Ammon and Ryan Bundy, 5 Others Not Guilty

Ammon Bundy leads a prayer in an office at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon January 6, 2016.   REUTERS/Jim Urquhart

OregonLive: Jury finds all Oregon standoff defendants not guilty of federal conspiracy, gun charges; Ammon Bundy held on Nevada detainer as his lawyer is subdued and tased by US marshals

KOIN-TV: US Marshals Tackle Bundy Attorney After Verdict Read

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KGW-TV: Bundy’s attorney tackled by US Marshals during heated argument with judge


A supporter holds out a copy of the constitution after hearing a verdict outside federal court in Portland, Ore., Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016. A jury exonerated brothers Ammon and Ryan Bundy and five others of conspiring to impede federal workers from their jobs at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. (AP Photo/Don Ryan)




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  1. Marlo Stanfield

    News flash! Quit dying on the wrong battle fields.

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  2. WhiskeytangoFoxtrot

    I needed this today. Finally some good news.

  3. Exploded heads all over the SPLC offices, need a cleanup on isle 3, 4, 5… eff it, just mop the floor…


    I think this is a good thing. However, these folks still have a long way to go before The Leviathan is through with them. They still have charges pending in Reidland. At least, as long as we have Jury Nullification, we have a fighting chance. I am surprised that in a totally crazy Blue Hive like Portlandia there are even enough sane people to sit on a jury, let alone understand the cancerous fascism that is the United States Government. I hope they spit in Harry’s eye when they stand trial in the Silver State.
    Now, let us not be so elated that we forget the fiasco in Burns and the murder of Mr. Finicum. Let us all burn into our brains the absolute criminality present within federal police agencies and their dupes and lickspittles who wear state police and sheriffs badges. Keep your cards close to your vest. Trust no one. Speak very little. Look and listen quite a lot. Intell, recon, preps, PT, and prayer are still the order of the day. Bleib ubrig.

  5. Didn’t see that coming

  6. All lives matter before the Lord God Almighty.

    So does the behavior of those in possession of those lives.

    For each soul, there is a choice.

  7. I saw this come across RT an hour or so ago. Thank God. Though I thought their actions were stupid, I’m incredibly relieved that they are free for the time being. I never expected they would be released. The feds now have a serious problem. They have a martyr in Finicum and are clearly painted as the enemy to the people. The optics are terrible for the feds especially after tasing the attorney. What a cluster.

  8. Stealth Spaniel

    Aren’t those Fed Marshalls so brave? I mean, one attorney with no weapon and it took all of them to tase, jump on, and handcuff this pasty white guy. I know what it means to feel safe!
    Let me see if I have this straight: neither of the Bundy’s have been CONVICTED OF ANY CRIME, yet they must remain in jail because sometime next year, they MIGHT GO TO TRIAL IN ANOTHER STATE. Neither the Nazis, Stalin’s Henchmen, or any Medieval Royalty could do better.
    Let’s all stand up and sing This is My Country.

  9. The takeaway from the Oregon occupation is that once again Federal thugs got away with murder and obstruction of justice in refusing to release all evidence. The Oregon State Police were complicit. They are above the law.

    We do NOT need another King. We need a divorce.

    • “We do NOT need another King.”

      Till Jesus come.

      “We need a divorce.”

      No. Proper execution of justice against traitors at every level.

  10. FrozenPatriot

    Prayers answered. Praise God! And thanks to all involved in the defense and to CA for the updates.

  11. Lundy’s attorney was right, Fed’s can’t hold him without an arrest warrant–but the acquittal was miraculous enough! Kudos to the Jury!

  12. Hell, this was the best case for the Gov. Nevada is a shit-storm of a trial for the feds, what with them killing cows and such (The cows were harmless. Levoy was armed and pissed off). Portland has a radical left wing jury pool. Nevada is a bunch of pissed off ranchers. The gov was hoping for a conviction here and then getting a plea bargain from the defeated defendants on the Nevada charges. I’m guessing the gov will drop charges or plea bargain to a low misdemeanor to avoid devastating discovery into the BLM’s behavior before and during the stand off. The charge in Nevada is stealing grass from turtles by not paying their grazing fees.
    My criticism of the Bundy’s actions in Oregon were because they were so stupid. Many have already plead to felonies and a trial like this is wildly expensive. I imagine among the defendants, many have lost houses, cars, jobs, all their guns and some families have broken up. But I don’t see an evil man or action among the whole bunch. Just a bunch of confused and angry men who are stunned at how Amerika turned out. I, like many, am stunned at this verdict. I thought they were going down.

