Last Word On The Debates


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6 responses to “Last Word On The Debates

  1. If Hillary has any character, it is probably STOLEN. Takes a lot of character and is really a class act to dump your bus’s SEWAGE on the street. Now we know what she thinks about the American public.

  2. how the gun grab goes down imo. first the “most dangerous” guns are outlawed to save the children in schools along with ammo made for those guns so eventually everyone still owning one cannot use it after they burn their ammo on target practice. then, permits will be applied to all guns that must be carried with the guns. then, those who are threats(i.e. everyone who visits here) will have to be limited or have their guns removed for the safety of the local surroundings.
    once those are done, endgame; you might as well just chain yourself up.

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  4. The top picture should be made into a poster and stuck to every lamp post.

  5. Ah, yes, the Leftists Must Have Their Cup of Infants Blood, to drink at the altar of their god: STATE.