Bundy Trial: More Snitches Than Defendants


Everyone is a teacher.

Some teach what to do.

Others teach what not to do.

Don’t be That Guy.

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  1. This is why I operate in a group of exactly 1. And there are millions of us in this group.

  2. Regarding the subtitle? Not at all. Why, collecting info on informants, political hacks, scumbags and those who work tirelessly to destroy this country and way of life and who would without a moment of hesitation send in the brown shirts to shoot me and my entire family dead right next to the dog would be….UN-American. Right?

  3. More informants than defendants.

    Let that sink in a minute folks.

  4. An absolute travesty. Government withholding important evidence, getting search warrants after the fact….Judge is obviously in the tank, so hope the Jury has some people with working brains….

    • What we have to comprehend is that .gov was well prepared in ADVANCE for this event. They’ve planned to infiltrate, surveil and literally send the message: ‘You step out of line and we will CRUSH YOU!’

      • Um, maybe it escaped general notice, but the feds have been infiltrating organizations since the 1930s, fer cripe’s sake.

        Sending the feds to infiltrate a bunch of armed toddlers fresh off the short bus before the spit on the inside of the windows was dry was hardly sporting of them, but even the Harlem Globetrotters need the Washington Generals for practice.

  5. Talk about FUBAR.

  6. Anybody can be a snitch under the right circumstances.
    Think your wife won’t sell you out if they threaten to take her kids?
    You don’t know her half as well as you think you do.
    Your ass is just one $1000.00 gov’t provided debit card away from the shit can.

    Walking trashbags full of human guts in distant lands are of little concern to me when weighed against the fact that sanctioned gov’t thugs are patrolling all over the place locally and won’t hesitate for a moment to force me to blow dozens of holes all the way through them.

    Priorities gentlemen, priorities.

  7. Any questions on this block of instruction, children?

  8. From the article; “It was revealed by an Oregon State trooper that one of Ammon Bundy’s “bodyguards”—a man who drove him to his arrest—was an undercover informant.” …and “Finally the Justice Department stipulated (without naming any names) that at least nine occupiers were undercover informants; a number greater than the number of defendants on trial. (Heavily redacted documents in the hands of the defense suggest the number of informants was actually at least 15.)”
    Big surprise there! …and there were people here screaming that if you don’t support the Bundy escapades at Malheur you are all talk and no action.

    I absolutely cannot understand how anyone could have been in favor of supporting them. It was profoundly clear that they were, at their core (Ammon and Lavoy) a couple of misguided religious odd-balls, men in financial distress, at odds with gov policy, but happy to accept benefits offered by big gov (Ammon Bundy SBA loan etc) being played by and having been infiltrated by fed-gov APs (Ryan what’s his name –where is his name in that roster of defendents?). They never really had a plan. They played every hand they were dealt like morons (ie running a road-block and then jumping out running at armed men. or, taking over the bloody wildlife preserve in the first damn place!) They did nothing to prepare for their stunt. Hell they didn’t even have enough chew or coffee for their little camping trip! Imagine a bunch of fucking nit-wit, jack-mormons running out of tobacco and coffee! A stunt which will likely, if convicted, land them 10 + years in fed detention.
    For themselves and their kin what did they achieve? For freedom advocates they gave another black eye to the movement. Waste of time and energy as well as being a big honey pot for feds to track out other actors of interest to them.

    ….sigh….so fucking stupid!
    When oh, when will freedom minded folks learn to become fully devious and enact severe forms of retribution upon their oppressors – quietly – with an attention to not leaving evidence? Why do people with seemingly legitimate grievances constantly fall for short sighted incitements to violate statuary law and end up in jail?
    When one is faced with injustice inflicted by the state the only response is to seek a remedy outside of the state’s venue. Swift, decisive and brutally aimed at the specific actor who did the oppressing. This is what sends the message.

