Totally Not Rigged


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Referenced Fox News story [H/t to the WRSA reader who saw this story was datelined 2014. Mea culpa…]


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  1. FrozenPatriot

    I don’t mean to take away from the egregiousness of the incident, but the linked story is dated 2014…

    • Noted. Thanks for catch.

      • CA;
        Here in SE Georgia early voters are reporting that Trump votes are moving to Clinton. Some voters have caught it and ask poll staff to assist and they have been able to void the ballot before hitting the cast ballot button. They were then able to redo the ballot and have it stick on Trump.
        I have not seen this for myself but have gotten two reports from reliable sources. I will be early voting next week and will send my observations.
        Regards, overhill

  2. Heard somewhere a republican Michigan State Senator went to vote and watched his vote changed to democrat.

  3. The definition of Calibration Error is “Malice.”

    Just keep Voting.


  4. unimportant. The Dead Elephants have stuffed so many high EV states with so much imported ethnic cheap labor, cheap labor that votes “Left”, they can no longer win in the EC. Good riddance. To them and Trump.

    • Haxo for the win. This trend is coming to your state soon and taking Texas down in 2024 or 2028 at the latest resulting in taking the country down permanently.

  5. Try googling: Kennedy Nixon voting irregularities in Chicago.

    Nothing new under the sun.

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  7. this one s dated today. in texas. there will be others. just more stuff to bring up at the trial later.

  8. How come I’ve never heard about a voting machine that changes votes to Republican? If they were suffering from calibration errors at least one would be the other way , right?

  9. this is becoming a rampant issue down here in the lone star state.

    CA – i hope ALL your readers, if they chose to participate in this charade double check everything

  10. We vote by mail, I’ve already voted. Any second term senator or congressman, did not get my vote, no constitutional,amendments were supported and nothing that was a tax, was supported.

    My wife hand delivered our votes to the county election clerk. Who we have known for 20 years.

    I feel good about my vote counting, by hand delivering to the court house, we circumvented any opportunity for the mail man to simply throw our ballots in a ditch as was recently reported.

    This election is the MOST important vote I’ve ever participated in.

    Does my vote actually count, fuck if I know, I did my part, I can look in the mirror, and say frankly that IF Hilary is elected it wasn’t with the support of our families votes.