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  1. Revoke the 19th Amendment, otherwise known as the Death of the Republic, or A license to Steal or We Loves Us Some Big Daddy State….

    Ahh, they’ll all be revoked soon enough, one way or t’other.

  2. Hey kid, come home with your shield or on it, dammit!” “Gee, thanks, Mom, see ya.”

    What Union moms would tell their boys when they went off to invade the South and lay waste to it and kill their cousins, in the third Cousins’ War. Echoing the ancient Spartan moms, of course. Now it will be for that bloodthirsty fugly warthog and her various “foundations” and money-laundering entities, in league with the usual suspects, banksters, financial wizards, Big Oil and Big Pharma and Big Ag, etc. And she seems to have the Electoral College locked up, along with the totality of the MSM. With utterly massive fraud ongoing and in the wings.

    And Boobus Vaginus Americanus will have taken over, at least for a little while, because if she gets in, there will be a giant mountain of shit waiting to fall on her fugly head, and with Parkinson’s and rampant alcoholism, she ain’t long for this world. Neither is Larry Klinton, with probable HIV and syphilis.

    Unless some really funny shit happens in the next two weeks, that is.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      That’s exactly why nothing will change EXCEPT a complete re-set. This nation is so deep in free money that no one understands it has to stop, now! But who wants to see an end to all that free money pouring in for their individual foundations, the new schools and fire stations (with new cell towers) and all the other assorted free goodies.
      I complain of our poor teaching standards and all the parents see is the free money rolling in from the feds for more athletic equipt, computers, or as Wyoming has had, a rash of new school construction. The amount of grant money coming in is staggering, and this is nothing compared to what pours into the big cities.
      The average American does not think for one second where this money comes from, but they all want a part of it, never thinking or caring about the debt load they bring on us all. It’s just free money from Heaven, filtered thru the hands of the banksters first.

  3. ALCON,

    Why are there ANY conversations about fUSA and Amerikans in Syria and the rest of that shithole known as the Middle East ? Why ? Why ? Why ?

    Our Mexican border is wide fucking open. The moslem-in-chief is flying in hundreds of thousands of moslems into this country. The illegal soetoro-obama has refused to abide by both his oath and federal law to secure this nation’s borders. The fucking Kongress has done nothing to stop the flow of invaders into this country. The 4th Estate has been in collusion with soetoro-obama to destroy the Republik. And they ALL want the serfs, the untermenschen, to believe Russia and Mr. Putin are our enemies ? Ground zero for our enemies is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Wake the fuck up. Soetoro-obama is a fucking criminal and your kongressmen are his willing stooges. Not to mention 10s of millions of citizens supporting barry, Klinton and the scum of Kongress.

    There is only one answer….force of arms by a “Continental Army” of nationalists. Thousands on the Mexican border. Thousands securing fedgov buildings. Thousands securing the West Wing. And thousands occupying all electonic and print media facilities. But, it ain’t going to happen. Just a dream.

    Read Matthew Bracken’s “Enemies” trilogy. His 1st volume written more than 10 years ago opens the door to what is happening right now in fUSA. Bracken’s prescience of events is amazing. His crystal ball of Amerika is a window to the events unfolding and to come.

    We are truly in deep, deep, deep dung as Amerika is under attack from within.

    Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves and those you hold dear.

    Teenager, in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s or in your rocking chair….never give up your guns.






    • anotherusualsuspect

      I hear lots of third party reports about the migrant flood from the south. Have you heard any first person reports from peeps in the area or responsible spokesmen from pertinent agencies. Just askin.

  4. Let’s see, too many costly people in the usa, the rise of robots to do their job for free and allow the elite to continue to live the good life, what to do, what to do ? Something that would come along and vaporize 10 of millions of these costly people in an instant sure would be helpful.


    The Clinton-Neocon proxy wars will turn ugly. And, they will not find a receptive public who will want to sacrifice their sons and daughters for the two Amerikan Crime Families and the Saudi-Zionist Middle East hegemony.
    Reactivation of The Military Draft will only bring turmoil and riots. They will have to engineer the mother of all false flags on Amerikan soil to even get SOME of the sheeple to start bleating to the drums of war.
    As far as the wishful thinking about the Hildabeet’s health or lack of it, I think a lot of people have been suckered by another Billary rope-a-dope. She appears hale and hearty enough to me and if this indeed a Maskarova, the stupid Amerikans are not buying it. They will slavishly vote for more chains on 11/8 and she will be the next POTUS. Deal with it and keep prepping. Bleib ubrig.

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  8. The twitters are having fun with this. See #DraftOurDaughters