Of Course There Are Muslims In The CIA Leadership


Doing otherwise would be intolerant.

(H/t MB via Twitter)

25 responses to “Of Course There Are Muslims In The CIA Leadership

  1. Of course there are Muslims in our government under the HMIC.

  2. DCI, is a political appointment, does ones religion really factor. The shot callers are the neocons, he’s their bitch, nothing more.


  3. Good article. Interesting.

  4. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/on-faith/is-british-monarch-defender-of-the-faith-or-faiths/2012/10/09/f222b72e-124b-11e2-9a39-1f5a7f6fe945_story.html

    “…Prince Charles, has said he’s planning a symbolic change if and when he becomes king by taking the title “Defender of Faith” or “Defender of the Faiths” to reflect Britain’s multicultural and multifaith society.

    That change would mean Charles would be the first monarch to not be the standard-bearer for Protestantism for the first time since Henry VIII famously broke from Rome to start his own church.”

    • The “Defender of [the Catholic] Faith” was bestowed upon King Henry VIII by Pope Leo X after Henry had written his “Defence of the Seven Sacrements” in 1521, which excoriated the numerous heresies of Luther. As far as I’m concerned, the title has been the “Defender of Heretics” ever since King Henry VIII started the Anglican church all so he could bang a new wife and chop the head off the old.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      There have long been rumblings that Chuckles is a Muzzie already.

  5. 4 out of 8 Supreme Court Justices are jews.

    There has not been a non-jew Federal Reserve Chairman since 1987.

    The children of both Clinton and Trump are married to jews.

    1.7% of Americans are jews.

    How about we send expel the jews and the muslims.

    • the woodsman

      I’m sure it’s just a cohencidence!

    • Then the Mormons. Then the atheists.

      With everyone else out of the way the Catholics and Protestants can get back to what they were doing before: killing each other.

    • Steve Kristmann

      Expel the ‘gov’ and it’s parasitic enablers and thugs.
      They’re the primary threat to Freedom and Liberty.

      IMHO, the moslems will be pushovers compared to them.
      Also, stop pushing ‘smackso the autistic collectivist klown’s’
      jew baiting bullshit..it doesn’t fly and will be actively rebuked.
      Don’t make me sic Ann Barnhardt on ya..she’ll rip ya a new one!

      Yours In Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

  6. Collectivists,Mooslims ,& Queer marriages.Not the Amerika I was born into 60yrs ago. Its Trump or the cartridge box.

  7. Re the subtitle: “After SHTF, somebody who has an army is going to figure out what to do with the randomly-scattered surviving ‘sovereign’ blobs of ‘rugged individuals.'” – WRSA Reader

    We all shoot back. -WRSA Reader, aka Me.

  8. “After SHTF, somebody who has an army is going to figure out what to do with the randomly-scattered surviving ‘sovereign’ blobs of ‘rugged individuals.'” – WRSA Reader

    And that’s why I’m funding an Army here on the Island…. 🙂

  9. You wonder why Mad Merkel is so pro rape refugee muslim? That’s because 60% of her military is Turkish muslims. Germany’s own men won’t protect their country. Germany, over the course of 25 years has imported thousands of Turks, who are apparently more willing to get off their asses and march a few miles and sleep out in the rain now and then, than Germany’s finest. Muslims now have the keys to thousands of tanks, fighter jets and helicopters, artillery, anti-aircraft missles, ect. Even if the Germans tried to take back their country, the muslims could slaughter them all. Political power is useless without the guns to back it up.
    This self genocide is something I’ve never seen in the history of mankind.

    • I’d be interested in seeing what the percentages actually are across Europe. The Muslim soldiers are definitely in Austria and France. Interesting enough that France no longer keeps records of religious affiliation in their military. There was also a mutiny among French Muslim sailors off Kosovo in 1999 who took an officer hostage.

  10. BUnDYS AQUITTED 1\2 hour ago.


  11. ALCON,

    There’s a moslem in the Oval Office and there is one here spewing his hatred regularly. Moslems in the CIA ? What’s your point. The moslem scum are everywhere. Right Haxo ?

  12. “After SHTF, somebody who has an army is going to figure out what to do with the randomly-scattered surviving ‘sovereign states’ blobs of ‘rugged individuals.‘”

    FIFY. At least in Texas we have both an army and an airforce not associated with the federealies.

  13. It’s probably nothing. Go about your normal activities.
    islam is a… no, THE religion of peace.

  14. And Communists! Don’t forget the Communists!