    Don’t be that guy? Indeed! This bunch of amateur yokels got played and it is high time that intelligent people quit falling for the stupid shit that passes for a “liberty movement” call to action. It’s all local, local, local. Getting involved in any half-baked revolt against the man situations is idiocy and at this point will only serve to get people dead or in jail.
    One needn’t look two counties over from one’s home to find agents of the state deserving of some form of extrajudicial scrutiny. Marching across state lines to join the resistance or banding together with men of action whom you do not know is a recipe for defeat. Stay local and watch every move of the local players. Anyone who asks you to break the law is an actor for the state – bet on it.

    • “Why do people with seemingly legitimate grievances constantly fall for short sighted incitements to violate statuary law and end up in jail?”

      Because they are stupid.

      “When one is faced with injustice inflicted by the state the only response is to seek a remedy outside of the state’s venue. Swift, decisive and brutally aimed at the specific actor who did the oppressing. This is what sends the message.”

      That is call Murder in the First Degree.


      • SFC, sadly your correct.

        I’ve been beefing with some knucklehead over on a site named, Outpost of Freedom, this douche bag has ” forgiven” Mama Bear, Whom is/was an FBI asset, out of San Diego, for a mere 3 k she responded to the refuge, and cooked and sold those boys down the road.

        Their is a very very clear message here Your federal govt, is concerned enough about the on going freedom movement that they spent many many millions of dollars to infiltrate the movement.

        Charges levied by the federal,govt, are under scrunity as it was learned that their agent, or agent provotours were actually responsible for ” training multiple patriots and set up a rifle rage on a federal facility.

        As noted one can not conspire with a agent of the govt.

        If anyone here truly believes that NSA, FBI or such don’t know virtually everything about each of us present here daily, your in for a big surprise.

        The power of We The People is evident when your govt, is willing to go to the lengths they have to shut down this movement across the nation.

        It is important to understand that LaVoy Finicum was a natural leader who resonated with freedom minded folks. The highest offices in the land ordered his death, and the FBI’s elite HRT, was spooled up, with their bag of dirty tricks.

        Don’t believe me, why are those fuckers still on the streets, why are they not on trial, why hasn’t their criminal investigation been completed and them standing trial for their conspiracy to,commit murder.

        Seems like the death of LaVoy Finicum, at the hands of the Oregon State Police and the FBI HRT, would trigger an instant reaction. Not the case.

        No the resources are being squandered on a couple silly ass squatters who had a fucking stupid idea to occupy a refuge in bum fuck Oregon.

        After 24/25 years in uniform and preparing hundreds if not thousands of criminal reports, I’ve never seen or reviewed a criminal case as Bizarre as this case.

        From an ill thought out plan by the bundy idiots, to the response by law enforcement this is truly a travesty of justice. The Bundies and their crew will get what they have coming, while the real criminals are coking and joking at FBI HQ, and in Salem Oregon at OSP HQ.

        This is why SFC is spot on. The only justice for the real criminals will come at the hands of those engaged.

        If our govt, and the state of Oregon won’t hold accountable these crooked LEO’s then it is incumbent on the people to finish, what the federal and state govt refuses to do as they hide behind their rules and laws, that THEY, not We The People should enforce.

        I’m not condoning murder, nor will I participate.

        Lastly the lesson here is as I’ve been saying for many many months here. Three can keep a secret of two are dead.

        If your eyes ain’t wide open at the number of informants at this refuge gig, the gross,amounts of money spent, and the lengths our govt will go to, to,silence a good man your a fucking TARD.

        Dirk Williams

    • ^^Always this type around. Avoid guys like this as much as any snitch.

      • Jeff, your not getting it. What SFC is spot on. Many here are so busy running their soup,coolers trying to talk over the next guy,,to read and comprehend how important SFC’ s statement is. It’s ugly, sadly it’s the new truth.

        Jeff, not busting your chops, just want you to re read and objectively understand the reason, the rationale.


    • Kevin, ahem….”3%”,

      I find your remarks disengenuous at best. Your declaring the Bundys to be “religious odd-balls”, attacking their Christianity, is an another effort by the left to denigrate and discredit Americans who have stood up to the criminals of the federal government or more specifically, the criminals of the soetoro-obama regime.

