The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming


Comrade Ushanka muses on both reality and the screeching.

Not quite “everybody to get from street!”, da?



14 responses to “The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming

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    No longer blaming Bush for everything, eh?
    Why would Russia want to hurt the weakest candidate’s chances at getting elected?
    Russia has enjoyed a weak US President for 8 years who has cancelled anti-ballistic systems in Poland and elsewhere, who has helped ISIS and the formation of the Caliphate in the Middle East, and who has purged the war-fighting leadership in the US military. Shouldn’t they want four more years of this?

  2. nyet, Comrade. Clinton45 will NOT be a “weak” Prez. W/in parameters set by Soros, she will be strong and decisive. A domestic tyrant, and an active, anti-Russian warmonger. This is why Putin prefers Trump, and visa versa.

  3. Yes, the Russians really are coming…to Syria.

  4. That bloody psychopath in a Mao pants suit thinks we are the Deplorable’s?
    The psycho vagina don’t grok the half of it.
    What she and her perfumed sycophants will come to know is we are the Ungovernable’s.

  5. I was going to opine that CU gave Bitchllery a pass but maybe not. She’s trying to vilify the Russians right along with everyone else to the point of saying ‘they’re worse than I am….so vote for me.’

    I believe Trump can get along just fine with the Russians just like Reagan did.

  6. I think I understand Putin’s mind set now. If I were him, I would rather have to look across the table at a fool (Trump), than a seething old crone who is hell-bent on creating an international shit-storm. Think of having to negotiate your mortgage through your mother-in-law. On Thanksgiving. And she and your wife are both on their period.

  7. Donations to the Clinton Foundation did grease the skids for Russian access to 20% of U.S. uranium deposits.

  8. A great man once said being despised by the despicable .Is as good as being admired by the admirable.We are the kulak’s now. There is no going back. Not one more inch !

  9. I don’t buy his thoughts here. This is just a ham-handed attempt to make Trump look better, that fails in multiple aspects. Maybe Trump is better, but you won’t know why by reading this article.

  10. The Russians are cuming & Obozo is caught a lying & limp leader.

  11. Have some fun, troll Klintons rallies with Duck Calls.