WeaponsMan: The Lawrence of Alaska – Muktuk Marston


A great tale of leadership, service, and making-do.


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  1. Canadian’s have similar units spread across the north called the Arctic Rangers, they use the #4 mark 1 Lee-enfield and swear by it. They claim it always works in extreme cold, unlike the standard for the military, I tend to agree, I worked with them in the 1970’s and we were issues FN-C1 (FAL) and regardless of the care we lavished on them, they frequently failed in extreme cold..

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. After several weeks of more and more dark news, this served as a reminder that no cause is ever really lost, and acts matter more than words. Great stuff and lessons for all of us in there.

  4. This reaffirms my belief that we have always had men of character and courage who put country before self, such as Marsten. And that we have unfortunately always had assholes like Buckner, and always will.

  5. Stealth Spaniel

    Interesting tale. I had no idea of any of this, even with the many “tours” that I took in Alaska. The Native Kids are tough. We saw their baseball fields-not a blade of grass in sight. They slide for home on gravel!

  6. I know a few, still living, Yup’ik Eskimos who were territorial guards in southwest Alaska and they still have their M1’s.

  7. Spent a year on Adak (“The Birthplace of the Winds”) in the early 70s. In WWII, GIs stationed in the Aleutian Islands quipped in their letters home that there’s a woman behind every tree (though there were neither–only tundra–in the Aleutians).

  8. Excellent read and frankly, message for everyone.

    Make no mistake, a vote for Clinton is an overt act of treason.