    • It’s almost ancient history now but the Randy Weaver trial was even more disastrous for the government. One can only hope but signs like these may well indicate the ‘Sagebrush Rebellion’ is still in play.

    • “I’m guessing the gov will drop charges or plea bargain to a low misdemeanor to avoid devastating discovery into the BLM’s behavior before and during the stand off. ”

      Plead to nothing. Make the feds turn over all discovery. Make the feds expose themselves. Have defense attorneys send out discovery demands that are pages long and go deep into the upper echelons and force the feds to name names.

  13. It is unheard of that an FBI RAC/SAC, is soundly spanked in a federal court of law, like this. It is like seeing a unicorn that a Federal prosecutor looses a case. These cock suckers cherry pick what they prosecute. If their isn’t a 98% chance of a win, they don’t take the case.

    Even stacking the deck with what 15 snitches, the citizens on the jury panel,saw thru the federal bullshit. Judge Anna Brown did her best to destroy these men, and their legal rights.

    At the end of the day, LavoyFinicum is still dead, according to this case for a lawful action.

    His murder’s now need to be held accountable. This AQUITTAL changes all the facts, we now need to learn which snitch provided the pistol LaVoy was carrying. ” I,don’t believe for a second LaVoy would knowingly carry a stolen pistol” period., much less to,a,meeting with a county sheriff.

    This entire case is unraveling quickly. HRT, and OSP, need to be forced into sworn testimony for violating LaVoy and associates civil rights, ending in his death. Let me say this again CIVIL RIGHTS.

    Each then needs to be tried in a court of law. Upon conviction sent to prison for murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Trust me their bosses will throw each of these shit bag agents and troopers under the bus, if it even looks like the winds a changing. They will not go,down, someone at FBI and OSP has a paper trail, for THIS rainy day event. This is a HUGE kick in the nuts to both agencies.

    Deshutes county sheriffs office, also needs to,be jammed. A review of their investigation is clearly done in a manner consistent with entering the investigation with a pre determined conclusion.

    Most don’t know this, but the DCSO and the Bend FBI, SHARE an office. ” different floors” pretty cozy.

    Heads need to roll, accountability for these dirt bag fucking agents and troopers. We the people deserve to be represented by a higher standard of employee.

    Finally the govonor of Oregon and each entity who is involved in the email chain need to he deposed, and held accountable. Shake the pole som ones hiding something.

    Would not be surprised to see this end up in the Oregon gov office, and in the white house.



  14. Pray for Jake Ryan. His trial isn’t due until February. Hopefully the Feds will wise up and drop the whole thing.

  15. MichiganderJim

    I’m mighty happy for them, best of rotten alternatives. Too bad most of the pros and tough guys already found them guilty, for want of tactical savvy. But they stood. Which is more important?

    You asked about hierarchy, General. There it is.

    • Jim, I’m guilty as charged. After 25 years as a police officer, I would have never thought this great victory possible. Our govt did their very best to railroad good people. I still think the occupation was a hair brained idea, that’s just one mans view. ,

      This verdict was a huge blow to the injustice coming out of DC. You can be sure that the lights were on late into the night. This single Acquittal, is a HUGE blow to this corrupt Govt.

      This court case will resonate throughout our nation, it’s going to be interesting to see how DOJ, and the whotehouse spin this.”

      A great day for freedom fighters and patriots.


      • MichiganderJim

        The great day for freedom will be when men realize their lives don’t depend on someone else.

      • MichiganderJim

        “This verdict was a huge blow to the injustice coming out of DC.”

        That’s some funny shit right there. Why would this be?

