FBI Reopens Investigation Of HRC Email Felonies


UK Daily Mail: FBI dramatically reopens Hillary email investigation – because of new messages found on Huma or husband’s phones as investigators probed DailyMail.com’s revelation Weiner sexted a 15-year-old girl

Fox coverage

WaPo story

Better investigate the Director as well.



91 responses to “FBI Reopens Investigation Of HRC Email Felonies

  1. “We have investigated both ourselves and the former secretary, and found no wrongdoing. Again.”
    -Director Comey

    • Only if the Hilldebeest wins…otherwise, Director Comey discovers she should be indicted…see how bureaucracy works, LOL?

      • We should be thanking the Weasel’s.
        They thought they where cute stonewalling the investigation. What they did better than any court case or convection imaginable in the public forum could do, was prove how utterly illegitimate they are beyond a shadow of any doubt any jury in America could ever exemplify.

        The vagina isn’t going to win. Even if they rig enough votes to install her it still won’t be a win, it will be a worthless victory as barren as her vagina. They pronounce her the Red Queen, they might as well kiss their power good by and pull the plug, they are toast. It is over. The pressitutes, Congress, the black robed Nazgal’s, every regulatory branch, the entire charade of government is finished.

        All that cold anger out here is going to become a living breathing beast of payback, all the years of putting up with these fucking scum, the humiliation for having to go along with their hypocrisy, their extortion, their multitudes of organized non stop crimes of double standards, all their bullshit, their fucking political correctness bullshit, Waco, illegal invasion, 911, all the LeVoy Finnicum’s who been murdered and executed in the name of violent intimidation, strip mining us of the legacy of our working man’s prosperity, the lies, the false narratives, the thuggery and threats, crap from global warming to I only found out on the news is going to come home with a vengeance.

        These fucktards are inbred stupid like you can’t fix. Trump isn’t our savor, Trump is all that stands in the way of the pitchforks, 13 knot neck ties and 5000 Jack Hinson’s with 1000 yard rifles.
        If they had a brain cell between them, they’d make Trump Prez, take their lumps the easy way or take the money they’ve stole and run like hells hounds where nipping at their heels.

        There’s enough of us who know in our bones the quantity and quality of us dirt people voting no consent is a vote of no consent for one day more of the tyranny and corruption of the political class. Trump has nothing to do with that, if anything he’s probably not much different on that score if anything. That’s why he became The Great Fuck You.

        This isn’t an election, it is a war of who possesses the bigger fuck you. It is a Mexican Fuck You Stand Off.
        If they think they got the bigger fuck you and install the bitch, their out of their cotton picking freakin’ minds, because in no uncertain terms, the crystal clarity of installing the psychopath will be nothing less than a political class total fuck you to the rest of us.
        Then there will be no doubts left, none. There will be no moral imperative holding people back, no rule of law, no legitimacy of government.
        Nothing but the most basic imperatives imaginable.
        This nation will be totally ungovernable. The Queen Bitch of Angmar can call up the entire military and run M1 Abram’s through every main street in America and carpet bomb flyover land with B52’s like it is the Hochi Min Trail, and it won’t make a lick of difference.

        • This. Excellent thought, sir.

        • Yeah man, that is dead on and refreshing. Thanks for sharing.

          • Hell ya.
            Know whats dead on?
            We all are on the same page.
            Now, that is really refreshing.
            And that’s the thing man.
            I don’t want to be right on. I want to know we all got each others backs. No fucking bullshit about it.
            Getting through whatever is coming is contingent on that.
            It’s like The Great Fuck You, so you know what, I’m voting for Trump, because if my fellow dirt people are voting for him, then my vote really counts, cause we have solidarity. Thats what matters. Trump has nothing to do with it, he puts his pants on one leg at a time too.

            Time to bring these smart ass fuckers running us into the ground into the dirt with us. Time to show them who and what is the real power, the only power that counts.
            They can’t withstand us, they can’t deny us, and they only have the power we grant them.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          completely in agreement, but I’m willing to bet that once Trump wins and takes office, the anger will subside and everything goes right back to it’s corrupt sources. People will ALWAYS take the easy way out, and with our apologetic society, there’s no way any payback is going to happen. Nobody is that pissed off.
          Sure, the Clinton supporters will act pissed and riot for awhile, but I really don’t think we’ll see any serious fighting after the election. Look at your average white American today, there is nothing that will get him riled up, absolutely nothing that will piss him off enough to get off the couch, pick up a gun and go do something. Even the 3per movement has no motivation or organization. We’ve seen that here for yrs now.
          As much as I would love to see an earthquake of change, I don’t think we’ll even see more than a tremor or two. Then back to our regularly scheduled programs……….

