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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. It appears “they” have deduced that their girl is about to lose big time and the Trump Express is about to run over their collective asses, and if they want to have a job past November 8, they best try to make amends with America.

    To which I say TOO LATE SLIMES!!

    Take Back America, Good People

    • Heard on radio somewhere that HilLIARy had sent ~$1billion of her foundation cash to Qatar.
      An exit plan as her internal polls show her losing ?

  3. It’s a pity that our societies have foregone the ritual of “duelling”.

    I expect that there’d be a whole lot fewer despicable types at large … especially politicians and their lackeys.

    Hmmm …. thinking….

    • It’s all just too much; the very idea of watching the executions on live TV!

      One can dream at least.

    • Cowardly lying criminals don’t duel.
      If they did we wouldn’t be where were are right now.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Wouldn’t help much – dueling had very strict codes, and was generally only available to the nobles; commoners being considered to have either no honor, or far less honor than a noble. At the very least, the combatants had to be of relatively equal social status (again – there had to be a similar level of honor involved). A noble could not give affront to a commoner, and any commoner who gave affront to a noble was simply punished. Thus, no mundane would ever be permitted to challenge an elite, and no elite would ever deign to challenge a mundane.

  4. Funny that. Really? Kindness and respect? How about disrupting Trump rallies, assaulting Trump supporters, calling them a “basket of deplorables”? Yeah – I’d call that kindness and respect. And I’m not even a Trump supporter. The bar has been lowered – for this election – so low that a snake could slither over it. With ease…

    You know what I love about Liberals? It’s the way they can, with a straight face, tell you the sky isn’t blue. It’s really pink, And THEY BELIEVE IT! I peruse the comments accompanying a lot of “news articles” and opinion pieces. The Lib trolls are always condescending, smug, arrogant, and belittling. Pretty much bullying. They skip the issues, and go straight to the name calling, and denigrating. I mean really, have they drank THAT MUCH Koolaid that they could, with good conscience, vote for Hillary?

    Meanwhile, the Trump supporters don’t do themselves any favors. Their grammar is atrocious (the Libs jump all over that, because – you know – they’re so sophisticated and well-bred – while the Trump supporters are trailer trash rednecks), their arguments frequently fall back on their religious beliefs (which can’t be proven one way or the other), and often sound racist (which the Libs are just WAITING to hear so they can tee off on them).

    It’s a clusterf**k of epic proportions, and it’s not going to end well. If Hillary wins, the Trump supporters will be livid. And righty so. Yeah – she’s going to steal the election (with help from the DOJ, the MSM, and anyone else who thinks they can gain personally from her election). Will they rebel? Probably not. They’re probably in debt up to their ears, and ‘need’ to keep their jobs. On the other hand, if Trump wins, I expect to see riots in all the major cities. By ‘people of color’. Who oddly enough are unemployed. Go ahead, call me a ‘racist’. I really don’t care at this point about your precious feelings.

    Our country is going to hell. It almost seems like it’s by design, doesn’t it?

    Well, that’s enough for now. Gotta get some sleep.

    Thanks for letting me vent!

  5. Posted on her tweet: @OnMessageForHer YGBFSM! You, who have called us irredeemably deplorable? Sorry, your mask has dropped. There is no going back for you.

    • The @OnMessageForHer twitter account is a satire account. Go back and read some of it. You blasted the wrong account.

  6. Exactly. Fuck you and the Washington Post.

  7. Well spoken. But did you know, that if you’re a cripple, like me, you can head butt a motherfucker from the MSM and get away with it? All you gotta do is claim you stumbled. Snicker.

  8. Just keep sharpening the machete.
    Gas up the back-hoes.
    We got work to do.

  9. So now, the DOJ says that it is illegal to intimidate the voting riggers by exposing them; and the media is silent. Filming Planned Parenthood selling baby parts warrants an indictment and the media cheers, and a few people hurt the medias’ feelings and it’s front page news……

    Sadistic thoughts are surfacing in the minds of peaceful people.

    Tar and Feathers as a minimum !

    • Do you STILL understand that you will accomplish NOTHING until the Praetorian Guard decide they chose the wrong career?

      Do you STILL not understand what it will take to get them to make that choice?

  10. Jimmy the Saint

    To quote one of the Scottish lords from Braveheart: “I’d say that was rather less cordial than he was used to.”

  11. There will be blood!