Bracken Sends: American Pravda


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19 responses to “Bracken Sends: American Pravda

  1. The scabby fools don’t want to believe that there will be consequences for their behavior.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      There haven’t been any so far, so why would they assume things will change when they have more power and control?

    • robins,

      Your “scabby fools” haven’t felt any physical, mental, financial or combination thereof, pain yet. Why would they expect any detrimental consequences now ?

    • Let us know when you find a leader.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. To compare our MSM to Pravda is a slap in the face to Pravda.

  4. Bracken,

    You’re insulting PRAVDA !

  5. (((Andrea Mitchell))), married to (((Alan Greenspan))). In Sodom-on-the-Potomac, corruption isn’t merely endemic. It’s Tribal.

  6. Assange getting popped today possibly and there are interweb problems, probably nothing. They are not happy with the Assange releases, to much info on how the sausage is made.

  7. Eighteen days until Probably Screwed, barring a miracle.

    If Shrillary wins, expect her administration to functionally begin Nov. 9th, and include a helpful blanket pardon on January 19th, 2017.

    Plan accordingly.

  8. And boys and girls, consider that Hillary might begin issuing EO’s right after the election results are in and certified, and BEFORE she is sworn in. She may do it to head off a run on guns, ammo, whatever. She knows about us, how we operate and react. Obongo could sub for her, and issue them ahead of Jan. 20, and all she would have to do is have them copied w/o Obongo’s signature on them, and sign them herself, after being sworn in. Shutting down the Internet, Martial Law, you name it, the sky is the limit if you’re a post-menopausal, sick, fat, bitch, and nothing really to stop you except a bunch of grouchy people who usually do nothing but complain about shit. The Shit Could Hit The Fan, a lot quicker, and a lot harder that anyone expects. Given what Obongo has already done, and what an evil, lying, murdering bitch she is, who here thinks I’m off base?

  9. Only solution is forcible separation of the cervical vertebra by use of a ligature and sufficient amount of vertical drop.

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