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  1. Let’s also be honest. I am in the pay of the Saudis, and many other islamic states, having received many, many, millions of dollars from them, to prepare their way into the West, and to slaughter it, and enslave it. The islamic terrorists are not going to come after ME, or my kind, just YOU, and your kind, which is the little people, without power and money. Honestly, don’t you people read the newspapers?

  2. I’ll play …. “Hillary is a moral and ethical woman with only the nations best interests at heart”……. The lyin sack o’ shit game is fun!!!!!!!

    • looks like the Afghani Muslims want their country back. That’s fair enough. And can work both ways. Here, as well as there.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        They clearly have the will to do at least something, if not quite whatever it takes. The same cannot be said for the populace here – at least not yet. The Yurps are in the same boat.

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    We all know how I feel, so no sense in being redundant. Let me go check the hemp plants in the garden. Have I mentioned that my braiding gets better everyday? The Enlighted and Awake ones should consider that a rooms of mirrors makes it hard to find your way, when all that reflects is your own image. Which is the pathway, which is the tunnel, and why are there many? All that glitters is not glass, and that mirror may be the idea of something else. So consider that, when making plans. We await to serve The Queen and her Henchmen. My prepping continues.

  4. Said the woman whose right hand gal had a father that was Muslim Brotherhood and a mother that was Muslim Sisterhood. That much is clear.

  5. If I am out at the Mall with my wife and I hear some Goober shout Allah Akbar, I am immediately going to grab my concealed pistol with my right hand and one of my 2 speed loaders with my left hand and Mister Raghead can expect to get drilled in the head & heart with hydro shocks. I don’t care what his religion is, Mudhammed is gonna die. FYI, old Army buddy of mine was stationed at Sinop Turkey long ago and he told me that the ragheads don’t use toilet paper but they use their LEFT hand instead of TP. I guess a polite wave of the left hand might let them know how I feel about them.

  6. Having read both the Qur’an and Reliance of the Traveler I can affirm that she is full of shit and a liar. FYI: the Qur’an won’t stop 5.56 rounds, but sops up bacon fat and cleans dog shit off boots just fine. Flushes down the toilet well if you don’t use too many pages to wipe with at one time.

  7. Permitting to vote that which tends in its primary makeup toward nurturing in many cases is like enabling distribution of an endorphin. They just want more, till everyone has their head equally separated from their thorax and it won’t matter which bathroom they preferred.

  8. So Hildabeast picks up where Obama leaves off and the Global jihad against America continues. Lets not vote for the pig!

  9. I anticipate Great Rejoicing when the leader of the League of Termagants meets her well deserved end.

  10. A lot more dishonest than ALL the slimy non-partisan “non-profits” who are washing the balls of whom ever is handing-out the most money; VFW, American Legion, churches, and the other such “orgs”.

    Hand none of them any money unless they openly and vigorously support the cause of Individual Liberty.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. Let’s speculate.

    Suppose that Clinton loses, and Trump hits DC with his promises to “drain the swamp”.

    An AWFUL LOT of people are going to be in his sights; a lot of powerful people, whose whole lives are defined by political power.

    These Globalists and World-government types … are they just gonna hold up their hands, “It’s a fair cop, guv.” ? Are the Israelis simply going to abandon their plans for ME domination? Are the Clintons really going to jump ship and head for asylum in Qatar? Term limits … means you get shoved off the gravy train. Are they just gonna sit back and accept that?

    These are powerful, smart, and evil people. They’ve already pondered the consequences of a Trump Presidency; and they’ve already set in motion the means by which it will be subverted.

    Similarly, if Trump loses, he is toast.

    It’s my judgement that a Trump win will likely buy you that Civil War that you’ve been hankering after.

    • Trump will buy nothing except a TV network, and make lots of money from it. Clinton45 will bring the War.

    • If Trump loses it will cost him well over a billion dollars in donations to Clinton Crime Family just to stay alive. Welcome to the Middle Ages.

    • Notarealperson

      The elite stand to lose trillions if Trump is elected not to mention some facing prison time. So they’re gonna fight hard and dirty.

      My guess is that both parties will gang up on him and Clinton/Soros will unleash their BLM goons, anarchists, La Raza types to go out and cause trouble across the U.S. in our urban areas and blame it on Trump. Nothing like seeing cities burning to drive home a threat.

  13. she will eat those words. I’ll stop there so the toddlers don’t hear bad language.

  14. “Let’s be clear: Islam is not your adversary nearly as much as I am. Compared to me, Muslims are peaceful and tolerant. *I* am the terrorist here. Get smart and vote for me if you care about your insignificant little life. And no, I don’t have to adhere to the 140 character limit. That’s for peons like you miserable life forms. Just get out of my way, mud people.”

  15. Fuck her and the horse she rode in on

  16. America was doomed when men like Marsten triumped over men like Buckner. America can only be sane and civil when ruled by Whites. It’s not enough to simply realize this fact: you have to then update, revise, and/or delete all that you previously believed in light of this knowledge. This can take a long time. Articles like this are simply vintage illusions that strengthen the illusions that destroyed us.

  17. GenEarly, it looks like Hillary is channeling Sam Kinison. You want Hillary for President? Do ya? Just remember this face….OHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHH!, I thought it was the door to love, it was the door to Hell! OHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHH! ROURRRAHHHHH!