction:

    “flying cork kills two policeman…shitwave hits New York”

  5. I fear Mr. Davis was in a relatively dark place when he authored this post.
    Imagine this for a moment: The 2nd Amendment is wiped off the books and American men finally achieve the status of full cuckoldry the left so yearns for. What then is to stop them from wholesale slaughter of the deplorables? Nothing! The 2nd exists to kill criminals and tyrants, nothing more.