Odd: Michael Moore – “Trump’s election will be the biggest ‘F*ck You’ ever recorded in human history”

Likely a sign of the End Times.


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  1. I agree with him (this one time only), and I hope he’s right about Nov. 8th.

  2. Just because I can agree with what he said, doesn’t mean I have to like the no-good sonofabitch…ESAD ya fuckin asshole!

  3. Context matters when I watch versus just audio. I sense a sarcasm when watching and look at all the pics plastered behind him. And people paid to see this guy? After beating us all over the head with racist charges and ignorant charges. There’s something odd about this. Unless they sense even after their girls coronation, all will not be well under the surface. Either way it’s gonna burn and they (leftists) know it. The beast they created can’t be put back and the msm has overplayed their hand. The sides are getting place.

    • Remember that perception is solely in the eye of the receiver regardless of the senders intent. Even if Moore meant it all as sarcasm, I suspect the audience did not take it that way.

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  6. Is it possible this is the “biggest troll” ever recorded in human history. I honestly can’t believe for one second that man would ever consciously back Trump or any non democratic candidate. Yet what he say is the truth.

    Is the truth from the mouth of the devil still the truth?


    The confusion sets in……. End times indeed?

    • “Is the truth from the mouth of the devil still the truth?”

      Is 99.99% “truth” still truth? This is the game of subtilty the devil plays so well. Not end times yet, as God still offers absolute salvation absolutely freely; evil times.

      Eph 5:15-16… “See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.”

    • I agree.

      moore is probably a wrsa lurker and saw FU was gold and knew he could at least make enough to feed a person for a month on firing up the left, probably would only feed him for a few days though.

    • it’s genuine enough. Moore and the rest of the hardLeft have long been disappointed in Obama, and see Clinton as no improvement.

  7. No, Cubs in the World Series. THAT is a sign of the end times.

  8. Surprised to hear that from Moore. But, his points are right on. Regardless of what the media reports regarding polls and etc.; the “fuck you, establishment” factor will likely carry the day. I believe if “likely Trump voters” ever do get a pollster call, they probably hang up… I know of only one family here in small town Nevada that supports Hiliary – the messicans. At the last debate, Trump supporters outnumbered Clitoon voters at least 10 or 20 to 1… didn’t see that anywhere in the media, did we? He is not our candidate – he’s our wrecking ball.

  9. Things just get stranger by the day,we are living in “interesting times”.

  10. Even a broken clock is right two times a day. Fuck him, fuck the machine.

    Go Trump, let my vote for him cast doubt/doom, on those who hunger for power.

  11. thesouthwasrght

    Ok now I know we are in an alternate universe because I just heard a monolog from Michael Moore that I agree with. Now I gotta take a shower or something to get that off me. Lol

  12. “Donald Trump is the human Molotov cocktail”

  13. I was noticing today that dem VP candidate Kaine got a large audience of 30 today in Florida. Getting him to run as the Hildabeest’s VP was the best the dems could do as nobody wanted to be associated with her, as she is toxic. The Clinton machine is built on lies, coercion, bribery, and back room deals. They are being aided and abetted by the media, but they are getting attacked by death by a thousand cuts. I was amazed at Michael Moore’s little lecture. That was a concise 3+ minute summary of the whole election.

    Trump is a candidate who is fighting the pub and dem establishment, the main stream media, and in many ways himself. Yes, he is a narcissist, a flawed person, but he has nothing to lose. He is an a$$hole, but that is precisely the kind of person that is needed to shake up business as usual. Trump is not a movement, he is not the messiah, but he has picked up on how people feel about their so-called government, and it is not good.

    We are at a tipping point. We will go through the crisis and will come out better or worse, but regardless, we will not be the same. Let’s get this over with.

  14. Jimmy the Saint

    Gotta think that some of Genghis Khan’s campaigns of annihilation were significantly bigger “fuck yous,” as they permanently altered the gene pool of Asia.

    The Romans’ treatment of Carthage is up there, too, as is the Germans forcing the French to surrender in WWII in the same rail car used for the armistice in WWI.

  15. Lying piece of rancid shit. I’ll never believe anything that misfit of society has to say. You’re unfortunately living in a time when almost everything is fake. Believe in nothing but yourself or suffer the consequences.

  16. M.Moore has said multiple times that he does not support Trump, and that he thinks that Trump getting elected will be the worse thing to happen to the country. He hopes that he is wrong, but can still see why there is a groundswell of support for Trump.

  17. Folks, if you look at Moore’s body of work, he has always had the ‘screw the system’ sign posted prominently. He’s not ‘for’ Trump, he is ‘for’ heaving the holy hand grenade into the jaws of the machinery. No more, no less. Its definitely not an endorsement.

  18. I wrote about the utility of the big “Fuck You”:

    As to Moore himself, it’s saying something when even such a statist as he is, cannot be kept in line. Maybe even he has become an apostate from the Government Religion.

    • Bonneau,

      Typical Klinton troll. Your linked essay only refers to Mr. Trump. You M-F him throughout. Not surprisingly, you make no refererence to the establishment Marxist Klinton. Your imploring folks to not vote is just what the bitch and her fellow Marxists want. A vote not cast for Mr. Trump is a vote for tyranny and terror….Hillary Klinton.

      You’re in the same league as that POS Klinton. Here’s a well-deserved “Fuck You” to you Bonneau.

  19. Michael Moore, like all of us, has been waiting a lifetime for an American politician to say ” I will put America and Americans first.”. Everything that came out about what the Dems and Hillary have done, via Wikileaks, is what Moore has been fighting against his whole adult life. I was at the dentist today and my insurance turned down a crown for me. My Doc and me were joking that it’s the accountant for the health insurance company that decides my medical care. And that pulling teeth is way cheaper than crowns, or bridges. My insurance company has a tooth death panel. Moore gets that.
    Don’t be surprised by the biggest October surprise of all time. Michael Moore endorsing Trump.

  20. Michael,disgusting pig,pompous windbag Moore has my permission to go fuck himself.He is irrelevant.

  21. He does make good points from time to time, like pointing out the Elite don’t send their sons to war anymore while filming himself giving out recruitment brochures on Capital Hill. But for every good deed like this, there is one like gaining entrance to Charlton Heston’s home and then berating the elderly Heston about the 2nd Amendment while filming.

    He’s like Stephen King: both have made a living off the lower middle class while utterly loathing them. King just wrote for and about them and spat on them when they turned against immigration. Moore has pretended to be one, even going to the grotesque length of meeting journalist in a run down motel while actually staying at a first rate Hotel down the street.

  22. I think it’s instructive to watch the entire video that this quote was pulled from. It’s a Love Letter from Michael Moore to Killary, complete with comparisons of her to Pope Francis.

    “Michael Moore in Trumpland”

    The Left, after the long march through the institutions, is in complete panic mode. The signs (including Moore’s desperate treatise) are all around us. It’s one thing to take ground – holding it is the hard part.