Summary Quote For #Election2016

“If the American people are really so unbelievably stupid that they think lewd remarks about women are more important than avoiding nuclear war, the American people are too stupid to exist. They will deserve the mushroom clouds that will wipe them and everyone else off the face of the earth.”

— Paul Craig Roberts at ZeroHedge

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  1. Not ALL Murkan peeps believe that, Mr. Roberts. But the commies won here over the course of their Long March since the 1930s, without firing a shot (except in the various proxy wars around the world). And now they have control over all our cultural, political, economic and media institutions. Frankly I don’t know how the next two weeks or two years or two decades will shape up, but I know it’s gonna be a lot worse than it is now; these are the ‘good old days.’ A century-long anomaly of liberty and prosperity for the West, and now about to be pissed away.

  2. We get the government we deserve. If we’re righteous, so will our government be. If evil, likewise.
    It’s up to us to decide what we want for our futures. God willing, we’ll do the right thing before trying everything else…

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    AFFIRMATIVE, Dr. Paul Craig! We gets what we deserves. Like Pappy told us boys 70 years ago: “The way you make your bed, is the way you’re gonna sleep in it.”

    BTW: your best interview EVER! Past is prologue. Modern History in 53 minutes. Parents should watch this, get their kids out of public schools and colleges, and LEARN THIS:

  4. HadEnough,

    Sorry bud, that “we” shit must be you referring to that fucking mouse in your pocket. I do not deserve the corruption and criminality that is rampant throughout fedgov, stategov and localgov. I have done my best to change things for the better. Didn’t work.

    Oh, and don’t write rhetorical, metaphorical bullshit like so many others here do. Just what is “do the right thing” ? And WTF is “before everything else….?

    Reading your remarks tells me you suffer from weaselitis.

    • Who, pray tell, left you lord and master? I’ll say as I please, asshole!

      • Hadenoughalready,

        You have every right to sound like a total prick if that’s your thing.

        But as a 27 year old man, listening to an old cunt talk about how we deserve what we get because that’s what his daddy told him is laughable. And you mean to sound, what- tough? Righteous? Go fuck yourself. Nobody deserves to die because the ruling class is inhuman. The story of big government being totally immune to the will of the people is not a new one. Nor are the voices that are so fucking cowardly that all they can do is cheer it along. Or even worse, see yourself in its reflection.

        But it is what it is. I wont even stoop so low as to blame another generation for the bullshit that mine will have to deal with. I’d rather make friends and fix things.

        • edit-

          Some of that should have been directed to the poster beneath you, cornelius. Both of your cop-out, towel throwing sentiments sort of blended together, I guess.

        • “I’d rather make friends and fix things”?….. You got a funny way of showin it, son.

    • That III in your name tells me a LOT about you…… fuckin weasel.

  5. If the american people are stupid enough to believe Trumps candidacy is real and that hes not a statist asshole false flag distraction then f them. I think its great that they are riling folks up with bs stories. looking forward to the big wake up call here. All by globalist desugn mind you.

  6. So you say you want a revolution.

  7. This pending election is the last step in the progression to the cartridge box. I believe there are millions of us in the group of one that will no longer sit idly by and watch the DC scum commit the final acts of treason against this country.

  8. If you haven’t already created long distance (in all ways) between yourself and those who have made it known for a very long time that they are out to kill you then there is no help for you.

    YOU have to look out for YOU.

    If you expect someone else to do that for you you will be sorely disappointed and soon.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. To Dan III and Kay de Leon and any others;

    When logic fails, name-calling is the final remedy, right? Perhaps you, who chose to denigrate rather than argue intelligently, should remember that I did not originate those paraphrased comments.

    First: “The government you elect is the government you deserve”.

    This was written by Thomas Jefferson who, himself, paraphrased it from Scripture.

    You should find out where he’s buried and discuss being a “prick” or an “old cunt” with HIM, instead.

    Second: “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else”.

    This was written by Winston Churchill so, once again, please go argue with HIM; then get back to me with your humble apologies.

    On second thought, and instead, please do your homework BEFORE you open your mouth and certify your ignorance.

    Also remember, the First Amendment is a Right of All, not just “of” those who object.

    • Very well said. Sir.

    • To HADENOUGHALREADY and others,

      Do you mean the ‘first amendment right’ that I acknowledged in the very first statement of my post? Please try to be honest, or see past your soft ass ego (that evidently can be bruised by a stranger over the internet).

      First, I don’t have a problem insulting people that are of a mind that children and innocents deserve NUCLEAR FUCKING WARFARE because the men and women that held the future in trust, for them, might have failed. How does that square with your fucking Jefferson quote? That is what this thread is about, right? A few OLD CUNTS, so injured by a culture that they have failed to adequately influence and direct, have thrown the towel so far into the fucking ring that they’re willing to say ‘if we get blown to smithereens, well then by GOD we must have had it coming.’ IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU NO ONE WILL, or something like that.

      Do you have it coming, sir? Do I? Does my little sister? She’s 15. Does she deserve it because she hasn’t upheld her duty to water the tree of liberty? She shoots pretty well but I will strongly advise her against that plan of action for the foreseeable future. I have this funny idea that she would be rather out numbered and out gunned. But she has her nuke coming. Why? Because a generation of good men and women put their faith into an institution that didn’t deserve it? Because cognitive dissidence and preoccupation got the better of my country (for the time being)? THIS is why I’m telling you, and the other soft serve motherfuckers that are saying ‘here, here!’ to this bogus shit to go fuck yourselves. Because if you aren’t here to help, and I don’t mean by copy/pasting the words of our founding fathers into a thread from the comfort of your present, I don’t mind hurting your feelings.

      Saying the words ‘Thomas Jefferson’ and ‘Winston Churchill’ does not win you any kind of virtue. FUCK Churchill, the scum that he was. Thomas Jefferson won the right to say the kind of things that he said because he was a part of something great- not because he morally aligned himself with the abject destruction of everyone in his country because things weren’t going his way and he never really did anything that serious to change it. But never mind any of this. I called you an old cunt back there, somewhere. That’s all that’s important in this block, I’m sure.


      Don’t need ya.

  11. Kay – some of us have never voted for the assholes in charge. Clearly, we don’t “deserve” to be nuked.