Gender division, via Twitter.


10 responses to “Hatespeech

  1. I have never encountered a “firewoman”, though am sure they exist. Have had a few run-ins with female, that is, lesbian cops. Definitely deadlier than the male cops due to gender chip-on-shoulder. On these, I agree with our resident wanna-be cop killers.

  2. Will agree that the new system is lowering standards all the way around, but let’s be clear that the old system though somewhat a meritocracy on paper was usually a closed one based on who you knew.

  3. “Competent Firewomen” .. I was rolling on the floor..

  4. Didja hear the one about the guy who got hurt crossing the street? He fell into a personhole.

    • That’s going to get more common as they make personholes larger. You know, to avoid “fat shaming” said persons.

  5. Might get rescued by a less competent Firewomen, but you would get shot by a Police women when you come out of the fire for fleeing or something.

  6. Muzzle Blast

    If that venal mendacious psychopath “wins” what purports to pass as an election, this while male is going on strike for the term. They may be able to use force and violence to plunder my earnings, but they cannot use their force and violence me to compel me to work. Fuck’em. I’ll just enjoy drinking my beer as I watch society seize up because women never check the oil level …

  7. When the city of Tucson first started hiring female firefighters, they had to meet the same standards as males.

    I was working inside the fire academy there, drilling some wells, and they had their first female cadet – a 6 ft+ tall, blonde Valkyrie-looking Viking princess. Whenever the recruits ran by, she was out front. When I watched them running up the tower with hoses, she was in front. Now, I don’t know how much of it was because she looked dang good from behind!

    I read in the newspaper that she graduated at the top of her class.

    Whether she was a good firefighter or not, I don’t know.

    • “6 ft+ tall, blonde Valkyrie-looking Viking princess” perfect for addressing the media. Too distracting for proximity to working men.


      For every chomosomal-challenged mutant she-he that you described, there are legions of angry, frustrated, incompetent Ethel Mermans(ANYTHING YOU CAN DO, I CAN DO BETTER), who have caused standards to be lowered or thrown out due to lawsuit threats by mustached, hatchet-faced Jewess lawyers like Gloria Allred.
      This creature and her minions nearly destroyed the physical standards of the Los Angeles City Fire Department over 20 years ago. The female applicants could not even lift a ladder off the side of an apparatus and place it against a building, among other things. Attrition took its toll in the Fire Academy. But, since Police and Sheriffs Departments have lower standards(again due to lawsuits and threats of lawsuits), we have legions of Dirty Harriets, Jane Waynes and other frustrated, angry wannabes. Amerika gets what it deserves.