Free North Carolina: Why I Can Vote With A Clear Conscience


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Or them.

One final vote.

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  1. Good luck. I’ve stopped caring as they are not fundamentally different in that neither would ever be allowed near my children.

  2. outlawpatriot

    Very eloquent. But it assumes the election system is not rigged. I believe it is. Therefore, the very act of voting lends credence to a corrupt system.

    Therefore, I elect not to participate.

    Consider. If nobody voted, nobody could be elected. Naturally, that will never happen. And if things are as I believe, the election of Donald Trump will never happen either. 🙂

    • But you are participating as your refusal to cast a ballot tips the scales by default…to Clinton and all the evil that follows. Which you will then own. Your vote doesn’t imply approval of the system. It is merely a tactical move in a delaying action to give us a bit more time for training up the younger generation and sorting out what comes next should look like.

      • I am not responsible for other people’s behavior. You don’t have an argument how I could be; you just wish it so, because that falsehood furthers your collectivist agenda.

  3. Excellent commentary.
    Know this: A vote for Clinton is an overt act of treason.

    • “Know this: A vote for Clinton is an overt act of treason.”


  4. This country’s founding principles were written by a moral and virtuous people. I doubt that the arguments used by Virginia in Brock’s article would be acceptable on Judgment Day. Although her points concerning a Hillary pResidency are valid, I would submit that our country is already lost based on those same points.

    The real decision is whether we will still rely on other people for our future or whether we will stand up for ourselves. Sticking a fork in a dead pig will not bring it back to life.

    If you like your country, you can have your country. Think about it. Our “government” treats our veterans as terrorists. Our government treats illegal aliens better than citizens. Our government has bankrupted the country (and I don’t mean a recoverable bankruptcy). Our government has implemented a two-tiered justice system. The list goes on….

    Why is anyone discussing the Supreme Court nominations? The Supreme Court should be put back into its original box where it renders opinions, not legislation. Think about other ways to solve the issues that politicians have created other than “hoping” for a savior like Mr. Trump to stand up for you.

    But here is my true point. I do like my country. I also know when to cut my losses. The only way to save the Republic is to rebuild it as Jefferson told us. The ballot box and jury box are no longer viable options.

  5. I like how Michael Moore put it – a human Molotov cocktail.

  6. There is nothing moral about sanctioning criminals to harm others.

    If you think a non-vote is a vote for klintin you are mathematically challenged and easily led by the snout.

  7. I’ve said from the beginning that Trump’s candidacy is a sledge hammer to the establishment. A human molotov cocktail is a good way to put it. Everyone in Washington hates him, republican and democrat alike.

    The enemy of my enemy might not be my friend, but he’s definitely a tactical advantage it would be foolish not to leverage.

    You think the whole system is rigged, corrupt, and you don’t want to give it legitimacy? I agree, but you need to change your perspective on what you are doing by voting.

    You have the opportunity to get inside and sabotage the enemy’s system. Take that opportunity.

    Would infiltrating the soviet government during the cold war to influence their politics be giving legitimacy to the soviet system? That’s pure nonsense.

    We’ve all argued we’re in the middle of a cold civil war. Voting Trump is not giving legitimacy to the system. It is not a solution to make America great again. It is not a question of morality.

    It is an ACT OF WAR against the ruling class.

    This is not time for Sunday school moral grandstanding. Get your hands dirty and strike a blow to the enemy.

    The wailing and gnashing of teeth from both the left and right will be a beautiful thing.

    • “The enemy of my enemy might not be my friend, but he’s definitely a tactical advantage it would be foolish not to leverage.”

      I like that, and may use it in conversation from time to time.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. “This next president will appoint several Supreme Court justices.”

    The author still thinks America can be saved. I don’t care about Supreme Court justices any more. Fuck ’em. Anyway I tried the old tactic of “slaves voting for their preferred slavemaster” already, for decades. I’m done with that now.