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Chairman JCS: “…[W]e must recognize that we have one Commander in Chief, and until authority is transferred on January 20, 2017, the Joint Force must remain clearly focused on and responsive to the existing National Command Authority…”


1) Is it authentic?

2) If so, how usual or unusual is this message?

Show your work.

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  1. 1.) Probably authentic; it smells like the real deal.
    2.) Kinda unusual; I think they’re hedging their bets, so to speak. In case of any funky “regime change” issues, for example, between 11/8 and 01/20.

    Show my work? Hell, I couldn’t do that back in Algebra I; still can’t. It’s all just seat of the pants from here on out.

    Pax vobiscum, fratres.

  2. I am curious about the timing of this. Maybe a shot across the bow of the ss barryhillary to knock off the political crap when it comes to military might?

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Love the first comment on that site. “white nationalists” ?

  5. It isnt.

    nothing here.

    • no, there’s “something” percolating. The Pentagon upper echelon is in the ZOG tank. But there’s discontent in the middle ranks – Majors, Colonels and the like.

  6. It’s a legitimate blogging platform. It could be fake, but it reads like something someone at his level would write.

    It does appear to be his only posting, however, which is a warning sign. If someone is using his name and image to fake blog under his name that’s pretty bad, It should get ripped down soon if that’s the case.

    What is priceless is the response by a liberal bed-wetter name “Jon Kitchen” – who does have a bunch of posts on the platform, so is legit. Here it is in all its glorious completeness:


    I agree with the sentiment,but if Donald Trump loses ,will the military agree to stand firm with President Clinton,and take his supporters out ,if they attack her in a backlash brought on by Trump’s egging on the idea that the election is rigged.I find that many of my fellow Americans are afraid.We are not afraid of being attacked by an army from Syria,or Iraq.We are afraid of our fellow Americans.The guns that are protected by the 2nd Amendment are mostly in the hands of Donald Trump’s supporters.While many of us are afraid to have them in our homes,near our family,and so we see them as a group of Christian vigilantes.
    This isn’t the Crusades,but the rhetoric of Rush Limbaugh,and the Breitbart organization,sounds like a call to arms for those people to support Trump.He is suggesting that they go to the polls on November 8 and make sure that he wins.We are afraid ,as a nation,of what that means.Will Trump’s army of 2nd Amendment people intimidate the voters that are supporting Secretary Clinton?Will they rig the election for him?After the election ,will he accept the results ?
    These fears are amplified by the rhetoric of candidate Trump.We are losing our internal security,and this has already been a year where racial unrest has caused all Americans to wonder if we will ever grow beyond our haunted past of civil war and slavery.Now we have another cloud ,one that Trump and his white nationalists have caused,and that is xenophobia.We are a country built by immigrants ,and yet we are talking about closing our doors .There is a division between the parts of the country that is so great it could lead to another civil war.
    I hope that the US Armed Services are going to help to hold our country together.We are a resiliant people ,and we have survived many close elections.Once in the recent past,Vice President Gore actually won the election ,but our Supreme Court delivered the Presidency to his opponent,President George W.Bush.The disappointed Democratic Party didn’t disrupt the country.We took the loss ,which was really a win,and moved forward together ,as a nation .


  7. Its Nothing i’n sure. You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists.

  8. Following response to your PIR’s, based on previous decades (arghh) of same:

    1. Authentic. CJCS published this in Joint Forces Quarterly back in July. Link here.

    2. This type of message, reinforcing both the obligation to remain outwardly neutral (as further reinforced by annual “ethics” training) and the civic opportunities of service members when in their role as citizens, is quite common.

  9. Bob Dobolina

    The article pop sup in numerous places with a quick google search such as:

    These go back to July and August of 2016. The nature of the message is interesting given the current political environment and the already swarming rumors of the current president having some excuse for not transferring power. At the same time the same accusation of presidents planning on not handing over power have been staples of the last few presidencies.
    We will find out in short order if there is any deep implications in this message 9/11 is not far off.