          • Your wrong you grouchy old jar head. I mean that in the nicest way with respect to you being a jarhead. But your still wrong.
            I been right about a lot of things. You and I been commenting here on good old Pete’s WRSA a long time. You know I’m not saying this shit to blow smoke up your arse. I’m not blowing my horn either, I got good instincts and an intuitive way of reasoning things out. I’m not influenced by ideology or dogma about mom and apple pie, I’m talking about human nature, the good in people, and how tolerance in the American sense is a prime directive of our culture, and how it is both understandable to mistake it for apathy, when it is anything but. It is a motive power, it is powerful all outside it’s diminutive appearance, until it reaches a certain stage, a level, then it becomes unstoppable.
            Sure there are fence sitters, fingers in the wind, those who believe resistance is futile, the forlorn, and apathetic’s. You get every kind in a crazy zany culture like America. Those people don’t diminish those who are not like them, they only stick out like sore dumb ignorant thumbs and useful dupes.

            One thing that is very important in the history of defiance and resistance, and facts bear it out, the only people who have ever effected positive change in this world, time and time again, is us dirt people.
            No. One. Else.
            And it is always a tiny indomitable minority who make the paradigm reality.
            You say it will never happen my friend.
            But your wrong.
            It has happened. We would not be here today if it was not a history of truth and success. It is happening again too. These things, they are never overtly obvious, they smolder and burn out of sight, they come in evolutionary stages, and each time they seem like black swans all of a sudden, but in truth they are sea changes, but if you recognize the signs, you see they are essentially a zeitgeist, because it is the human terrain, and like culture is upstream of all politics, the human terrain is always on top, it is the high ground. You as a Marine Grunt should know that.
            It is a kind of collective provincialism, a unique power, that rises up from a seeming nebulous and isolated minority of tireless dirt people that does it.

            • SemperFi, 0321

              I’d like to agree with you, but we are not the same people as our parents and grandparents generations. Huge difference.

              But then again, I am just an old cynical grunt. 🙂

        • Quote: “It is a Mexican Fuck You Stand Off.”

          I like it!

        • I don’t think all that table-turning will happen soon. Sensible people who can plan and be patient despite their anger don’t go marching down main street until that’s the least bad alternative. Today, with the food flowing, gasoline cheap and electricity on, there are far better ways to spend your day. This same group you refer to won’t even organize to stop paying the taxes which are used to hire people who oppress them..

        • Amen Brother…

        • William Munny

          Awesomely well stated sir.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      And the investigation of our investigation revealed no improprieties whatsoever.
      – FBI

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Damn. Each days news is stranger than the last.

    Maybe Comey just realized that Trump might win.

  4. Why hasn’t the cuckservative congress had a special prosecuter for Ozero—-he had a false name email for himself. I want to know what that SOB was emailing and what secrets he sold off or deals Ozero has cut to take in ISIS members into rural neighborhoods.

  5. * * YAWN * *

  6. LOL … nuttins gonna hapn >>> headfake for the Brainless Phucks …

    “See ! … we’re fair, we’re impartial, we consider everything”
    Capo de Tutti Capos Giacomo Comey

    besides the fact that he’s a fuckweasel, there’s this …. comment over at Ace of Spades HQ

    Note the FBI had multiple prior opportunities to subpeona these possible repositories of her emails — and didn’t. Deliberately, I would say.

    precisamente, signor

    all the resources and assets of a nation at their disposal, and the Fuckin Bureau of Ineptitude can’t find any criminal behaviors in the multiple examples of criminal behavior seen in thecunts kuntdom

    so yea, color me so skeptical that I won’t devote another synaptic event to the possibility they’ll do their job

    Comrade Igor

  7. Yah.

    So, call me when they arrest their Director and perp walk him into the federal pokey on camera to open the investigation, then drag in the AG on the record.

    Otherwise it’s all pure hogwash.

    • This may be king barry’s master plan: charge and arrest hillary, vacate the D slot on the election ballot, and “postpone” the elections until a later date “for the good of the country.”

      barry will be the last sitting president of the USA. Hostile times dead ahead.

  8. I’m still awaiting the charges for evidence tampering and murder that need to be brought against the FBI agents responsible for killing Mr. Finicum, now that the Malheur 7 have been acquitted…….. I wont be holding my breath though. Truth is, any “justice” these scumbags face will be levied by an entity other than our government. Sleep tight, scumbags…..

