Claire Wolfe: The Role Of The Outlaw In The Betterment Of Society


Thoughtful, as always.

Especially if one defines “society” as one’s immediate human terrain.

You are a teacher.

Mind the lessons you put forth.

21 responses to “Claire Wolfe: The Role Of The Outlaw In The Betterment Of Society

  1. Who own you?

    • Ratchet,
      This is very good. Do you have a web page where this can be found? Thanks for sharing it.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The facts that attempting suicide is a criminal act (i.e., a wrong against society), and that the government taxes your death tell you all you need to know.

    • What is the difference between Negan and government?

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Reach, if nothing else. I suppose also the fact that a lone man is more easily toppled than a massive institution.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Eventual so to,,will the outlaw TRY to become the king. It is written.


    • The outlaw did become king and later headed nation states.

      Government was invented by men that grew tired of raiding parties. It was just easier to stay in one place.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        The priestly class simply created a new religion and collected taxes instead of tithes.

  4. What ‘outlaw’ behavior has Ms. Wolfe engaged in?

    Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

    Denny Hansen must not pay her as much these days.

    • Not her. Power corrupts, everybody eventually. After re reading my post, I needed to be more specific.

      Was trying to be cryptic, like the Kool Kats, here.

      • She’s the one calling herself the ‘outlaw’ and the freedom (femmi)-nista.

        Last week it was ‘vote for Hillary!’ from her. Garbage.

      • MichiganderJim

        “Power corrupts, everybody eventually.”

        Bullshit. Just another excuse to pretend something isn’t a choice. Everything we do is a choice.

        It’s not about power versus more power; it’s about power versus consent. Power might trump, but happily consent doesn’t preclude power. Pure power alone cannot admit consent because then it becomes something different.

        In any particular instance of interaction, in ANY social context, the foundational distinction comes down to Consent versus Thuggery. ALL social interactions can build their various attributes (right and wrong, good and bad, true and false) based upon this single cornerstone of alternatives…Is the interaction with the consent of all parties?

        That’s it; there’s nothing else to it. If anyone says, “No,” then YOU shouldn’t be involved in the interaction!

  5. Claire, Thank you for the words. Over the years I have read much of your enthusiastic teachings for all of us to get into a no tax no regulation self sufficiency. As Michael Collins once stated, “…we defeat the British by ignoring them, we obey no laws but our own…” However many of the so called patriot community still don’t get it. Continue on Claire Wolfe. Continue on.

  6. If you’re a freedomist you’re already living as an outlaw.
    Or are you just pretending, and trying to remain safe?
    A coward dies a thousand times.

  7. Had a wildcat growl at me once from up and over my shoulder while I was up to my arms in blood inside a deer I’d just shot. Left a lasting impression on me I can tell you that. After I made the decision to finish field dressing and put down the gun (shit it was dark by then and I figured if he wanted to jump me I was fcked anyway) I got out of dodge pretty damn fast. It was a mile drag out through and up a hillside then down an icy road. Being prey sucks was the lesson I took away. Humbling.

  8. Good essay by Claire.

  9. I predict that assange has shown the way and that’s the reason they are putting clamps down and having “outages” on the internet. I think as all levels of govt squeeze the people, the people will be letting out true stories of corruption all over govt.
    remains to be seen who wins, you can never underestimate the masses to go along and turn in others to keep getting heir “piece of cheese”; but that’s the undercurrent I see running under Hailarys administration.

  10. Wow, just WOW!! Thank you Claire

  11. Isn’t this the same genius that said we’d be better off with Hillary?