  10. If it is authentic it is highly unusual, in fact as a former member of the US Army, I will state unequivocally that I never heard anything like it from any other CJCS. I find it interesting that they feel the need to state this publicly.

  11. “It ain’t over ’till it’s over”.

  12. May or may not be authentic.

    Is always true.

  13. ALCON,

    Dunford. He’s a flag officer. He’s a political hack. He can only be trusted to do what is in HIS best interests.

    Let your conscience be your guide.

    • Even so, the photo seems as he has something in
      his mouth which he has been chewing, but maybe
      it is getting harder to swallow?

      “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

    • He only gets to remain a flag officer, and became Chairman of the JCS, because he knows whose dick to suck. It is special that he references the Constitution when he has NO interest in honoring his oath to same. May he burn in hell where he belongs for his treason. Hopefully fragging has not gone out of style in today’s army.

  14. is this the Praetorians indicating dey down wid our very own GayMullatoIslamicist ?

  15. The military has been intensely politicized and used as a political pawn. Where was the CJCS then?

  16. thesouthwasrght

    I pretty much have no use nor respect for any officer above a lt col bc of the politics and ball washing it took to get there. And if it’s a general of any sort? Pretty much guaranteed stool pigeon shit bag. There are no Forrests, nor Pattons, nor Pershing in this person’s (can’t be man’s as y’all well know) military.

    My fave is that yankee Gump general Kelly that is on FOX all the time beating the globalist war drum. I get to dancing around in front of the tv hollering for him to pack up his own shit and head on out if it’s so important. Quit lining your 214 with the blood and sacrifice of other people’s youngins fuckhead. God I hate him and all like him.

    I truly wish America would quit sending it’s kids off to the military so these assholes can get them killed and maimed for not a damned thing beyond advancing their own careers.

  17. thesouthwasrght

    Editing my earlier comment to Keane. General Keane. Dunno where “kelly” came from.


    If you click that link it will take you to the JCS home website, and on the right side you’ll see a little window regarding social media. As of the time of my research (25OCT2016 1928 CST) the window shows a link to the link that was provided for analysis in this blog post. So yes, it is authentic.

    2. When I was in the Army we were notified often enough to know that we were not allowed to go to rallies and protests in uniform. As far as receiving messages over social media from the JCS, that isn’t something I recall. However, this appears to be Gen. Dunford’s first blog post on that “Medium” website, or whatever it’s called, so I expect stuff like this to become more common.

    Do I get an ‘A’? Lol

  19. As a historian, a quick look at the dividing US Army in 1860 will give insights, but I doubt it will be as clean and clear this next time. I would say veterans are the source of any resistance to the NWO ProgreSSive Tyranny of obamy-hilarity-bush. The active duty will follow orders initially with some defections only after rumors of brutal pogroms spread.
    To predict further than a Yugoslavia style confusion is fiction.
    But, hey what do I know, I’ve never served in the military. JROTC and Vietnamese history steered my life’s journey a different direction. Our foreign wars seem more contrived by NWO Oligarchs than American vital interests.
    I do appreciate the sacrifices made by our military, but I think they and we have been betrayed. Trump claims he wants to drain the swamp in DC, I support that, by any means necessary, and maybe by Nov 9 we will know how voting works out. After that I don’t see how much acceptance the vote will bring. It may just be the spark that the election of 1860 proved to be.
    Many civilians are looking to our veterans for leadership.

    • Your saying that for a person to predict further than Yugoslavian style confusion is fiction, is a bit weak. People there got a lot more than confused- a whole lot of them got dead.

      Maybe all of the future is fiction in our individual heads. I see bloody Yugoslavia in FUSA, before too long. Fiction or not, nobody is ready. Not us, and not the other people.
      Sci-Fi readers (I’m not one) appear to me to have an edge in the future, due to developed mental flexibility.

      Your likening of this election, and the 1860 one as both being sparkers, might be a good bet.

