New Woodpile’s Here!



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  1. links to one of Fred-in-Mexico’s better essays: who comes perilously close to saying the (((J))) word not once but several times…and calls Clinton and Trump “chips floating on a fetid tide”. Accurate. But also notes Hiligula’s fundamental, hatred-driven honesty: she tells the Dirt People exactly what she thinks of them, while the absurd Trump bloviates on about “making” (an “America” that doesn’t exist any more) “great again”. I have, incidentally, seen the long and short of of 8 decades…do not worry, mother lived to be 95, and father is still going strong at 102…and the destructive transformation organized Jewry has wrecked on this country – beginning with the Zionist buy-out of the Democrat Party during the late 1940’s, proceeding to the Jewish plutos’ purchase of the MSM during the 1950’s, then on to the NewLeft’s Long March Through the Institutions during the 1960’s-70’sff., and culminating with the ex-Trotskyite communist/neo-con infestation and take-over of the Republican Party during the 1980’s-90’sff. – has been nothing short of amazing.

  2. I got as far as the first indented paragraph and felt my BP go up about dozen notches. So noted.

  3. “One thing’s been proven, Clinton, her crew, the DNC and its subsidiary operating units are downright stupid to let all this get out. They now stand revealed for the inept losers they are.”

    Then there is the spiritual fact that – “Those that plan evil in their hearts,
    go blind and make mistakes.”

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  4. “When the shirts come off,” he added, “that’s when the real work begins.”

    “When the hammers start raining Solzynistyn style,” he added, “that’s when the real work begins.”