Fred: The End




…It is over. Ronald can’t stop it. Lucretia doesn’t want to.

It goes rapidly now. Perhaps worst, because it paralyzes resolution, in a few short decades the country has lost all cohesion, whether cultural, racial, linguistic, or religious. In 1955, America was overwhelmingly white, Anglophone, Christian, and European, which provided enough unity to hold it together, and poor communications provided enough separation to maintain peace among groups that detested each other: Massachusetts and Alabama, West Virginia and California.

The US, once a nation, is now a group of angry minorities in the same place. Things that seem insane to half the country, such as making girls of twelve years share public bathrooms with any man interested in girls of twelve, are promoted by the other half as requisite for equality. Blacks are in open insurrection. The borders barely exist. The government cannot or will not enforce the laws. How can this change, other than to worsen?

Sic transit gloria mundi.

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  1. Yup! Although There may be a chance with Trump, not even sure that will help.

    • “A Chance with Trump”. i’ll take it. Drain that DC Swamp! If President Trump calls for the Deplorables to rally in DC it could be a moment fer sure.

      • If he truly intended on draining the swamp he would be given a limo ride in Dallas as a prize.

        • Right. Trump (or Hillary) is merely the figurehead for the oligarchy. People who think Mr T will come in, clean house, and make things better for the common man are fooling themselves. It’s just another flavor of cool aid.

          As far as Fred goes:

          “Let’s not delude ourselves. America is ruled by the Five Cities, Boston, New York, Washington, Tel Aviv, and Hollywood.”

          His map needs updating. Try adding Brussels, Beijing, London, Riyadh, Tokyo, Moscow. Jerusalem will make the list after it’s fully internationalized by the UN and a special representative from the caliphate is appointed.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Trump is our only chance, but still a very uphill battle. Secession may prove to be the best solution….

    • if Trump is your only chance, you are truly doomed. Mrs. Clinton understands that we are Stronger Together and, after promulgating some commonsense gun laws, will lead our nation to bright, sunlit uplands.

  4. “mortician”. Great description. As a young lad in the fifties and sixties one of my pals lived in a funeral home. We explored the embalming room and climbed in and out of caskets.
    Caskets and a decent burial will go the wayside.Rotting,bloated corpses in the streets,coming soon to a theater near you. Venezuelans are cannibalizing. People live in their own fecal swamps and hovels. Feral children.Multiple generations of illiterate,ignorant,pavement apes. Disease,infection,parasites,starvation, stupidity bordering on retardation,looting and pillaging. Fuck! I can hardly wait.

  5. Watch the transportation industry closely; when transpo goes, it all falls apart. A degredation of security in the transportation industry would easily paralyze our NIMBY society.

    Initially, the most vulnerable areas will be where the parcels are being transfered from the terminal-delivery trucks into the local delivery trucks; they commonly use unsecure (& undefendable) commercial parking lots.

    Blocking interstate highways (and raiding trucks) in the metro areas would be the 2nd level.

    Most truckers seem to be tough and resilient, but not stupid; word travels very fast in that industry; a couple trucks being hit and they all loose the reason to deliver the goods.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      One group makes a few truckers pour encourages les autres examples to stop transportation, another group does the exact same thing to restart it. Circle of life, Simba.

  6. Stealth Spaniel

    3rd world importation, requires 3rd world solutions. We were a stronger, similar nation, even with the 2 races of whites and American blacks before 1965. We were not of the same tribe, but we were of the same descent. Now? We have blacks who have no ties, no sense of what & who this country is. We have “latinos” who have no ties here. This is simply a land to be milked. We have multitudes of “others” from every Godforsaken place on earth, who again, view this country as a free ride while they practice 4th century voodoo. Unless and until, we commit to a return to our original values-this society will continue to slide into the abyss.

    • There was a time that it took a significant amount of effort, ability and guts to leave your home country and venture to the US.
      Thats why we got immigrants who had a drive and a sense of independence. That time is long gone. Now it just takes a short albeit hot ride in a semi trailer. We no longer get the boldest and best of people, we get the vultures, leeches and those running from their crimes at home.

    • This is how I started, only I am not a muslim:


    • And we would have been even stronger if we had sent the Blacks out as Jefferson and Lincoln (among others) desired. They can never assimilate being far, far too alien to us and us to them.

