Good News, Dead Commie Division


Good riddance.

As with all Reds and fellow travelers, may his final resting place be turned into another Victory Memorial Latrine after we win.


38 responses to “Good News, Dead Commie Division

  1. And don’t forget to boycott Jane Fonda, American traitor bitch. In the day I used to put stickers on her albums and exercise CD that said the same. We could have a party at their grave and take turns pissing on their graves.

  2. Party is at my place guys !!! free beer and elk steaks……….we will dance around the camp fire and piss on his grave, really sorry he didn’t take HANOI HANNA with him but we can send her later……FUCK the lying leftist radical press and all his cronies only good commie is a dead commie

  3. Tom can have a nice reunion with Che…

  4. GMTA

    I’ll try to remember to take a photograph when I visit the site.
    Hopefully after a hefty luncheon at some local taqueria.

  5. He was hugely important as a founder of the New Left. None of us who hate the direction of American society in the last 50 years should let his passing go without contemplating his life and example. I don’t think it’s enough to say “may he rot in Hell”, though any epitaph should rightly conclude with that invocation.

    Just as no one becomes a championship boxer without studying other great boxers, even those with radically different styles or in different eras, so too we should acknowledge that there are skills to learn from his life story.

    The “Port Huron Statement” provided a clear exposition of the goals of the New Left and served as an extremely valuable coming out too. One could say it kicked off the Leftist transformation of America that has yet to play itself out. There is power in words, and both clear articulation and the setting in which they are publicized are important in maximizing the impact that words have.

    So far the Patriot Movement, or the Freedomista Movement if you prefer, has failed to deliver any clear and compelling statement as a group. Instead we have dozens of blogs such as this one, and thousands of individual voices contending to make increasingly minor sub-points. That’s never going to be as powerful a model as the ones that Hayden made use of.

    • Jackson,

      “So far the Patriot Movement….has failed to deliver any clear and compelling statement as a group.”

      I cannot agree more with the bulk of your remarks. We, you, I, they….have not become a force of Freedom to reckon with. The reason, in my mind, being the fact that you pointed out so well. That being: “….we have dozens of blogs such as this one, and thousands of individual voices….”.

      I disagree with you on referring to the Patriot Movement as a “group”. Group implies they the referenced Patriots are organized. We, you, I, they, whoever….are not organized. Therein lies the problem. Unorganized on anything beyond a small entity such as Mr. Dodge and Mr. Mullenaux claim to have.

      “….make increasingly minor sub-points.” I disagree with this portion of your remarks. There are many, many valid and accurate points/observations expressed here by many folks visiting this blog. Again, the problem with their remarks is that again….no organization to express, debate and then act on many of the many valid and intelligent observations I read here often. It really is just venting, in many cases. Overall though, most remarks are those of us just preaching to the choir.

      Again, thanks for your input Jackson. Interesting remarks.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. let’s all sing him a hymn. him him fuck him

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yep, his death was greeted with a certain amount of awe:


      *stands at half-assed attention and gives dismissive wanking gesture salute in Hayden’s general direction*

  8. Now if Jane would join him…

    • I’d be happier if James would join him instead. And every other FedPig piece of maggot shit.

  9. Happy Day. Happier when Jane’s getting covered with dirt as well.

  10. Jane can be the ladies side of the memorial Latrine. Put them both where they belong.

  11. There’s absolutely no reason Jane can’t be buried in the same plot as this pile of excrement, though her arms and legs might have to be tied so she doesn’t disturb the dirt too much.

  12. There is nothing to be happy about here. This piece of shit lived a long comfortable life. He and Hanoi Jane should have been hung for treason for aiding and abetting the NVA. How many American and South Vietnamese solders died due to their actions. I know that this is ancient history but it was another action, or lack thereof by our spineless government. To make matters worse their compatriots now run our country.

  13. Thank you Lord for partially answering my prayers. Continue to destroy the evil ones. Thank you for Hitlery’s failing health. Thank you for treadmill accidents. Thank you for Biden’s grief. I continue to pray that you will destroy mine enemies. Totally annihilate them Lord, I ask. Grind them into dust, oh Lord. Thank you for the firstfruits of Spring–Brexit. Thank you for burned out dozers on Indian lands. Thank you for Hungarian revolt against Soros. Thank you for orthodox Russians and may they defeat NATO in Ukraine and elsewhere. I ask you to turn Your Wrath against Soros, Obama, sjws, leftists, communists, globalists, banksters, chicoms, blue helmets, BLM thugs. May they reap the whirlwind. Usher in an age of peace and freedom by destroying the bloodsuckers and totalitarians who try to drag down the productive and innocent. You did not create this world so that the evil ones could reign supreme and run rampant…..I ask that you make it clear that you did not do so. Cleanse the Land oh Lord. Make it so.

    • Amen.

    • “You did not create this world so that the evil ones could reign supreme and run rampant…..I ask that you make it clear that you did not do so.”

      If the cross does not make that clear to you, the cross is not clear to you.

      “Cleanse the Land oh Lord. Make it so.”

      The cross cleanses you. God will destroy anything and everything not cleansed by it.

      Romans 6:11… “Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

      2 Cor 5:21… “For He hath made Him to BE sin FOR us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him.”

  14. I’m guessing less then 50% here were around back then or actually remember this cull. While he did make the papers nationally, he was a Berkeley cling on, the Bay Area really responded with his cultural socialist mantra.

    Oddly enough they seem to have had it right.

    This entire time, I thought we were a republic, boy did I fuck up.


  15. The Usual Suspect

    ” WELL, BYE! “

  16. Hope the piece of shit is enjoying his weenie roasts in hell.

  17. As much as a prick ne was, I wish Mayor Daily had put put a hit on this asshole during the 1968 Dem Convention.

    I grew up in the ’60s and have always hated this prick.

    Hope Mohammed butt-fucks him throughout eternity.

    • Sorry. Butt-fuck implies consent.

      Should have said ass-rapes him.

      And then, into the Lake of Eternal Fire.

      As for Hanoi Jane, a long slow, agonizing death with cancer followed by the same slow-roasting.

      Oh, and the same goes for the asshole Ted Turner.

  18. Rest assured there are many like him who want nothing more than to see his progressive communist shit stained pogroms succeed here. Harden your heart against the commie bastards, it will take nothing less than everything we have.

    Stay positive, keep prepping. Grow some food. Commies like to starve people for fun and profit. Don’t be that guy either.

  19. There is justice in the universe, in this life or the next. Hayden is getting his now. Now if only the other half of the dynamic duo would have the decency to croak.

  20. I fired up a cigar when I heard this.

  21. Stealth Spaniel

    I believe in reincarnation. I hope that this sleazy, self important asshole has 5000 lifetimes to enjoy the fruits of the plans that he had for everyone else. Starvation, back breaking labor, no water: the beginning of what this inflated ego had in store for those not “committed enough” to his ideological delusions. May he forever be a powerless serf at the mercy of those he serves.

  22. I should have spit on him when I had the chance.

  23. a dead shabbatz goy is a good shabbatz goy

  24. Fuck that motherfucking- pock- marked- asshole in his dead ass. The only good commie, is a dead commie.

  25. In the interest of sanitary concerns, they will need to install a urinal over this asshole’s grave.