So Adorable


From GoV via Twitter; see also below also from GoV:


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  1. Gates of Strudel is a Zionist neo-con warmonger site. And that Muslim baby – though a bit long of leg – just wants to be love’d. I’m sure White lady will do her level best.

  2. Would that her bleached skull were among them.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Apparently, hundreds of the Syrian ‘brides’ arriving in Europe are actually 11, 12, and 13 years old. Although marriage that young is illegal in Europe, those countries ‘recognize’ underage marriages from other countries (basically, from only the muslim countries). And all of those refugee girl’s pussies have been ‘grabbed’ by the local iman and then hacked up with a dull razor blade. I’m willing to bet that our immigration law recognizes underage marriages and that hundreds of these refugee ‘wives’ are either underage or are 18 years old with 3 kids already, the youngest being 6 years old. Now I never took common core math but that adds up to the EU and Amerika supporting pedophilia. But that’s probably way above my pay grade.

  5. Wonder how many dead voters are lined up to vote for Hilary. Bet they are registered to vote in several states too.