Well Played



12 responses to “Well Played

  1. Bwahahahahahahaha Serves ’em right!

  2. hocuspocus13


  3. Hey, wait a minute. Those Trump signs were put up by black women? And they were run over by a white guy?
    Isn’t that a racist hate crime?

  4. Penny Pincher

    Hunting in a baited field! LOL!

  5. Ha ha – excellent. Having it come from Black Women 4 Trump just makes it that much better.

  6. Use a longer board and 4″ deck screws, take out all 4 tires.

    • Yeah with some good wood screws not only would it puncture the tires, it would probably yank the board up into the wheel well. Now that would be funny. I’m just surprised it wasn’t a Prius.

  7. Genius!
    Also, I think the perp has committed a hate crime.
    Release the hounds!

  8. I have never seen two finer tanned women in my life WITH brains to boot!!!

  9. This is no joke; I live in northern Maine and our whole county is filled with Trump signs except one man’s yard, government property (filled with Clinton signs), and, wait for it……dead people’s yards! I am not kidding; someone keeps putting Clinton signs up in the yard of the dead!

    • I’m in northern Maine, as well. In fact, I just spoke with Peter Edgecomb, this past Monday, while picking up Trump signs, and he told me that he received 67% of his republican vote from Caribou and Ashland. I was ecstatic to hear it.
      I’ve also told Mr. Trump that, if he wants to turn Maine red, he NEEDS to come north; it’s imperative.