Two From The Patrick Henry Society

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Important posts, to be read in this order:

Thoughts on Infiltration and the Inner Circle Non-Negotiables

How Your Group Loudmouth Can Get You FBI Attention

Prudence, discretion, and discipline each are your friends.

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  1. Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead.

  2. the group loudmouth can get you FBI attention but the blog site cant? get real people ! this website is most likely put out by the FBI to find out about the subscribers.

    • So now you’re on the Feeb’s ‘most wanted undesirable’ list.

      Not very smart OpSec on your part, Cotton.

  3. Inner circle = immediate Family. Everyone else gets info on need to know, and so far, no one else needs to know.

  4. Well, since we have a few of those around here (“Kill the pigs and their whores” ring a bell?), I guess I’m out of here. Maybe they’ll at least give us our own cell block.

    It’s a damn shame. There are some good people here, and good info.

    • I didn’t take it as “stop visiting websites,” I took it as “stop being in militia/patriot groups with big mouth idiots, especially the big sprawling national ones.”

    • Shove it up your pig-sucking ass sideways and burn in hell where you belong.

      • Nicely done, Mark, I was becoming concerned about no fuck the cops here, lately. Gonna have to work on that.


    • Hell, its the Feds telling him to post it. You know “reasons”.

      • Anyone who, at this late date, does not understand that everything anyone does at any pro-freedom site is being collected (at the very least) for future analysis is probably too impaired to operate a keyboard on the open internet.

  5. I personally have had no contact with anyone associated with the Patriot movement as documented in this blog. I comment here and that is all. My contribution to the movement is trying to keep a bunch of dumb, but good hearted-cowboys out of jail. No, you folks here are not dumb, but you can be just like the elite left, they don’t get around much. There are many in the Patriot movement who talk to the same people and go to the same blogs every day and never hear any other point of view on either issues or STRATEGY. Like any successful movement, you need to listen to the dissenting voices. In Oregon, there are 3 dozen good, but badly led men, who are gonna be felons soon, their whole lives destroyed. Malheur was not a hill worth dying for and nobody yelled loudly enough to stop them. Bad leadership is worse than no leadership. I am part of a small, very well appointed tribe that doesn’t talk much, commits no crime or even talks about it. We aren’t accepting applications. But I am part of the largest armed army on earth, the dispersed Trump voters. As I said before, this army most likely possesses 75% of the privately held guns (and ammo) in the USSA. If this election is decided by illegal non-citizen voters, the election results are invalid too. This combination could be exponentially volatile. The liberals already have turned in all their guns to the govt. So stupid. The Patriots need to be smart and not be suckered onto another hill not worth dying for in the coming months.

    • plenty of people yelled, myself among them. The Bundy’s and their friends refused to listen. And we’re better off with them out of circulation for awhile. Mrs. Clinton will win the election not via the illegals, but because the electorate is now majority ethno-collectivist (Jews, Blacks, Browns, Muslims, Slants) + urban White cosmics. With each passing day, the country as a whole looks more like California. That’s why we cannot afford a 4-8 year Trump patriotard hiatus. We are running out of time. Clinton45 will bring matters to a head. And right quick.

  6. None of us can accomplish anything significant alone, or with four or five of our buddies. We need to start connecting with each other in real life. Nothing that is in any way against the law, or in a way that will raise any flags. If something happens, if SHTF we will all be much better off if we already have a network in place, building one after the fact may be impossible. Some will say, “If we have a network they will know who we are”, yeah well at some point we have to put some skin in the game. If Hillary wins, we have lost our country, if you don’t think it is time to do something at that point, then you will never think it is time. You should check out

    • Right. Because it took IBM, General Dynamics, and Dow Chemical to launch the 9-1-1 attacks, huh? Oh wait, that didn’t happen.

      You and four or five of your buddies, with about five minutes’ forethought, could tie up an entire state.
      The examples right now are legion.

      Look at Dorner.
      Look and Flashbang and Speedbump at the Boston Marathon.
      Look at the two nitwit DC “snipers”.
      Look what a couple of people almost did with the CA power station, or the eco-tards who shut down a national oil pipeline.
      One deranged jackass shut down most of LAX for two days.

      A small group, in less than a week, could bring an entire region of this country to its knees, if they had the merest clue what they were about.
      Recollect please that one unfortunate squirrel blacked out the entire Northeast.

      An actual large network is merely a convenient thread that turns into rope, then a cable, and it only takes the investigators about two days to start unraveling it once they find one loose thread. That’s why criminal organizations fill prisons, while lone serial killers operate for decades.
      The more ways you give them into any notional “organization”, the easier you make it for them. Like drunks, they’ll look for their lost wallet under the streetlight, because it’s easier than looking where it’s too hard to see.

      Small is beautiful.
      Piranhas eat large animals the same way: one bite at a time.
      You only need the support group you need to keep that small group rolling, at whatever you’re about.
      Rethink your premise, and take another crack at this.

      • “That’s why criminal organizations fill prisons, while lone serial killers operate for decades.”
        Excellent, astute observation.
        I am in a group of exactly one and I trust that guy with my life.
        There are millions of us in this group of one.

        Semper Paratus.

  7. “The feds can’t investigate just because people talk trash. They have to have probable cause, and that guy wouldn’t actually do what he’s saying.”

    Where did this guy get his law degree?

    Well, I have belonged to a patriot group. We once booked hotel rooms and also booked a conference room at the same hotel for a discussion in re the Constitution and historical precedents … and the feds, keeping a close eye on our credit card activity, knew when and where we were going and had the conference room bugged. (No wonder the previously-friendly employees were reticent and appeared less than enthusiastic at our appearance.) One of the attendees asked when the shooting was going to start. A few weeks later we all received visits from two FBI “special” agents (one FTO, and a newbie who didn’t have their shield on a field interview FTX) as a shot across the bow. They also had our user names and passwords for our Tor accounts (so much for privacy) that they sent to us in nice certified letters from their local field office.

    So, the moral of the story is, the feds do what they want. Probable cause? Don’t make me laugh.

    • Kieth, I hope your making a funny, no PC, for and investigation?. Perhaps a correction is in order, LEO’s don’t require PC, to open an investigation. The investigation develops the PC, the PC is used to develop a avadavat?, for the search warrant, which is reviewed by a judge and signed.

      Most don’t know this, Warrants Must be endorced for no knocks and for night service. Without night service a warrant can not be served between the hours of 22:00 to 06:00″

      Trust me I know.

      Of course the FBI NSA, and others are monitoring this site, in fact they pretty much monitor every site I read. Personally I’d very be disappointed if they didn’t. Just a simple matter of law.

      Hope this helps.


  8. Years ago I watched a so called leader of a large militia on “Nightline” with Ted Koppel. This moron was asked by Koppel what his major problems were with the government. He hadn’t even thought to bring a short list of grievances. He just stammered and couldn’t think of any. He even wore full camo on the show. Anyone who thinks someone like that is worth following into combat needs their head examined. Mark from Michigan is another one of my favorite phonies. He used to go around scaring small town folks with stories of black helicopters. He claims he was in “military intelligence”. In spite of his alleged background, he didn’t know where the helicopters were from. Fort Campbell, Ky. 160th SOAR. Stay away from militias.

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  10. Most of you, since you are in groups, will be picked up like cat litter in the opening moments of the opening of festivities as the group loudmouth will have implicated you well before said festivities begin by their texts or emails.

    Lone wolf people. Lone wolf.

  11. The tactics utilized voraciously by the left, may now be utilized by all involved parties.Disinformation,character assassination,slander,libel,You will have to turn into a dick.Are you ready to be that guy?