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  1. The problem is that the majority of the people in this country want none of those things. They are only interested in the “free” stuff they can get from the government. The years of socialist indoctrination have worked well.

  2. actually matt is incorrect, God is/was the foundation for this country and everything else. I know some disagree with that, I might refer you to read books by fellow astrophysicist hugh ross.

    • Astrophysics, and other cosmic sciences either beg the question, or prove the answer… Creation must have a Creator.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Sadly, it doesn’t follow that any Creator has to be sane or benevolent, though.

        • That’s one of your more silly and flippant remarks, Jmmy..

          The immensity of the grand design of the universe is so far beyond our ken that for u7s to judge it as “insane” is simply laughable.

      • yep, I have pondered stuff like that. could be possible that the entire universe is a spec of something larger; gets mind blowing; but then I watch some news of Haillary and decide a beer or 6 and baseball is better use of my time.

  3. There is no “rubble,” ruin, lie, ideology, philosophy or any other obfuscation which can “bury” God, His Righteousness or His Judgement.

    Judgement… remember well and consider your choices.

    • And who is the Father of all lies and seduction?


      And who is it that whispers to the heart of Man that he is supreme and master of destiny?


      And which characteristic of Man is most prey to such deceit?


      What’s the over/under on satan/ego being at the nexus of ALL our problems?

      • I of course can’t say it or be hanged myself, but I’d put money down that islam is satan’s deal. makes sense. goes off on anything not islam, seems to invite those who like to inflict violence on others and is looking to bring about an immense conflict. sure, the Christians believe in armageddon too, but they’re not trying to bring it on to get jesus here asap.

      • Boom. So simple, yet so far from so many.

    • Living Stones, Altars of Sacrifice comes
      when knowing that The Kingdom of God
      is at hand – At Hand.
      When people gather not forsaking, they,
      as I heard the other day – “Meat Space,”
      establishes the church in flesh, as Living
      When one or more struggles, to help strengthen,
      not weaken, through sacrifice, that love is being a
      Sacrificial Altar.

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

      Are Christians Idiots?
      [audio src="http://hisholychurch.net/audio/2011btr-christianidiots2241435.mp3" /]

      • The earthly Kingdom of God is NOT at hand. It was 2,000 years ago, it will be again at some point in the future (maybe soon). Today however, the freely offered grace of God is at hand to anyone and everyone.

        Christians are not idiots, they are ignorant of what God says directly to them via the apostle Paul. They spend their time arrogantly studying what other men say about the Bible rather than studying the Words God Himself inspired. They fail to rightly divide truth from truth and wind up following the wrong doctrine for the wrong people. They read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John as if that were doctrine for today when it is not. If it were, none of us would be entering into the Kingdom if the words are read honestly.

        Ever had lustful thoughts about a woman? No Kingdom for you adulterers (Mat 5:28).

        Instructions for the Christian today are found in the revelations Christ made to the Apostle of the Gentiles (non-Jews), Paul. Romans through Philemon. 13 short epistles.

        2 Tim 2:15… “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

        Thank and praise God that while I was YET a sinner (adulterer, murderer, etc.) Christ died for me (Rom 5:8)!

  4. So it begins, Drudge is a present day Paul Revere.

  5. the next two weeks are critical. Is it possible even more citizens then we realized have had it,with a corrupt govt, and their fascist oligarchs.

    French Revolution? no,doubt the midnight oil is burning in DC. How can they NOT understand what just happened.

    The message from the jury is simply .your corrupt, and we are not putting up with it anymore. ANNA Brown is shaking to the bone. She is in deep shit, and she knows it.

    I don’t know if I’m happy, or even more focused on DC.

    Lastly if the actions of the Bundies was lawful in Oregon, case law was just made. I doubt that a jury in Nevada will find fault in ones defense of life and property.

    Sleep well, Justice did provail today. Thank god.


    • They understand in DC, but Evil knows only to go “Forward” to crush any dissent, other than the “useful idiot” variety. The propaganda has been laid on those ‘Bitter Clingers’, “Deplorables”, and the worst, the Irredeemables”.
      We can sleep well tonight, Justice had a brief outing of sunshine.
      But we are dealing with eternal evil, and it is upon us again, there will be many sleepless nights coming. Blood debts will have to be paid, by patriots and tyrants alike. Sleep well, tonight.

    • Don’t kid yourself.
      There’s a chasm the size of the Grand Canyon between lawful, and what the Bundys & Co. did.
      All the jury decision proves is that a dozen folks weren’t willing to sentence them to decades in federal pound-you-in-the butt prison for leading the nearest 21st century equivalent of the Children’s Crusade. That’s not the same as lawful.

      It will also have the perverse effect of making the next FBI SAIC far more likely to go for the armed confrontation/take no prisoners solution, to save embarrassing courtroom drama. And once MRAPs full of feds are rolling in, and rounds commence flying both ways, the difference between occupiers and terrorists, in the eyes of 300M of your friends and neighbors, isn’t capable of measurement with existing instrumentation.
      {cf. pyrhhic victory}

      • We now have another example of citizen activism in the demonstrations blocking a pipeline in the Dakotas. It occurred on Private Land and the owners requested the trespassers be removed. It occurred without violence by the Polezi, despite shots being fired at the officers. Sort of different from how LaVoy Finicum was dealt with on a public road going to a peaceful meeting. BTW, the Bundy’s were on “Public Land” at the Wildlife Refugee, but we all know Feral Gov. Land doesn’t belong to the peasants.
        Jury Nullification is Lawful and Necessary when dealing with Feral Thuggery.

  6. thesouthwasrght

    Been waiting for the inevitable knock on the door because we sent some money to Mrs Bundy during that time to help with her bills and such.

    • 5 years being the statues of limitations for most “offenses”; you should be in the clear very soon, or running a buffer in a FEMA camp.

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