  7. Hmmm. Old dilapidated men look in the mirror and think why bother then tell us all how we can’t win. Piss on it, that’s all the more reason to fight. Help, or get your eeyore ass way back. I’m early gen X, my whole life was these same old men lamenting to me that I was just a little too late for all those good times and best shit.
    So guess what?
    I’m not fucking missing this and I’m in the least of moods to go about half assing it. This one is mine.

    Keep prepping and make sure your shit is lashed down. We’ll all know pretty damn quick now.

    • MichiganderJim

      !!! Some people don’t know what winning looks like. That’d be alright except that usually the reason is they don’t want to.

    • tangotango-03

      fuck yes, leadership

    • +1! From a tail end ‘Boomer’ that ain’t dilapidated yet…

      You’re welcome in my AO 24/7!

    • Good post.

    • outlawpatriot

      A good percentage of the comments here should be ignored. While for various and assorted reasons, their commonality poisons the mind and weakens the will. 😉

      • MichiganderJim

        “…their commonality poisons the mind and weakens the will.”

        Thanks for sharing. Lucky you’d never fall for that, eh? I understand it’s a tough reality for you to accept, but some of us can take care of our own will. Yes, even when it’s in common with others.

        You could be Minister of Information, but Zoomie’s already got that snatched up. Well, except that he’d never accept. But you keep dreamin’ kid; you can hold the story until the end.

        But yeah, thinking for oneself is kinda what it’s all about, huh?


      Samuel Whittemore was an old, dilapidated man. Yet, he stood his ground and fought the tyranny. I plan to do the same.

  8. Interesting times. You don’t have enough ammo.

  9. We peaked the bell curve in the 50’s and have been in decline ever since. We seem to have hit that steep part of the back side. When you see no appreciable degradation for a few years you can know we are near the end.

    Trump is a movement, a political revolution. It just happened to be him at the right time. It’s too late to turn the ship around, but Trump might throttle back and slow it down…for awhile.

  10. What an utter crock of smoking horse shit….dribbling off the chin of a tired old fart living in Mexico no less. I should go paragraph by paragraph and eviscerate this dung pile.

    You may give up old Fred, go hide with the brownies and hope somebody else does something. Do us all a favor and stay on your side of the border. We’ll let you know when it’s safe for you to come back.

    • 100%

      So fucking bored of these old men sounding like snowflakes while they complain about snowflakes.

      ‘Blacks are in open insurrection’? I suppose this is what happens when your worldview is shaped more by the sensationalist blog-media than it is by actual human contact and time spent in black neighborhoods.

      Just another worthless couple pages of a guy without any answers telling the world about it.

    • Totally agree, Fred can kiss my ass. Go hide down while we clean up the mess your shitty generation produced.

    • William Wilson

      hbowman, hear, hear. One time Reed wrote, “I don’t care if the white race survives or not.” He was a police reporter in DC. He knows niggers are violent, stupid animals who will rape a white woman in a heartbeat. But he clings to this hipster persona, into negro music, an anti-racist, and jews are just way cool. He’s a cherry picker, a phoney, like all hipsters.

    • OOOAAAH!

    • OOOAAAH!!!

  11. Bruce A Wineman

    I have not read the comments above but did read the post. Tell me that “Divide and Conquer” doesn’t work. It has been done to our Children, our Communities, our Nation. So many stand around and seem to wonder what is happening, or worse still, remain in denial about the travesty that is coming if that “Criminal” is elected.

  12. I remember standing at attention YELLING every few
    minutes, all spit shined and starched up – “Fifteen
    Minutes to Morning Colors!…Ten Minutes to Morning
    Colors!…. Five Minutes to Morning Colors!… COLORS!!”

    Time is approaching…

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  13. bo_mcjangles

    Most Americans do not know the group responsible for lobbying Congress to open the immigration floods gates to the third world hordes we have seen since the 1965 Immigration Act, aka, Hart-Cellar Act was passed. They have been pushing liberal immigration policies in the U.S. since the early 1900’s.

    Here’s a free chapter in a book I highly recommend reading. This chapter describes in detail (((their))) role in changing U.S. immigration policies and why (((they))) strategized to do so, to (((their))) benefit, not to the benefit of Christian Americans.