      Throughout your remarks ranting about how stupid you’ve decided the Bundy’s were, you never once mentioned the provocations of fedgov, specifically the tyrannous Bureau of Land Management, that led to the citizen actions opposing the tyranny of BLM/fedgov. Not once do you attack the scum of the federal government who have encroached upon property rights of citizens.

      Then you attempt to paint the Bundys as hypocritical beggars attacking them as men “happy to accept benefits offered by big gov” ! BENEFITS OFFERED BY BIG GOV ! Guess what Einstein…..your beloved “big gov” ain”t fucking Santy Claus sitting at the North Pole with his little alphabet agency elves hammering out “benefits”. The federal “benefits” you refer to are the result of extensive TAXATION in the trillions of dollars, siphoned off the hard work and backs of people like the Bundys ! Your “big gov” and in this case specifically the Bureau of Land Management, are nothing more than badged thugs encroaching on what little Freedom and Liberty are left us serfs and untermenschen. There would be no reason for the Bundys or any other “religious odd balls” or “morons” as you enjoyed calling them, to have to petition your beloved fedgov to return some of the money stolen from them, us, in the form of taxation, by petitioning for an SBA loan. Which BTW….was a loan, not a grant. So, not much of a fedgov benefit there smart guy.

      Seems to me Kevin 3% that you’re just a slimey fedgov weasel. You made all sorts of attacks against the bravery of common, hard working, tax paying citizens who decided “enough is enough”. They took on the tyranny of fedgov and had the balls to do so, if not the tactical or operational know-how to execute such to mission success. But, they made a stand. Unlike you, who behind his cozy, comfy abode chose to denigrate men. Men whose commodes you aren’t worthy enough to clean.

      “3%” my ass ! You’re a .gov-sucking weasel You’re not much different than the fucking snitches embedded with the Bundys.

  9. If only these assholes would put the same efforts to ridding our country of the muzloids that litter our own country we would be a shitload safer.

    If the Lizard Queen steals this election expect this on steroids + crack.

    Nobody will be safe.

    I’m sure she watched the season premier of TWD last night and salivated. If you didn’t watch it, catch it next Sunday and see what I mean.

    Mao and Stalin would have been proud of Negan.

    • They won’t because they are bringing in the terrorists of which you speak. Sad to say Socabill, but you are the enemy. Better be armed and better have lots of survival skills. You will soon need them.

  10. The FBI running’ snitches? Why, they wouldn’t do that! Them’s the good guys! More snitches than defendants? Why, I just don’t wanna believe that! The extensive damage done amounts to $6.9 million? Really? A slit trench? Well, I mean, you know, if the Gub’ment says so then it must be true! Hell they’s protectin’ us from all them crazy people out thar.

    • $6.9mil is what it costs to send 32 gov’t blobs of shit out there to get it done over a 6 month period.

      • Ghost sniper, we will eventually discover that amount is a drop in the bucket. The overtime, and reembersmant to each city,,county, state and federal agency is clearly going to be in the 10s of millions.

        This wasn’t about a refuge squatting, this was pay back for embarrassing the govt,,at the Bundy ranch in Nevada. When totaled our govt will have spent 30 to 50 million attempting to,suppress the rights of freedom seeking citizens.

        That’s exactly how scared your govt is, of we an armed society.


        • Jimmy the Saint

          “When totaled our govt will have spent 30 to 50 million attempting to,suppress the rights of freedom seeking citizens.

          That’s exactly how scared your govt is, of we an armed society. ”

          30 to 50 million is a lot to us peasants. It’s an insignificant sum to a government that thinks and spends in billions and trillions. It’s the equivalent of a peasant paying an exterminator with a small corner of tinfoil to clean out an ant infestation.

  11. ALCON,

    “More snitches than defendants.”

    Does that observation surprise anyone ? Look at the millions upon millions of Amerikans supporting the Marxist Klinton. What more do you need to know ?

  12. Would this then mean that MBV was correct, that we’re surrounded and outnumbered and thoroughly infiltrated by NaziFartLickLickSpittleInformantSnitches (NFLLSIS)?

    On the upside, I now know how to write a final chapter to the great unfinished tome of our age, Absolv…

  13. For any ‘group’ out there, this whole fiasco should be a study in ‘after action’ and what (and will or might) happen when and if you take a stand as a group. Never every underestimate the power of the leviathan.

