Oh Yeah




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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. This is the first time ever I have used this expression, “If only”. Unfortunately, more like is it is the other way around starting in January with a lot more of us “deplorables” in haillarys sights than just trump.

  3. Love it. I hope they are walking toward a tree…

  4. Clinton45 and the Donald will get along fine after the fake election. Just like they did before Trump decided to run…walk…stumble for Prez.

  5. Terry in Dayton,TN.

    Unfortunately those that need it, lack the ‘Grit’. They will feel the pain of reality first hand. One can lead the ‘Traitor’ to the tree, but can not expect them to place the noose around their own neck… ‘You’ will have to get your own hands dirty, by handling the rope. It’s now ‘You’ or ‘Them’, get to it!…