    If the information in that chapter is interesting to you, consider reading the entire book. I believe for most, it will answer a lot of questions as to why our Republic went from being a high trust Christian society to what is now a multicultural, degenerate, marxist trashcan.

  14. LFMayor, I had the same thing happen to me, when the “Greatest Generation” was in power, they all told me, a Boomer, how worthless we were, how clueless, and that it just wasn’t like the good old days. I DID learn something, and I keep trying to encourage Xers, and whoever. I tell them they CAN do something, that it’s up to them, and it’s their turn now to do their best. Yup, I’m a tired old man, but I ain’t dead yet, and I’ll do what I can do while I got the time, and I’m going to encourage and support team Younger Guys/Gals with what I can. Sure, it all looks like hell. But what generation didn’t think so? Prepare to defend yourselves.

    • Well said Sean, this country needs all the old lions it can get. My dads a boomer and they will have really, really tracked shit on the carpet the day he gets pissed enough to forget that it’s not 1965. I even have some tiger stripes that will fit him.

  15. Although coarse and crude, it indeed expresses the author’s inner rage at Fred’s despair. This language was a bit unfair to Fred, in my opinion. As the years go by, it is has been difficult to not despair in the face of the retardation of our white brethren and the corruption and greed of the political classes who openly call for our extinction now. Fred paid his dues; he is a tired old fart (me too)- I often wonder if I would expatriate if I had the money. But my stand is here at home in our once-proud country, rather far from where I assume the riots and the clashes will begin. If the battle comes to me, I shall defend my family, my friends and neighbors as best I can. The fighting words of this post are good to read- let us pray that our hot-blooded youth may listen to some wise words from those who are preparing silently and waiting patiently.

  16. I don’t see any way to fix things without first letting the system deteriorate from its own failures. Long term viability, legitimacy, trust, all that stuff was traded in for short term political and economic advantage by the elites. Multiple generations of them bet on the consequences being someone else’s problem to deal with.

    It’s bad. Assuming a linear trajectory, the numbers look awful. But that’s just what it is: an assumption. Stuff can change quickly. I don’t get why some writers feel the need to continue penning these “it’s too late, abandon all hope” articles. If they really feel that way, why even bother writing about it? I’d just spend my remaining days indulging personal interests and watching with detached amusement as the elite cosmics are devoured by their own imported pets.

  17. The Usual Suspect

    I believe we discount our youth to a great degree.
    Not the goofball cornrow headed twits we see everywhere,
    but the quiet, serious guys that work in the garages, building
    projects, construction crews, the married guy down the road
    with 2 young kids and a 10 year old Toyota.
    He is also the guy who went on 6-10 deployments to all of
    the shitholes in the world because there were no jobs.
    The government just keeps cranking out combat veterans
    by the millions and expects them to behave and keep their
    mouths shut.
    It don’t work that way, people who have been to war, the
    pointy end of the spear kind of people, only get pushed so far
    be they 22 or 62.
    Those who set on their govt. issued chairs, forget this at their
    own peril.

  18. To hell with defeatism. I walked into a hipster bar in NYC wearing a ‘ Hillary for Prison’ T-shirt expecting an argument and got drinks and thumbs-up instead. Live free , die hard.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Millennials are weird about Hillary – they hate her personally, but they’ll vote for her because they like socialism.

  19. “Enstupidation does not happen in a healthy country.”

    Fred’s a bit off on this one. Enstupidation has been happening at least since reformer John Dewey, starting around 1897: “You can’t make Socialists out of individualists. Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming, where everyone is interdependent.”

    Arguably, it’s been happening since Horace Mann imported Prussian schooling in 1848.

  20. Fred has some good thoughts, but his propensity to add “Tel Aviv”, and “Israel” to his list of evils……you know, THE JEWS! (aren’t they ALWAYS the head of the snake) tends to lose him (a lot of) credibility in my eyes.
    I mean really? Are we STILL going there?
    Fuck him and all of those who think as he does.
    If we really ran the world, don’tchya think we might have things going our way just a wee bit differently. It’s amazing how seemingly intelligent people can still stoop to this crass anti-Semitism, but then again am I really surprised?