SLL: Canaries In Extremis



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    Mr. Gore may be on to something when he mentions “Ramen Lines”. The cultural ethos of the 1930’s, vis-a-vis our relations with the Leviathan at all levels and with one another has changed. The thin veneer of civility has been eroding for some time. We see it locally here in Rawles Land with Pee-Wee Football. CDA will no longer play with Post Falls due to all of the fights between parents off the field and kids on the field. A simple football game between grade-school boys has “adults” ready to do physical harm to other “adults”.
    If we extrapolate this behavior to, for example, the trampling deaths of citizens overwhelmed by the mobs on Black Friday morning and then add the chaos over simple, repairable power failures which cause ATM systems or SNAP cards to malfunction, you have a recipe for a sudden and horrific social meltdown.
    This is why it is so important to stay focused on economic barometers and plan accordingly. This is also why the Leviathan at all levels, with MSM help, continues to pump out distractions and obfuscations. Keep prepping. Bleib ubrig.

  2. “The recovery since 2009, such as it is, has bestowed most of its meager blessings on those in the top 1 percent of income and wealth.”

    Ok, let’s get a few things straight, there was no crisis, there was no recovery. It was/is a “shove down” and it’s working fabulously. We’ve exceeded the great depression in terms of death/destruction and yet I keep hearing shit about a recession and recovery. BS. The US economy was stripped bare like copper plumbing in an abandoned house. There are millions and millions of unemployed and under employed folks in this country because both the Demoncraps and Republiboobs helped people to loot the nation’s economic well being in order to enrich themselves and their cronies. As far as the “stats” go they haven’t mattered for over a decade, the Politburo had nothing on DC. Nothing.

    Call Ben and tell him his hunch was right, we couldn’t keep it. Now we need a different kind of framer.

    • right. Factor out debt creation and price inflation, and the Ponziconomy has flat-lined since 2008…with real unemployment @ c. 30%. Clinton45 + accelerated Zio-War and economic collapse will be the perfect storm.

    • One beautiful hammer.When you become an “undesirable” second class citizen, and are allowed no firearms, you carry a hammer. Local 81 loves em.

  3. The business model adapted by many big corporations in the US, is just destructive. It’s based on population growth/equals business growth/equals more profits. The population growth is non-white population growth. And it’s growing rapidly, due to the open borders policy of the corporate run government. This is a policy that is destroying Western Civilization. It’s probably beyond repair. If the West is to be saved at all, it must be saved right now. When I say Western Civilization, I mean White Civilization. What’s occurring right before our eyes is nothing short of an extinction event. I don’t think bullets are enough to save us. We need a right thinking scientist to set off a “selective bio event”. Just my humble thoughts. Most of this is above my pay grade.

    • Very unfortunately so… that a genetically biased virus is a weapon, like all weapons, which cut both ways.

      And it doesn’t have to be a virus… the “immigration/demographic/al hijra” weaponization of collectives is slower, but more precise,and with less unintended consequences.

      Unless we interfere………………………………………..

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. The Usual Suspect

    What’s the problem ?
    We have the brightest minds in finance right here.

  6. Per usual, Robert hits the nail dead on. Wish there were more like him.

  7. Inoculation: I’m not a fan.

    Frame of reference; The “Great” Depression.

    A generation of Walton’s Mountain viewers can probably list every character; particularly the “haves and have nots”. The 2 wealthy sisters who were selling moonshine….now they were the first “preppers”…..thoroughly insulated from poverty and with out the virtuous “balls and chains” that most of the other characters carried around.

    War Game the possible outcomes; and learn from your dreams…..

    Read “The Defence of Duffer’s Drift”


      True that, Except, in the real world, Will Geer and Ralph Waite were Red Diaper Doper Babies. Or, to quote Keenan Wynn from DR STRANGELOVE, “Bolshevik Preeverts.”

  8. Confederate miner

    One question I have for everyone is what have you been doing and are doing now. The war is already raging and has been for some time. Now is when you can be doing the easy things
    . Do you still leave money in the fraudulent banking system? Take it out! Still using credit/debit cards? Stop! Use cash! Still paying your monthly cable fee to your Jewish overlords so they pump poison into your mind and the minds of your loved ones? For God sakes! Do you live modestly enough where you can take a leave of absence from work and therefore not pay any income tax on said time? Then do it! Spend that time on yourself and your friends and family learning new skills that you will need! There is endless list of “easy”things that can be done now before it comes to the harder things. I have studied the silver market extensively and if every Trump voter went out and bought physical silver it would do unbelievable probably irreversible damage to the central bankers power. I know there are smart people here use your imagination. And do something. Anything. Nothing is to small. Millions of us doing small things will add up. Of course be prepared for the hard things too.

  9. Confederate miner

    Also. Hey white man why are you still pulling the cart?! Why are paying for your own destruction. Giving your enemies the one who desire to destroy the resources. You are the ones who produce! Quit it ! We shall see what really matters in society. Damn white farmers! At least cut back and only grow half your acreage! If quite a few of you did that you wouldn’t lose much income cause the crop prices would rise. And so what if you did lose some money. Isn’t the preservation of your race and culture worth it?!

  10. Confederate miner

    If you can’t bring yourself to sacrifice some material gain at least trade your crops or livestock for something of real value like physical silver instead of the Jewish counterfeit valueless federal reserve note!

  11. Here’s the rub: The USA was the sole global elite among nations. We were prosperous, productive, educated, inventive and healthy. Were we perfect? No, there’s always room for improvement.
    Now the economy is in shambles, untold millions are un/underempolyed. The middle class has been gutted of productivity and education. Most haven’t figured that out yet by the way.

    So far, nobody has been held personally responsible for their part in the destruction of this great nation. So far.