      • On Yugoslavia “Confusion”, I should have been clearer to say the “Aftermath”. They had a 3 way civil war, we would be so “lucky’. count the factions and then probable shifting alliances……sheesh, confusion doesn’t even come close to describing the circling firing squad.
        What will the USSA end up dissolving into? There is the future fiction. Increasing violence is more than Possible, and is a Probable headed towards a Definite.
        It’s called Pre-pare for a reason. All the best my friend.

  20. That was authentic. However, Swabbie Joe Dunford seems to have missed the boat. The Corps, as well as the rest of the services, ARE politicized, and have been for a long time. I recall over the years the pro forma “PME” sessions where we all signed in and signed off on keeping our opinions to ourselves.
    As a GO, if he is not self aware enough to know, or is so self deluded to believe that he is not a political animal… well, we are screwed.
    Would we rather have a Lemnitzer/LeMay, or what we have as a crop of perfumed princes? I know what I choose.
    If he honestly thinks the forces are apolitical, how then does he square the circle of the head of DIA? That math does NOT add up. Just look at who and what intertwine in the mists of time on that. Then, think about the quality and value of “Intel”. It is a prime reason why Putin laughs his ass off every day, and 2x on Sunday.

  21. I’ll call shenanigans. Reasons being:
    1. The CJS has his own site to post stuff like this. It’s
    2. There is no link to that blog from ANY official DoD source that I’ve been able to find.
    3. The #1 priority doesn’t actually line up with Dunford’s #1 priority, which is to restore Joint Readiness.
    4. Joe Dunford is very conscious about including DoD civilians in any reference to the services, i.e. “Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Civil Servants”, this lacks that reference.
    5. Normal protocol for the big guns with stars put a pic of themselves on something they use their official photo.
    6. Too many inconsistencies to have been written by an official source. Example: In the photo credits it switches between using correct titles of address for rank such as SPC for Specialist, but then switches to SGT 1st Class for SFC. Really shoddy work.

    If it is factual then Joe Dunford needs to can his XO and ADC because this is some seriously sloppy shit.

  22. It’s code talk for not wanting his upper commanders to act on the marching orders/agenda of the next POTUS; the upper echelons of the military already believe they know what the outcome of the election will be.

    They have their own HUMINT and political science assets.

    He is telling his commanders to use operational “kegal exercises” until 9 Nov..

  23. Dennis Garoutte

    Its all about the math, we are many, they are few, it’s a big country, they know it and so should you.

  24. “Remain calm! All is well!!”
    Message received, Buddyf*cker Dunford.
    Now toddle off, count your bag of silver, and see to knotmaking the noose in Potter’s Field.

  25. It’s interesting to go back and look at the origins of the Civil War. I asked a friend who’s a CW buff what marked the start of the conflict was and he said “Ft. Sumter”. Well this is the conventional date for the start of hostilities, that is when angry words turned to bullets and bombs.

    But there was another point that seems even more significant to me.

    But before Ft. Sumter could occur the State had to secede and be in rebellion. And that began immediately following the election of Abraham Lincoln. Many in the South felt that it was simply unacceptable for their states to be ruled by such a man, and the secession resolutions began.

    By inauguration day 7 States had left the Union.

    This should serve as a reminder that the election of a very polarizing figure is as likely to be the start of things as the end. Trump’s comments on his willingness to concede defeat and the rigged nature of elections certainly put out there a scenario when Nov 9 is not the day after the election, but the first day of the post-election, with whatever that entails being hard to say right now.

    Clearly many in the South felt that they could not abide by a Lincoln presidency because it offended their honor, and the honor of their States. Many people now a days don’t really adhere to an honor code, their is much more of a willingness to let insults slide. Dueling is no longer socially acceptable. But there is still, particularly among Red State citizens, the remnants of an honor culture, a culture that does not take personal insults lightly, does not accept being called racist, misogynistic, xenophobic and deplorable lightly.

    One might term these people the “irredeemables”, as Hillary did. History shows that people who have been belitttled and talked down to may well find a way to resist their tormentor, even after the election has supposedly settled the matter. Let’s hope so.