    • In my view, Bundy and Co needed a spec ops team and, through their own carelessness and lack of planning and vetting, instead wound up with Hogan’s Heroes. Lesson Learned Indeed!

      • Ca, warrior, don’t shit yourself, Special warfare WAS present, in an advisory role, may not have been in uniform, go to the bank they were their, watching, learning, advising.

        The proof is simply this, they were at Weavers place, in Idaho, At Waco, at The LA riots. All the black lives matter gig’s, why would they miss an opportunity to learn a new AO, that is sooooo familiar to them, the terrain is very similar to the sandbox, especially Afghanistan.

        Never fail to recognize the opportunity for them to learn. You/ Me , are their jobs.


  14. just plaini todd

    Phil has the masthead for the next week. hbowman1966 +1000.
    kevin 3%…..last sentence nailed the lesson. Dies Irae Gentlemen.

  15. The moral of this federal clusterfuck and idiocy, is the only thing the feds didn’t false flag and frame the protesters with, in their desperation to find a single piece of evidence, showing there was anything other than legitimate and honorable protest against them and their tyranny, in the process to set up LeVoy and everyone else as “domestic terrorists”, was kill each other.

    The fed fuckers aren’t the boogymen they are portrayed to be. Their mind blowing incompetence is only eclipsed by their utter disrespect for any concept of Habeas corpus or rule of law. That tells you who the criminals and real domestic enemies are.
    They only capped that total asshatery off by executing LeVoy Finnicum.

    Who needs to start a 2nd American revolution? These fucking fed clowns will bring down the empire of administrative tyranny and corruption all on their own.
    The FBI is a total fail. It is so far off the reservation, so corrupt, so politicized and turned into an instrument of a political elite banana republic keystone cops outfit, their is no allegory imaginable.
    The FBI is the Acme of Failure By Incompetence.


    COINTELLPRO has been a fact of life for many years. The FBI’S first effort was the CHRISTIAN IDENTITY MOVEMENT. Then, with the advent of the information age, we had CARNIVORE and MAGIC LANTERN. Now we have STINGRAY, drones, and other esoteric systems to compromise anyone who “they” consider to be a threat.
    But, “they” still must rely on legions of HUMINT assets. Let this be a lesson to all of us. Trust no one. Keep silent if you decide to kick things up a notch. Remember “Bowling Night” from the cartoon THE INCREDIBLES. STFU. You community is your country. Bleib ubrig.

  17. Tango tango 03

    Fuck, even the Jedburgh was smart enough to stay away from that shut show.

  18. kinda reminds me of that book 1984

  19. Alfred E. Neuman

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  20. Frank Pinelander

    If your attack is going well, it’s an ambush.

  21. If you conducted all your militia meetings in swimming pools, that would address some “wired” problems.

  22. Told you so .

    Hush, Hush.

    Lone wolf.

  23. Our Group consists of immediate family. It excludes boyfriends, girlfriends,best friends, inlaws and step-whatevers…..

  24. Shit is LaVoy still dead and murdered? Well hell lets focus on how stupid they all were. Shit anyone who gets snookered by a snitch has it coming huh?

    Mrs Weaver was unavailable for comment too.

    • Good on you, Tom. Just so.

      As usual.

    • That is not the point. The point is that you people do not know what you are doing.

      • some do, some don’t. Some time in the cooler will do the Bundys a world of good. Since declining regimes generally execute all political prisoners just before collapsing completely, it’s unlikely Bundy and Bundy be hijacking any more Wildlife Refuges. For which the wildlife are thankful.

      • That is certainly true from a military perspective, I “get” the point. However I we need to focus on what weredoing right while wefix our errors and up our games. Standing around filing MMQB reports when a brave man stood and was murdered is not only futile, doing it aloud is demoralizing.

        Again sir, not arguing that Malhuer was a goatfuck, but I am saying there were a few there who knew and cared anout this country. LaVoy appears to have been one and he was narked for it. I believe he knew it and proceeded anyway. I think he knew he was surrounded by snitches too. He did it anyway. We need to celebrate that courage and resolve more than we need to decray the abysmsl operational failures.

