More Than Two Months To Go Still


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8 responses to “More Than Two Months To Go Still

  1. Thanks for the critical content!

  2. When Commander Zero was inaugurated, the gloom around my head was like a thick gray fog. “What the hell do we do now”, I thought.
    Then I came across WRSA. What a lift! There are millions more in the fight for freedom now. The problems are not gone but the thick gray fog has lifted.
    You are a breath of fresh air for freedom lovers.
    But you are a substantial irritating thorn in the flesh of Leviathan.
    Thank you CA!

  3. Paraphrasing liberal nutbag but also co-star of one of the most iconic movies of 1970s America, smokey and the bandit’s sally field, “We like you, we really like you !”

  4. I have canceled my TV cable and now save $800 per year . I get all my news from the NET and your site is a great resource.

  5. Dude – 7 million in just this year? Wow! I stand in awe.
    I think I started reading here in ’09. Thanks for all the education.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. WRSA woke me from my slumber.

    To think just 3 years ago I was doing ride-alongs with some deputies…