    • eminencefrontman

      While I agree with your sentiment, for the record he was killed by Oregon State Police.

      • True, but under direction and the original investigation of the FBI and DOJ. I think the OSP was involved because they had a tac team in place. No matter, the deep pockets of both the fed and state will be cleaned out this time around.

      • The “investigation” of the “shooting” murder of LaVoy Finicum had turned up that the FIB Agents had lied about their after action statements on firing their weapons. This investigation was being transferred to the FIB’s “highest levels” in DC, where it got lost in the rush to pardon Frau Hilarity of Treason.
        Just file it behind Waco and Ruby Ridge in the basement of the J Edgar Hoovering bldg.
        Quite a swamp in the District of Control.

      • Pigs a pig, regardless of what shiny tin star they’re hiding behind. Perpetrator, accomplice, same/same in my estimation, especially when they’re hiding that criminality under colour of law.

      • I doubt the OSP thought that ambush up all by thier lonesomes Finicum had made the radar because he was good and decent and eloquently plain spoken. People were attracted to the decency you heard in his voice.

  9. I sense a great disturbance in the Farce.
    As if a 1000 asses cried out and were suddenly covered.

    • …… aaaaaaand Grenadier winz teh Innernetz today.

    • I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Yup, she’s gonna walk, Comey had already stated she did nothing wrong, and they’ll blame it all on Weiner. Hillary was the victim of a false witchhunt, Huma did it.
        Just another media distraction to confuse and obfuscate.

        • SF0321,

          Comey can walk back the “She did nothing wrong” crap simply by declaring “In light of recent events and the discovery of previously unknown information I am authorizing a new investigation” or words to that effect.

          Several things….

          1. Weiner and moslem brotherhood “wife” were/are inside the Klinton circle. Comey can get Klinton thru the above two via “new” info courtesy the Weiners.

          2. Comey now has the Klinton “intent” he previously claimed was not present.

          3. Comey sees the handwriting on the 8 NOV wall. Trump is going to win and weasel Comey is padding his future with the Trumpmeister.

          4. Do not forget. Comey is “government”; fedgov. “Government” can do whatever government wants to do. FBI agents en masse are near mutiny over weasel Comey letting the Bitch off. Again, Comey trying to save himself. Coup d’etat in the FBI ?

          It’s the “October Surprise” that has been predicted.


      • We’re caught in a detractor beam!

  10. Unusual timing. Does is hurt Hillary. Somewhat. I’ll wait for the outcome. Makes one think that there might actually be a professional or two left at the FBI.

    • >Does it hurt Hillary?
      I doubt it. If anything, it will allow her to play the victim card. “They investigated, the FBI cleared me. I did nothing illegal, nothing wrong, and I was open, transparent, and fully cooperative. This unlawful and unethical persecution is clear evidence of collusion between the vast right-wing conspiracy and those who will do ANYTHING to keep a woman out of the presidency. But we’re not going to let them subvert democracy by partisan mis-use of the top law enforcement agency of this land to persecute an innocent woman. This is a sign that our enemies are desperate. But we cannot rest, cannot fall into complacency. I need you, we need you to go to the polls, early and often, on November 8th!”

  11. It takes foreigners to act against tyranny and corruption here in the USSA because no citizens can really be bothered with it.

  12. Eh,will not hold me breath but wonder,do they think Trump may actually win and thus fearful?I know that that this is not being done to actually bring the truth to light for the sake of justice,tis OK,fear of justice down the road works just fine.

  13. Investigation is expected to be completed mid next year. Just in time!

    God give me strength.


  14. Draw it out or stall it the election? Anything is possible at this point.

  15. Bureaucratic ass covering at its finest! Comey has serious exposure, so time to tack toward Trump…My guess is that the real internal polls don’t look good for HillBully….

  16. All this is, is covering their asses. There is a tidal wave of revolt taking place. They know Hillary is going to get trounced in the election. Obama, Get On Home Loretta, and Comey don’t want to get swamped in the tidal wave. They are turning on Hillary like criminals in a life boat. They’ll feed her to the sharks in hopes they’ll be eaten last.

    • Yes, it’s CYA time, but they’re angling for charges against Hitlery before January, and counting on a slew of last-minute, not-really-purchased-by-the Clinton-Foundation pardons from Barry. Nothing more than theatrics for the slower kids in the class.

    • What better way to take us freedom lovers attention away from the refuge case, is this a case of deflection, half truth, innuendo. I don’t know.

      What I do know is I don’t fucking trust Comey, who took 6 MILLION dollars from an associate of the Clinton foundation, or his new brown shirt FBI.