        • Well Jim, when your the big dog on the block, your use to having your way, by hook or crook. When a jury kicks the big dog in the nuts, like the Portland jury just did, first reaction is to menace those that challenge your power structure. Which they did,

          They assaulted the defense attorney, and tazed him. After the court came to its sense, they QUICKLY released the attorney from jail, recognizing that not only courtroom observers witnessed the assault, but the very jury who shoved the bullshit case up the govt ass, also witnessed the assault on The defense attorney.

          So when/if the defense attorney chooses to file suit, or when if this goes to court, I’m thinking that roughly 100 witnesses are going to testify, that the defense attorney was exercising his first amendment rights, by demanding the release of his client.

          The judge who was clearly shook up by the verdict, and those G men who were shocked by the verdict, did what they do right in front of God and those 100 ish witnesses.

          Those Marshalls, 5 of them surrounded the defense attorney, physically grabbed the defense attorney, forced the defense attorney to the group, and tazed him at least one time. While he stood arguing, not throwing things or threatening the judge ot the Marshalls.

          All for doing his job, which he clearly did a fantastic job of defending those indicted on false charges, of which the jury just acquitted all of the defendants of.

          Their reaction was predictable, like I said when your the big dog, nobody gets to kick you in the nuts, in your dog house. Poor choices have been made from day one, by the attorney general.
          at the end of the day the govt will,have spent 20/40 million of the tax payers money, saving We The People from ourselves. Specifically regarding this case.

          A jury has in effect, affirmed ghost snipers observation of ” nullification”

          The big dog in Portland and DC, continue to waste our tax dollar, digging themselves a hole, which in the end they will not be able to overcome.

          As in Idaho at the Weavers, and in Waco, our big dog govt continues to assume that We The People are STILL asleep at the switch. That they can do as they please, when they please.

          Those days are over, the relationship between a subservient people and a totalitarian govt, are slipping day by day. The people are awaking within america, the big dogs attempt via the media to keep us focused on silly shit like black lives matter, is a joke, it is the dog and pony show.

          Washington is having emergency meets to discredit, and blame anybody but them. Their attempting to,determine exactly who to thro under the bus.

          Something changed, and they know it. They are not use to being challenged, in fact the murdered a man over it, assuming their will would be afforded after the jury, yesterday, returned a verdict of guilty.

          The big dog is not happy right now, and will try to suppress or spin this outcome.

          Of course their is a consequence regarding our actions. But I’ll leave your question here.

          Dirk Williams

  16. So, which armchair generals will say ‘maybe not so stupid after all’?

    • Matthew Wilbanks

      Not me. I’m as glad as any with the verdict, but that doesn’t change the fact that what they did and how they did it was deceitful, lacked any semblance of planning or personal vetting and was tactically unsound. You ever hear the saying, “Wrong process, right results”? They got lucky. Now, any strategist will tell you luck is quite often an important but unquantifiable component, but that doesn’t mean you rely on it.

  17. Great.


    Lesson #2: Don’t re-do what they did.

    Anyone paying mind to what’s going on in North Dakota? A little more ‘violent non-violent’ going on from the Anarcho-Green crowd.

  18. The feds will keep persecuting Bundy Et. All. until they put them in prison or the ground. This isn’t over by a damn sight.

  19. Simply astoundingly good news.

    I agree with what others have said.

  20. This is just wonderful news!
    Jury nullification happened to day, it is a great sign.
    No matter how rigged the system is it the dirt people who prevail.
    Probably the only thing not rigged against the people in the entire Oregon and Nevada federal thuggery was the jury.
    That says everything.

  21. There will be another trial in order to get the outcome the feds want.

  22. The New York Times article’s comments are comedy gold.

    It is a nice victory; I hope it is not the last.

  23. …”against powers and principalities…”

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  24. wealthy farmer

    1) This is a MAJOR spanking for the Federal Bureau of Entrapment and the AG. In Portland, no less, possibly the MOST liberal jurisdiction in the entire country. Analysis: big currents of dissent and resistance are moving under the surface of the body politic, like a strong rip tide….

    2) The uniforms in the courtroom literally LOST THEIR MINDS when the verdict was announced and TAZED the defense attorney in OPEN COURT! UNHEARD OF! This shit doesn’t even happen in Guatemala or Burkina Faso….

