Totally Legit


WSJ: Virginia Governor, Long-Time Clinton Ally, Aided Campaign of FBI Deputy Director’s Wife







5 responses to “Totally Legit

  1. Amazing…..
    To think that the former governor and wife just got off from
    I think 150 thousand or so called “politicking favors” via
    vitamin supplier (thanks to the gov mansion chief cook and
    bottle scrubber) and now this, from “The Old Dominion”
    As with much of what is going on, one turns over a rock and
    realizes again and again that there is no sane way to correct
    the wrongs, but to save oneself and others, if they will it, and
    go the other Way, baby steps even, but go the other Way –
    The Way.
    “For-give, so you can be for-given”
    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  2. McAuliffe: during Clinton42 .com bubble cashed in $20,000,000 of Global Crossing stock. 48 hours before the company collapsed. In Sodom-on-the-Potomac the corruption isn’t merely endemic. It’s incestuous.

  3. It may not happen, but I like this imagery.

    • People like to dream and hope, but it won’t happen. Only when they turn their backs on the system, will things improve for them (and that only in the long term).

  4. McAuliffe has always been a piece of shit.