TOWR: Undercover Agent & Informant Manual


You will see this material again.

Don’t be That Guy.

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  1. Commandment #15 damn sure applies to those being surveilled too!

    Keep the sobering thought in mind that by now ALL of us hitting WRSA are on some list or lists and we are being surveilled at this very moment.

    • Surely the folks that post here are already aware of this. This is typically not the first site one visits after jumping down this rabbit hole. We all need a reminder anyway.

  2. is the link to the document, in color (same 2007 version) without any signing up for anything. DO go over to Kit Perez’s site… there is much goodness happening there.

  3. Can someone with a secure browser grab this thing and post it for those of us that don’t?
    Thanks, Mgmt.

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  5. The perception of importance. Many kinds of informants out their, all with a different psychology. Some, are ” do gooders” some are “paid informants” some are” working a beef off” some are ” duty bound”

    And the one psychology that fits EVERYBODY is simply this. The perception of self importance. When an important person with a shiny badge, asks for help, or to share what one knows, the self importance kicks in, an opportunity to share ones thoughts, and understanding of specific crimes, or events, or overviews of events.

    Ones ability to share THEIR knowledge of who, what, where, when why and how, an event or crime went down or is orginized.

    If your involved in a group, no matter if it’s political, criminal, a social club, or sporting assn, then at some level your group is penetrated. People talk, people LOVE to talk. Everybody wants to be important, ” their 10 minutes of fame.

    People love to be asked their view, their ideology, and how to, make or break something.

    Most informants don’t even know their informants, in their mind their just sharing non sensitive info. Most don’t realize that the small part of the picture they pain, is then added and confirmed via others talking.
    Eventually a very detailed overview is available.

    For you cop haters here, your a fool if you underestimate the abilities of any enforcement agency.

    A trained investigator can ask the same question ten times of an informant, with slight modification each time, and the answer is going to change ten times, generally.

    Who, what, where, when , why, and how, are the specific questions that need identification. Many times only one of the before mentioned questions is identified, during a off contact. A name, an address/location, and ideology.

    With one small “Tip” an investigation can be launched, first co oberation is conducted for merit, of Intel. Often times many months go by before the second piece of the puzzle is discovered and confirmed.

    Due diligence here, retired Leo, and I have never seen a fellow officer being dishonest. Truth of the matter is, a good investigator, basically ” milks ” an informant or criminal, in a very logical and detailed manner. Point being the police don’t have to lie. Going in they already have a very clear understanding of the W’s. And are just cleaning up, polishing their Intel, their investigation.

    Lastly, trust your gut. Every informant every UC, has a tell, might be suttle but they have a tell.

    An example I recently got jammed at the LaVoy Finnicum rally in Bend Oregon. I’ve never been involved in a protest ever. I felt compelled to,go to and support the rally this past summer, I can’t condone a cover up. I dam sure can’t support the murder of a man, after physically watching THEIR own evidence videos.

    The fucking police should have been the first to step forward and demand justice. Shot three times in the back, after being lead to the murder site, by a paid FBI informant. Their is so much wrong with this flawed and shameful investigation.

    While at this rally, I/ We were approached by a camera crew, who went into great depth about their neutrality, and only wanted the truth. I physically had to laugh.

    These guys went way way overboard selling their cover. They were parked in a private stores parking lot that had been cordoned off, yet they were not jammed by Bend PD, for parking their.

    As I watched the crowd, I noted many oddities, but blew it off, as I’ve never been to an event like this, unless on duty, and then just to keep the peace.

    Based on the numbers coming out of the Bundy trial, and an understanding of the unreal amounts of money pumped into this investigation, I would not be surprised to learn that ten in this crowd were Leo, and fed’s.

    Frankly I didn’t give a shit. I was their to protest the murder of an Innocent man, Lavoy Finnicum.

    If I could give sound advise here, it’s simple watch your six. And understand this, EVERYTHING you say WILL now be used against you. We The People are now the enemy of our govt. we are a threat to the infastructure, for simply believing in our founding documents.

    Dirk Williams

    • I had “reporters” allegedly from a newspaper from a city six hundred miles away want to take my picture outside of a gun show some years back.



    No more rallies. No more meetings. No more rosters of membership or mailing lists. Keep your cards close to your vest. Plan. Prepare. Observe. Keep silent. Be friendly but non-committal. When YOU decide to kick things up a notch, make sure all your bases are covered and you have a Plan B. Bleib ubrig, my friends.