Day By Day


From Chris Muir.

9 responses to “Day By Day

  1. I support it. I’m about that.

  2. Like I said before… I definitely missed my calling! I should’ve been a executioner…..

    • One more time:
      If you want to do that, you’re going to have to do it to the pigs first. Mussolini did not get to “bust his moves” whilst his Praetorian Guard was standing in front of him. The Ceausescus did not become “wallflowers” whist their Praetorian Guard was standing in front of them.

      Kill the pigs. And kill their whores, who know full well what they are, yet cheer them on anyway. Happiness is dead pigs. And dead pig whores.

  3. Hillary Clinton is a lying, psychopathic, communist scumbag of demonic proportions. She should be in a lock mental ward, not running for president.

    I say again: A vote for Clinton is an OVERT act of treason!

  4. Uh, what’s with all the tits hanging out? Even drunk chicks don’t go around like that. If you chop off Hillary’s head, you have to stuff it with garlic, or she’ll be out sucking peoples blood the very next night.

    • Comic-strip license. You looked. 😉

    • Blazing Apostle

      I only see two half tits hanging out. Relax, Sean. The girls look to be relaxing and cooking at home.
      As for Hiliary’s head stuffed with garlic – +1

  5. When I go to the barber, I ask her to “take a little off the top”. For Hillary, they can take ALL off the top, just leave a little of the neck. Nothing beats a good close “shave” with a guillotine.