      Sadly I use to know several who were dedicated orginized crime and cartel hunters.

      Hope their long gone.

  17. “New shit has come to light.” Word is the “unrelated investigation” that has revealed new information is that of Anthony Weiner. Antny Weenah needs to be on a fast boat to the Bahamas tonight and from thence to Paraguay, if he wants to stay alive.

    • My assessment is both sides have him under close surveillance right now. Talk about a race to the bottom!

  18. let us not forget that they have her Datto back up device too, http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/10/13/fbi-served-with-request-for-hillarys-backup-device-object-is-in-fbis-possession/

    I sell and install Datto equipment and know firsthand how their system works…a device is installed onto the network, where the data/email server is located, every hour or so, a snapshot is sent from data/email server, to datto box, then data is sent offsite to Dattos data centers, where copies are kept for cloud access or recovery..this could be just data files or full virtual images, depending upon config…..

    let us hope this recent event puts that bitch, and others, in prison….

  19. It’s either epic ass-covering in fear of a new Trump Administration, or perhaps the puppet masters gave the order to re-open the investigation so it will be like a Sword of Damocles hanging over their employee once she gets in the Oval Office?

    Or maybe it’s all preparatory work in case she loses. Remember it can never be leftist ideology that takes the blame for failures, it has to be attributed to individual shortcomings. By now the Clintons must be a turd the Left is eager to flush for good.

    • Onee more time:

      But they cannot afford to flush that turd. Hillary was in the middle of EVERY act of treason by the Muslim in Chief during her entire time as SoS:

      Fast and Furious as well as the rest of the similar operations run by the 24 other BATFE Field Divisions across this country.

      If she is indicted, do you REALLY think she will “take one for the team” and “go quietly into the night”??? Or will she instead do a public dump and take the entire Administration – and probably most of Congress – down with her?

      The only chance that Barry Sotero has is for her to have an unfortunate “accident” before she shits on his plate. But he’ll only get ONE chance at that, after which the Friends of Bill will be after him and his. And while those actors are called “Friends of Bill”, I would remind you who REALLY wears the pants in that family…

      • Who knows, they might do just that. “With heavy hearts we announce … she bravely concealed for such a long time her debilitating brain tumor”

        Yeah sure they all think they have enough dirt on each other, until they don’t. “Just wait until Comrade Stalin hears about this!”

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “If she is indicted, do you REALLY think she will “take one for the team” and “go quietly into the night”???”

        Everyone talks about how the Clintons are exactly like a mafia family. Generally speaking, once it looks like a mafiosi is gonna get indicted, they don’t “take one for the team” so much as they take three or four.

        • Good’n! 😉

        • As I said, the Muslim in Chief will have ONE shot at it. And he might get lucky, in spite of the AA specials at his disposal. The Friends of Bill, however, do not have ANY AA specials on their roster. And they don’t miss.

  20. They found more emails on Weiner’s computer which they seized for the investigation of him sexting a minor. Winds up Huma hadn’t thought to scrub her husband’s machine and they found stuff that had been bleached from Hellry’s devices.
    I predict that if H winds up the potus that in the middle of some dark night Anthony will disappear.

  21. Do the old kleptocunt have to be charged to be pardoned by zero?

  22. Contain your enthusiasm, gentlemen, it’s all just a show.

    We all know that Shrills is part of the Oligarchy, and we’re not in it.

    Even if she was to feast upon a baby, live on the idjit box, her fawning minions would simply squeal with delight about it and nothing would be done about that incident either.

    Simply more political theater.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “We all know that Shrills is part of the Oligarchy, and we’re not in it.”

      True, but the spice must flow. Even an emperor is expendable when the supply is put at risk.

      • …the Spice must flow…and it will be someone else who’s thrown under the bus regarding this whole bit.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          Maybe – it’s a bad thing to be hated, though. If people hate you, they’ll not lift a finger when you’re really in it. Maybe she skates, but maybe not – people may start turning their backs.

  23. …and in other news (if only it was true), Director Comey commits suicide when playing solitary at home …
    Nothing to see here – move along. In other news, the winner of the Voice will be announced this week.

  24. To my knowledge Chocolate Jesus doesn’t have the trail of bodies the Klinton Kartel does so a hit doesn’t make much sense.

    Than, again, he is an expert at drone strikes.

    Wouldn’t that be lovely…

  25. STOP. For a moment imagine this: Both Bill and the Weiner in the White House… And you honestly think we don’t need a new republic(s) with new borders?

