Baugh: Hurricane AAR – Don’t Use Don’t

chicks dig morse code

Tom explains at his newly-refreshed site.

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5 responses to “Baugh: Hurricane AAR – Don’t Use Don’t

  1. Very good lesson, Thanks Tom! My buddy and I just today were practicing our Morse….I’ll relay the info.

  2. Illuminating; and the candor is always welcome. Site flagged.

  3. Up north we would call 3 days without power in warm weather a camping trip (or someone forgetting to pay the electric bill). Try it for a week or two at below 0 temps and add a vehicle and/or generator failing to start. I understand you’re using field phones, but the reason I bring this up is to consider a scenario where you’re unable to [easily] recharge batteries. The AA battery packs for the Baofengs are a good back-up when you can’t leave the extended battery on a charger for 6 hours. And, factory alkaline batteries always beat the rechargeable ones. I hear some of the newest (and most expensive) ham digital HTs include text, email, and even the ability to send pictures and GPS positions. Probably a huge opsec risk in the “wrong” hands, friendly (but stupid) or otherwise. If you end up with a lot of rain, also need to consider ways to keep equipment from getting soaked. Sudden temperature changes and humidity has also made electronics go buggy. Nothing like seeing condensation to know why it failed and then waiting a few hours for the rice or dessicant to do its thing before it works again. Hope it’s not a critical item in the meantime…

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  5. Having manned an LP on the AZ/MX border, under the not so observant eyes of Barry obonobo’s national guard, I understand how quickly things can go sideways. For example…..the sound of an aluminum ladder being put up against the border barricade….oh….just 50 M or so the front. That’ll get your blood moving.