  25. Shinmen Takezo

    Yes JURY NULIFICATION was at play here.
    And it is very surprising to see if work in a commie state/commie capital such as Portland Oregon.

    Next round of trials for Bundy/s will be in Nevada–along with their father.

    People there are of a very conservative bent when it comes to THUGFOR.

    The Bundy’s actions at Bunkerville will now be judged.

    This is the place the liberty movement pushed in all their chips two years ago over Bunkerville–but the poker hand is still not over. Back then we only go some of the players at the table to fold and run–but the one main player remains to be spanked.

    I blogged my fingers off regarding a highly organized FIJA protest/awarness surrounding the court facalities–of which only a smattering of people were present in Portland.

    I am suggesting now that there be a massive FIJA effort during the jury selection portion of this trial that will unfold in Las Vegas. It is the perfect place for such an effort wth all the inexpensive accomodations, cheap airfares, easily obtained food and central, tight location of the trial venue in Las Vegas.

    The fight at Bunkerville is not over–not yet.

    It is not over until THUGFOR is completely embarrased and sent home to sulk.

    No matter is you think the Bundy family are a bunch of dopes or what, it is time to rally around them one more time in a massive show of force in a FIJA effort and to back-down THUGFOR as was done in Portland yesterday.

  26. Despite the locals having told Bundy et al to “F*** off and go home!” amidst their antics, a jury of Portlandites has even less use for the Fibbies and associated feds than they do for the halfwit brothers from NV. Huzzah.
    Hopefully that’s a bellwether for how people will decide things a week from Tuesday.

    How lucky for most of the defendants, who will now only be out several months of their lives, and several tens of thousands of dollars for their legal defense. If you scroll back through comments when their takedown went down, I said jury nullification was the thing to hope for. A snottier judge, or a more urban jury pool, and this would have gone entirely bad all around. (I wouldn’t hold out hopes that a Las Vegas jury won’t be drawn from welfare-check collecting urban diversity types, who aren’t nearly as likely to see things the Bundys’ way, come their turn to deliberate. Time will tell.)

    Meanwhile, zombie Finicum was quoted outside the courthouse saying “WHAT THE F***! You mean if I’d have simply tossed the keys outside the truck and come out with my hands up that day, I’d be alive and home with my family today??!? I’m such a SCHMUCK!!”

    For the armchair legal scholars, Finicum’s death does not become actionable murder simply because the jury could recognize relatively harmless jackassery at Malheur from the camo-clad clowns of Y’All Qaeda (and their 15+ paid federal informant-provocateurs) as something vastly different than terrorist conspiracy. But acting like a spastic headless chicken in the presence of armed officers with guns drawn at a felony stop, is Felony Stupid. In this case, terminally so.

    Despite this providential ending for most of the defendants, the lesson to avoid this sort of halfwitted assclownery in the future remains. There won’t always be a jury of tree-hugging tofu-slurping Portland whackjobs to stick their thumb in the eye of Boss Fed when your turn comes, and hanging your future on such a thin whisker is far more likely to buy you a lifelong ticket to Club Fed, or Potter’s Field.

    It also shows, exactly like the recent spate of sightings across the country, that just because you show up looking like an evil clown in public, brandishing weapons, it doesn’t mean you’re actually up to no good. It just proves you’re an idiot.

  27. More on the US Marshal’s riot in the court room. The judge ordered them to stand down, they ignored her order.

  28. A win for the good guys? Not so much. doesn’t give a rat’s ass about adhering to ‘the law’ or court rulings – which means you still don’t have enough ammo.

  29. The response by the USMS after this verdict is just a glimpse of the true nature of our government and the shitbag thugs they hire to perpetrate violence at their behest. Never met a bully, badged or not, who wasn’t a fucking coward, deep down… You shitlords keep telling yourselves you’re the good guys, the rest of America knows what you really are and it shines like a diamond in a goats ass via every single action you take. Ever wonder why the ONLY friends you have are other pigs?….. Here’s a hint, cocksuckers, it’s the thin blue line philosophy YOU created. Reap it, motherfuckers.