Participation Rate: COINrage, Obamacare, And The Business Model Of Tyranny


Continue your study of insurgency and counterinsurgency here.

Don’t think for an instant that the Irredeemables are exempt from such treatment.

She does not care for you and yours in the least.

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14 responses to “Participation Rate: COINrage, Obamacare, And The Business Model Of Tyranny

  1. Good commentary. But ……. I have a problem with it.

    I keep seeing this getting painted as a “middle against the coastal elite” problem. Seeing as how I live on the coast (MA) – I have to point out that there seems to be quite a sizeable number of completely pissed off people out here too.

    The problem is more complicated than that.

    As an example. A couple of weeks ago we diverted off the clogged up highway and drove thru a local city (MA) – the place was FULL of Trump signs. I’d say there was a Trump sign every fifth house. And probably half of them were the really big ones.

    Last week we went up to see the foliage in NH. Typically thought of as a “conservative” state – I saw a LOT of Hillary signs. Much more than I’ve seen in any place in MA I’ve driven thru recently.

    Like I said: The problem is more complicated than that.

    • I totally agree. I was using those terms colloquially to describe a mindset and the prevailing conservative rural regions. Appalachia is extremely conservative here in VA as well as the more rural areas, but it’s a patchwork of blocs largely dominated by interspersed cities. Rather than try to gerrymander the reference I just went with an extremely broad brush. The main point of the geography being the media centers are on the coasts and have by far a larger voice and disproportionate influence than do the mostly unheard of people in Nebraska, Idaho, Oklahoma ect. If Miley Cyrus gets mad it’s a story, if 25 farmers get mad, who produce infinitely more usable goods than her, a camera crew is not there. Hollywood and NY media live in a bubble and I don’t think they know it. A county map of the nation showing red v. blue counties is a good reference to what I was talking about.

      • “red” vs. “blue”? demoncrats “vs” republiscams?? Trump “vs” Clinton??? It’d a subordinate oligarchy of White shabbatz goyim, and you/we aren’t in it.

  2. ALCON,

    Hillary Klinton and the other ruling elites are not the problem. The problem are the fools who have supported her and fellow scum like McCain, Graham, Pelosi, Feinstein and of course, the illegal Kenyan soetoro-obama for 30+ years. If not for them, our fellow countrymen, the bitch and others would be just a bitter and painful memory.

    One’s family, friends, neighbors and the strangers on the street are the true enemies of Freedom & Liberty.


      Word. And, when the balloon goes up and/or the economy crashes, we will have to make some very hard choices if we are to survive and rebuild. I lose sleep over this all the time. Harden your hearts. Bleib ubrig.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    A good read, but methinks we’re getting too deep in the thought processes on the eve of the manure hitting the impeller.

    Yeah–the “cloud” people, the elites, the “deep state,” have their plans, their fusion centers, their maps on the wall, ad nauseum..

    BUT, like it will play out (and I paraphrase Iron Mike) “Everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the face with a 7.62 or 5.56.”

    …things CAN get ugly (and quite messy) very quickly…

    • Something has to be thought out – or that manure hitting the impeller event is going to end up being completely non-productive.

      This is actually what I think the MAIN problem is: the “right” , the deplorables – are mostly acting on anger. I don’t see any sort of cohesive effort to try to return to the values that founded this country and were quite successful for a good period of time. Hell – I even see “alt-right” people (Z-man) saying shit like “maybe Islam is the answer” – when talking about how women getting the vote have contributed mightily to sending us down the road we’re currently traveling.

      Are there ANY people in positions of power who really advocate for libertarian or libertarian-ish principles? Trump mouths a lot of the words at times – but he seems more like a pragmatist – or opportunist , to me.

    • Just make sure you have a permit.

  5. MichiganderJim

    “She does not care for you and yours in the least.”

    Evidence that every cloud has a silver lining.

  6. Insurgents – Terrorists – Rebels – Patriots – Nationalists – Freedum Fighters – Religious fanatics – Radicalism – Wahabbism – Salafism – AQ – Daesh – Sunni – Shia – Flase Flags – Black or Grey Swan e al pick anyone from the political deck.
    The test tube was shaken up vigorously & the petri dish runs over w/ junk DNA & virulent bacteria. A fascist kakistocracy run by a ponerological pathocratic ogliarchy ruling a fluoridated calcified pineal gland populace of an Idiocracy who are so consciously unaware is almost inefffable. Wars create revenue, refugees & immigrants while the jobless rates are obfuscated into ‘otherline item’ categories under the guise of alleged transparanecy. It’s freight train off the tracks. Red Queen Evolutionary dynamics in play perpetually on all levels. Adapt to survive the Neo-feudal model being foisted upon the take down of America by it’s Central Bankers & pharisee occulted powers. This social experiment will fail by design & conclusion was forgone long ago. Nothing kills like Poverty, structural violence & ignorance. Nothing comes close.
    How we survive is what makes us who we are.