Geometric Logic, Via Iowahawk


Click for HRC presser this afternoon


4 responses to “Geometric Logic, Via Iowahawk

  1. (i) Standard “Nothing to see here, move along ….”
    (ii) Default Clinton: Shorter “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” Defense:
    “…only Republicans got the letter (ergo, this is a partisan attack!)”

    Her claim that “she” can unite the country is risible. She couldn’t do it as FLOTUS, and that’s supposedly a non-partisan billet.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. she handled it quite well. No question this is a strong, decisive leader who will lead ‘Murka to bright, sunlit uplands. By comparison, Putin is a wimp.

    and she will never, ever utter the word “risable”


    This will all pass over. The MSM and the FSA are solidly in her corner. The estrogen-fueled anger, rage, and frustration of Amerikan Wimmen and their pajama-boy mangina husbands and boyfriends will propel her into the White House. And, if it looks like this “investigation” really has legs and the lump under the carpet is too big to hide, Barry will step in and pull enough s**t to postpone the election and rule by decree, after declaring martial law.
    I have posted before that I will not vote and do not have a dog in this fight. But, keep in mind that the corrupt power structure that pulls all the strings both inside and outside of this country, cannot abide a Trump presidency. The man cannot be made to kiss their ass and will expose what has been going on in Amerika for many years. The stock market is already starting to tank over fears that their bought bitch will end up in an orange jump suit. Keep prepping and planning, folks. Even up here in Rawles Land, the local cabal of deviates, whiners, commie-liberals, and cosmic white collectivists will emerge from their Dachas in Sandpoint and Pend d’Oreille to vent their spleens with missives written to the CDA and Post Falls daily fish wrap. Continue to make your lists and check them twice. Bleib ubrig.