        Mtn Forges links above are worth watching. LaVoys own videos pre Malhure are worth watching.

        Stay positive, keep prepping. And remember a bunch of drunken Irishmen from the countryside once brought the crown to her knees.

      • “…you people do not know what you are doing.”
        And you do but you’re keeping it all to yourself.
        For nothing.

  25. …. yet no charges for Hillary. Let that one sink in.

    • Stewed,

      “….no charges for Hillary.”

      Damn ! Why did you have to remind me of the totally, utter corruption of the regime of the illegal Kenyan’s ? You most likely helped elevate my BP another 10 points !

      • Sorry bro. Maybe if the bundys made a donation to the foundation they would have beaten this rap.

  26. Lot of wrong in this thread and a lot of wrong with the event in question.

    Lets get something straight. The Bundy’s are religious odd balls. Thats okay they got a right to be. They were “working within the system” so to speak, in that they willingly participated in the bogus BLM land use scheme. Thats okay, they eventually reached their limit of tolerance and said enough is enough. That does not make them hypocrites. Remember the Founders also willingly participated in the colonial process until they had enough of it.
    I supported their cause, however I did not support their occupation of that location. Tactically it made no sense as they willingly isolated themselves and made it easy for the government to do what it did.
    The evidence presented here shows the dangers of allowing open participation in your group. That said however it is not an indictment of having a group or working in numbers to acheive a common goal. More numbers, better organization, leadership and logistics wins fights. Not always, you can surely find examples in history, but way more often than not. The examples of small , disorganized poorly supplied and poorly lead groups prevailing would be outlying to the whole.
    There is only one way to get through the up in coming alone, thats to head for the hills right now. By yourself take to the deepest mountain forest that you can find and assume the mountain man lifestyle. You will live off the land and you will be free, but you will essentially cease to exist. You will no longer be a problem for TPTB but you will be no help to anyone else either. If you have this fantasy of being a lone sniper single handedly resisting the might of the police power of government then you watched too many 80’s action flicks.
    If you want to play in their space then you have to deal with their capabilities. You cant do that alone. Period. End of fucking story.
    Regarding Lavoy.
    Stop insinuating that Lavoy was specifically targeted by that effort. He was not, he just played into the set up that they put in place and was the only one to do so. I have seen multiple videos and stories that get into all the little details and while I find them interesting they are tangent to the story as a whole. They only serve to feed the rules lawyers who still think that if they can just uncover some small detail they will enact a national Perry Mason moment and suddenly the entire government will fix itself.
    Get off that shit, its not going to acheive anything.
    Yes law enforcement did do everything in their capability to acheive their goals in Oregon. They got the principle players to leave the refuge in vehicles, the set up conditions that would significantly increase the odds that the outcome would be in their favor (I know shocking right?), they attempted to stop the vehicles and give their inside men the chance to give themselves up which might encourage the others to do the same. The one vehicle that had no insiders in it (Lavoy) they did everything they could to provoke a shootout. At the first stop and eventually at the road block. They used “less than lethal rounds” so that they could deny after the fact that they were trying to provoke return fire. It didnt work out that way but they still got what they wanted, dead or alive the occupants were taken down. Lavoy did what he did and he went out like a hero, but there is a fine line between hero and dumbass. While he died like a hero, he was a dumbass for being in that position in the first place.

  27. MichiganderJim

    All these comments. Curious, do any of ’em cover something the writer actually controls?

  28. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Stop it, you’re killing me!

    A lawyer called the Bundys claiming to represent Wile E. Coyote, Supergenius.
    Seems the coyote is suing for copyright infringement on his schtick.

    If there was ever a legal case where trying a diminished capacity defense was in order, this is it.

  29. In answer to a question above: Ryan Payne plead guilty, and now wishes he hadn’t.

    Also, no word on the FBI Investigation of misconduct that was reported this spring:

    Also, no new information on a wrongful death lawsuit by the widow Finicum, Seems like she may have picked up some very useful facts (all now part of official court records, by Govt. people under oath) for her suit: