Baugh: Guest Post By SFC Barry On LP/OP Realities


Go and read.

This material will be on the exam.

5 responses to “Baugh: Guest Post By SFC Barry On LP/OP Realities

  1. solid essay by Barry. I will bring it to the attention of my Army of One. Other than the young White couple w baby around the corner, my suburban neighborhood isn’t worth defending: a few Foxtard Republicans, ageing cosmic libs, lotsa People of Walmart, invasive ‘bangers, and not a few Reds – public employee unionists and related oxygen thieves. If I can’t get at a local HVT, I’ll deal with the latter preemptively.

  2. Thank you Mr. Barry.

  3. MichiganderJim

    I guess those six guys will handle those looters and bandits okay. I thought it was a regular day in Detroit. “Prepare for what you can do” makes sense alright, but is of no help if your guess of what’s going to happen turns out to be wrong.

    Even more enigmatic is which the hell side you’ll be on, in that event. It’s easy to pick sides against street thugs and thieves.

  4. Nice to see you back in the writing mode. Back in the saddle again? Excellent as always. Being one of the few who have a complete set of your earlier writings from the 90’s I was excited to see you back in print. Please keep it up. Cheers, L.P.

  5. Listeners don’t Observe?

    Observers can’t listen?

    We envelope our LP/OPs inside our interlocked fields of fire and don’t dogleg our ORP (essentially what you’ve drawn) to the TRP?