Last Night’s Al Smith Dinner Speeches

Shades of the old Friars’ Club roasts.

9 responses to “Last Night’s Al Smith Dinner Speeches

  1. ALCON,

    The video of her approaching the podium appears to have a glitch. What the twitch in the video is is an editing out of the bitch stumbling.

    The Klinton and Marxist deceit continues.

  2. I caught some of this live then turned it off because it bothers me to see criminal psychopaths chuckling at the expense of millions and millions.

    This photo is from last year but grok this, these people are mightily enjoying their moment in the sun as the mother of all shove downs continues to rain down on people who can’t possibly understand how it is being done. Those of us who do have a duty to resist. Hopefully you are, growing, learning and doing.

    — it costs $25,000 at minimum to attend …grok it, these people are enjoying the fuck out of this

    Are you not entertained?

  3. If you listen carefully, you can hear the clippity- clopp of her cloven hooves as she approaches the podium

  4. Trump took it not only to Hilarity, not only to the Prog majority crowd, but to the Quisling Cardinal himself. Trump in many ways was just reading “the handwriting on the wall” to these despicable sycophants. It was modernist Biblical.
    As a side note on this debauched crowd “caring for the children” raising OMG! 6 million dollars, while Bloomingbird sat there with hundreds of billions in his pants. Where was Georgie Soros? Soros gave a hundred million just to BLM, and this 6 million is paltry in comparison.
    May God have mercy on this country, clearly We do not deserve such mercy, but I humbly ask anyway. The Travails are coming, CYA as you best see fit.


      General: Thanks. To see a “Catholic” Cardinal, a “Prince of the Church” fete this Marxist witch who, only one day before, stood on a podium and supported the homicide of full-term, innocent American infants, is simply beyond my comprehension. There is a special cave in Hell reserved for Dolan even as I write this. It is right next to the two reserved for Roger Mahoney and Frank Bergoglio.
      I was born and raised in the Catholic Faith. I left Mother Church a long time ago. I am glad I did. This country has turned its back on The Almighty. We have called the tune. We will pay the piper. Big time.

      • Mr. Weasel,

        I’m Roman Catholic. But, I’ve disagreed with Rome and it’s whores like Dolan for more years than I can recall.

        I was as amazed as you that Dolan would consider inviting this anti-life bitch to this event, let alone sit next to her. But, the hypocrisy and politics of Roman Catholicism was on display for all to see at the charities dinner. Oh, and don’t forget….it is Catholic Charities that is a major player in supporting the soetoro-obama sponsored invasion of moslems into our communities.

        Practicing Amerikan Catholics are not allies of Freedom & Liberty.

  5. Great picture of that $25,000 per plate dinner, Tom. Reminds me of the scene showing the “human power elite” from the movie, “They Live”.