  26. I would like to point out to all and sundry that, while you may enjoy your slow cooked (marinated for 3 days in green chile) roast pork that was smoked over pecan wood (then put in a crock pot) after it is turned into amazing fajitas, and you wash it down with a celebratory margarita or 12 on this mirthful day…. understand that when you put a stick in somebody’s eye, you gotta put it ALL the way in (old Iraqi proverb).
    Just because this craziness is erupting does not mean a “win”. Stay focused and don’t get distracted from the goal of saving Western Civilization on 8 Nov, 2016.


    Balderdash! She will skate through this like she has skated through everything else. Like I have posted before, she will be our next POTUS. She will take her oath of office propped up on the podium or from her suite at Walter Reed, If she died or was convicted tomorrow, the Godless, ignorant FSA oxygen thieves would still put her in office.
    And, stop dissing weasels! We are part of the natural order of things. We eliminate vermin(and a few chickens here and there).

  28. PO'd American

    The title should read “Hillary’s Campaign Pierced by Wiener Probe.” Btw, rumor has it that the secret service is getting a new presidential limo…it’s an upgraded Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile. It’s something that the Donald would be proud to have, and we all know that the Hildabeast would never be caught dead riding a Weiner!

  29. Hillary will be elected el president regardless of this or how many people have to die to make it so. Prepare yourself accordingly. Hurrah for the new potentate, Hillary the bitch from hell. Hurrah.

  30. My guess is that some or all of the following has happened:
    -Comey was threatened by senior members of the FBI with investigation and/or prosecution.
    -Internal political polls show Shrilldabeast losing by substantial margins. FBI and NSA are both aware of this information.
    -Upcoming dumps from Wikileaks show even more damaging information than has already surfaced, the Dems know this and the Dems are now in damage control mode.
    -Soetero now plans to pardon the Shrilldabeast for her ‘indiscretions, effectively ending her presidential aspirations but keeping her and Bill out of prison.

    The next week or so will be interesting

    • FrozenPatriot

      Throw into the list a hasty show trial and acquittal so that (near) future unfriendly administrations can’t charge her due to double jeopardy laws. I was thinking this was the most likely outcome before Comedy (sic, serendipitous autocorrect) flushed the last hint of any remaining credibility last time. Perhaps my theory is salvageable…

      • The progressive’s problem is that there is SO much that she’s indictable for. The true listing of the comprehensive charges ALONE would utterly smash her reputation among even dedicated dems, and they’d only have to miss one charge….

        My guess is that the pardon route is most likely.

        Problem with that is, what if Soetero is retroactively determined to have been ineligible to be Pres, and therefore all of the ‘laws’ he supposedly passed were declared null and void, together with the EOs and the pardons, both known and secret?

    • The problem is that the e-mails are only ONE of the many felonies and treasons she has committed. Yeah, the Muslim in Chief can pardon her without her being convicted. But a pardon that exonerates her from ANY prosecution in ANY jurisdiction would be rather special. And a decent AG would undoubtedly be able to find a lawyer’s way around it. Or do you doubt the skill of Andrew Napolitano?

  31. Tar and Feathering……

    Long overdue for a Renaissance Comeback.

    Trick or Treat!!!!!

  32. I think Lew Rockwell called it: some members of Deep State decided they didn’t want a nuclear war after all, so Comey got a call.

    Only in America, folks.

    “Here (in America) the daily panorama of human existence, of private and communal folly, the unending procession of governmental extortions and chicaneries, of commercial brigandages and throat slittings, of theological buffoneeries, of aesthetic ribaldries, of legal swindles and harlotries, of miscellaneous rogueries, villainies, imbecilities, grotesqueries, and extravagances is so inordinately gross and preposterous, so perfectly brought up to the highest conceivable amperage, so steadily enriched with an almost fabulous daring and originality, that only a person born with a petrified diaphragm can fail to laugh himself to sleep every night and wake up with all the eager, unflagging expectation of a Sunday-School superintendent touring the Paris peep-shows.”
    –HL Mencken

    • The increasing tensions with Russia are certainly a very serious concern. That may indeed have been the motivator. Regardless, I am enjoying this immensely.

      And Paul, it’s not ‘only in America’. It’s everywhere. Part of what used to make America different was that these kinds of things were considered OUTRAGEOUS. Most of the rest of the world, they are considered government as usual.

      When we become used to this kind of abuse, then America is done. We ain’t done yet.

  33. Kinda funny how this pops right after the Clintons bank a couple billion in a non extradition country(Quatar),hmmmmm…..

  34. If Oblabber is finally proven to be an illegal ineligible prez his “pardons” wont be worth jack either.