Schlichter: We Owe The Kakistocrats Nothing






These are due as The Cloud People continue to show who they are.


It’s the foreseeable future.

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  1. As Mike said, we are absolved.

    What we do now, we must do, and are freed to do so by the actions of the enemy.


  2. Will have to go around this issue some other Way:

    I think much of what is going on has to do with a huge
    servicing in bankrupcy – A broken bench

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  3. Any one with half a brain knows.There is no political solution out of this would be 3rd world cess pool that has become Amerika.

    • I agree, you let the 3rd world in for 50 years(1965 immigration act) at the maximum rate it can import itself; you will become 3rd world.
      I disagree that we do not owe them anything. last night the walking dead showed this guy that beat offenders to death with a nail and barbed wire bat; I actually changed channels it was so horrific; but I could do that to those who gave me obamacare if the people would actually vote them out, cite them on legal charges and put them out for punishment by the citizenry.

  4. To say the election isn’t rigged is failing to open your own eyes. Even members of the conservative press have been caught emailing Podesta with campaign ad ideas (heat st) and Ruddy from Newsmax was caught mooning about Hillary. Already millions of dead people have been dug up to vote. The dems have bragged on video about bussing voters from poll to poll, from state to state. Podesta was caught in Wikileaks promoting the illegal alien vote, which could be as high as 10 million, with the 4m being the low number. Any republican would have to receive nearly 60% of the legal vote to win the election.
    An election won with fraud is an invalid election and the election could move to the street where the cheaters face the largest armed army on earth, the Trump voters. Most likely the Trump army owns 75% of the privately held guns, and ammo, in Amerika. I am against violent revolution, once you let Satan loose, he doesn’t know where to stop. But the left’s obvious theft of this election, when facing the angry armed Trump army, is like throwing lit matches into a bucket of gasoline.

    • the woodsman

      Immigration without the nation’s consent is also election rigging.

    • And surely blood will flow from the fingers of keyboard commandos for a time until the bias of normalcy moves to comfort them. And in those days the temperature of the water will be brought closer to a boil as the frog sits happily in his bath eating flies as they emerge from the rotting corpses of his clan.

      • Walter Sobchack

        What he said

      • 90% of the defeated Trumpaholics will go back to sucking on a beercan, sitting in front of the Jewbox, and watching cars drive around the same circle over and over again. 10% will order more ammo and join the hardRight. All good.

    • I commented there:
      “Instead, the system owes us fairness and honesty, and without them it has no right to our default acceptance of its results.”

      I get the point – that the system only gets our deference if it is worth deferring to. But in reality, it (that is, the people in it) owes us nothing just as we owe it nothing. The people in the system will inevitably be motivated by self interest, exactly as we are. The point is to have the incentives directing those in the system to be good, and to not be bad. They must feel the negative consequences of their bad actions. Unfortunately it takes a revolution to deliver those consequences – or at the very least, widespread non-participation by the dirt people in their scams.

      These are our choices: revolution, non-voting of the vast majority of the population, or slavery.

    • “An election won with fraud is an invalid election”

      An election won without fraud is just as illegitimate. People on your block voting to raid your home have no legitimacy even if they voted properly. The entire system is based on violence and coercion. Last I checked, these are not considered legitimate actions.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Depends – they’re perfectly legitimate to the perpetrator, less so to the victim. As Heinlein put it: “Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst.”

      • Humans have organized themselves into various types of social groups since the end of the paleolithic era. They have ranged in size from small valley and castle sized duchy’s to continent spanning nation states.

        Over a millennia increasing constraints were placed on the top of these social hierarchies to make them more equitable, less arbitrary and response to their members.

        The Republic of Republics which the Founders left us was the best modificaiton yet devised for providing maximum liberty.

        In saying that all government is illegitimate you are guilty of lazy sophistry.

        I get your point, but saying “all elections are illegitimate” is a step into the nihilistic void.

        If votes are illegitimate then we can move on to “might is right”. Is that what you want? You’ll say no and cite something like the Non Aggression principle, and the rights of property, without even acknowledging that property ownership is itself the result of Government.

        (A reprise of a discussion I had with “Mama Liberty” on Free State Wyoming board. She was anxious to have everyone acknowledge her property rights, and in denial that her land had been collectively owned by Native Americans for many generations prior to about 1870.)

        The fact that you can sing all three verses of “Imagine” doesn’t change that without elections we are likely going to have strong man rule. That’s what 3000 years of human history teach. Ignore in favor of your Utopian ideals at your own risk.

        • Might doesn’t create Right, Might creates Results. Don’t confuse Results with Right.

          • Jimmy the Saint

            Like it or not, results are what we have to live with. Better to have the best possible results.

  5. Reminds me of the old civil war song, “Jine the Cavalry.”
    If you want to kiss the devil
    If you want to have fun
    If you want to smell hell
    Jine the cavalry

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  7. Smile like a pirate. Stay positive keep prepping.

  8. Agreeing to a rigged election is like agreeing with your jerkoff brother in law when he babbles his usual pseudo-intellectual tripe about something of which he knows….nothing.

    Nope! Not for a long time.

    Rigged is rigged and has to be denounced and defeated. Period.