Sabo Sends


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  1. WTH is NEGAN?

  2. Pure Win.

  3. What’s 50% of 5.56?

  4. Shinmen Takezo

    I can confirm that these poster are appearing all over Los Angeles.

    Good stuff!!!

  5. Is “Negan” just too close to the appellation which shall not be mentioned?

    And, is Hillary just too close to Beelzebub (never mind the spelling) to be entrusted with the slightest scintilla of power whatever?

  6. OK, I must be out of a loop somewhere. Who or what is a negan?

  7. Actually, this hit the ‘netz from a story in the movie biz Hollywood Reporter,
    after a local street artist posted the art above in Hollywood, including in front of CNN’s bureau there, where an anti-Shrillary protest is scheduled shortly.

    And mirabile dictu, the HR ran the piece without editorial commentary!

    I think they’re getting worried 11/8 may not go quite as they’ve planned.
    Only time will tell.

  8. lon a follower

    If you are of the living, you understand neither Neegan nor Hillary are a choice. Niether represent freedom nor liberty. Both represent punishment.


    “A FORMER Army captain was arrested in a dawn raid over comments made about an ex-partner a decade ago, The Telegraph can disclose.

    Rachel Webster was dragged from her home and driven 80 miles to a military base where she was held for 14 hours and questioned.

    Miss Webster, 48, who left the military in 2013, is one of just seven military personnel arrested in six years as part of the £57 million inquiry into alleged historic abuses in Iraq.
    The claims made about her former partner’s professional conduct in Iraq, which we cannot report for legal reasons, were dealt with at the time by her commanding officer in Afghanistan. Friends of Miss Webster are now accusing Ihat of trawling through her military record to put pressure on her over her former partner’s activities.

    Ihat is currently investigating almost 1,500 cases of alleged mistreatment and unlawful killing of Iraqis. Miss Webster’s case appears unique in that she was investigated for comments made about another officer 10 years ago and dealt with at the time.”

    Surely nothing like that could happen on this side of the pond….

  10. Your Morning Motivational
    • Why does he need to use his legs to hold onto the rope? I can do it with my hands only.

      • Stealth Spaniel

        I checked out this guys muscles, especially his gluteus maximus: women do these politically incorrect things, you know. 😳😎 Unless you are 22, and just got in SF………….in that case-call me! 😉

  11. I stopped watching TWD after the first season, as I couldn’t bear another minute of watching a bunch of drama queens and assholes compete for who could be the stupidest, suicidal, dickhead. Got all the drama and problems in my life w/o watching clueless morons fuck up their own. Tactically, logically, logistically, strategically, they are a vacuum. Personally, I thinks it’s govt. propaganda to brainwash people into believing that they will totally lose the struggle to survive without the magic of govt. around.

  12. outlawpatriot

    And tonight we get to find out who Negan whacks.

    Will it be the sick Maggie? Drain on resources she might be. I would cave in Rick’s head. He’s the leader. I wouldn’t want the competition.

    I love “The Walking Dead.” It’s a training film ya know. 🙂

  13. The Walking Dead is an interesting study in how personalities affect group bonding/formation and group breakdown. Moral dilemmas. Yes, it is fiction. So is a Bracken novel. Watch it while you clean your guns.


    There are several Negans out there. Identify them. When the time comes and they encroach upon you, deal with them. To each person his/her family and belongings. Bleib ubrig.