Two From Denninger


Oh Crap (NOW It Goes Boom!)

Ready For The Crash?

Good dot-connection, and worth your time.

See also NYT: Emails In Question Came From Anthony Weiner’s Computer


I get it.

Once a weasel, always a weasel.


And yet…

Let’s say the Feebs shitcan this investigation as well.

Reputational harm in the irreparable quantity?

More anger at what has happened.

Autodelegitimization writ large.

They can’t win.

Even if they succeed.


Big time.



33 responses to “Two From Denninger

  1. Good news is popping up all over. That old joke about Hillary being the first president to serve from a jail cell is looking more and more likely.

    • spare me. First time around I said: there will be no indictment. Do I have to say it again? Is there an echo in here? Mrs. Clinton is an ideal servant of ZOG. THERE WILL BE NO INDICTMENT.

  2. Will not matter. More and more of the so called patriot community are saying they are not voting or they are gonna write in someone else. That will not be noticed either. Be mad … they don’t care. You will not be noticed. Vote for peter pan. It will not be noticed. Stomp your feet … so what? Hail Hillery the Magnificent,

    • What is going to matter is what the District of Corruption does on Monday morning. Think the behemoth of Executive power is going to be handed over to someone outside the Oligarchy? Show me that time in history Leftists did that without millions of bodies being laid in the ground first.

    • A vote for anyone other than Trump is an overt act of treason. Take that ‘I’m not gonna vote’ bullshit and shove it!

      • If one is not confident that one’s vote will be counted as voted, one is better off NOT voting.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. I love gallows humor. Don’t you?

  5. Gotta love the Double Entendres….

  6. Stealth Spaniel

    We live in interesting times, indeed. The news that keeps coming out about Hildabeast is mind boggling. There isn’t a banana republic or filthy rich dictatorship that could compete with this info on a daily basis. There are so many violations, lies, murders, cover ups, domestic and international terrorism acts, etc. that if this was a soap, it would be on the telly for 100+ years.
    The NYPost cover is classic.
    Just remember, we need to be armed, trained, and ready to exercise our rights. Time is short.

  7. I always predicted Madame Mao and Obozo the usurping undocumented puppet would flee. She must be prosecuted for her national security breeches, while Obozo falsifying birth document, Iran deal, FastnFurious, IRS scandal, and much more will be discovered of treason, foreign influence, bribery, extortion, etc.

  8. Flip-side… It could also, being so close to the erection, a ploy to create a “constitutional crisis”.

    This is a test of the continuity of government system.

    It just doesn’t add up so close to the peoples non-vote. And I am pretty sure 99.9% that some people didn’t all of a sudden have a Sunday-go-to-meeting revelation.

    Millions are hooked on the entertainment.

  9. “LMFAO.

    Big time.”

    Right there with you tonight. This is the time to laugh STRAIGHT IN THEIR FACES. Dangerous people are getting very desperate, so we should enjoy this while it lasts.

  10. She might consider rooming with Julian

  11. colddeadhandsdays

    I wish for her swift painful death daily! That’s up to God but Ill take her losing this election and none of the clinton’s ever involved in Government again. Obama will pardon them I’m sure.

  12. Soetoro-obama….there’s the problem. He, his admin and the MILLIONS of treasonous bastards who support him.

    • No, not the “millions who support him”. Most of them are unarmed, and as a result are not a real threat to anyone who knows how to use a rifle and has a reasonable amount of ammunition. Instead, the tens of thousands of the Praetorian Guard – at ALL levels of this country’s government – who enable him.

  13. I’m pretty sure hell has a pretty strict nonextradition policy.

  14. Gentlemen:

    Would the Clintons be the only ones in American society that would be acting lawlessly and unethically? Or, to expand this more: Would only those in government, in the military, and in the police be acting lawlessly and unethically, so that if the Clintons would be jailed, and all of these other corrupt governmental employees would be jailed, would that put an end to all of the corruption? No.
    Ask yourself: From where did these people come? They came from the pool of citizens.
    Thus the citizenry, the pool from which the Clintons, those in government, the military, and the police have come, is itself lawless and unethical. “As the people are, so will the government be,” the Latin maxim goes [Ut rex, ita, grex].
    For instance, a vagabond could steal a ride on a boxcar, while a college graduate could steal the whole railroad. What would be the difference, since their intent would be the same? The difference would be this: their opportunity and their know-how. That is all.
    Hence what would be the difference between the Clintons and the rest of the citizenry? It would be simple: The Clintons have had more know-how and opportunity.
    No? Notice the “Me first!” attitude among the citizenry! For example, see how many citizens willfully and persistently break the clearly posted speed limit! Why? It is because they have no will to be moral. They think that they are above the law. Yet what kind of a civics lesson would this teach their children passengers? Or, if a father would obey the speed limit only when a patrol car would be around, what kind of an object lesson in hypocrisy would this be?
    All of America has a severe moral problem, not just the notorious citizens in the headlines. In fact, the chief moral problem is America’s willful and stubborn refusal to admit that it has a moral problem.
    If you would object, and respond, “I am not as bad as some elected officials are,” you had better take a look at Mark 7:21-22 and see just how evil you are in the sight of the pure, holy, and righteous Almighty! “Out of the heart of men proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, unrestrained sex, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness.”
    Unless the gospel pledge of God would be in control, motivating the mind of man, his heart ever will be a source of sin and a sewer of lawlessness.
    If you would resent hearing about this, your argument will be with God, not with me, for God “commands all men everywhere to repent” (Acts 17:30) while America refuses to do so.
    So what could be done? It is simple. Since it would be a moral problem, it will require a moral solution.
    Yet only God would have the power to bring about a moral transformation of the mind. Indeed, he pledges, “A new heart will I give you” (Ezekiel 36:26), and assures you of doing so whenever he would bring his salvation promises to your attention.

    So, gentlemen, what are you going to do about this?

    Gene Urtel – The Rivertown Press

  15. One Email To Rule Them
    One Email To Find Them
    One Email To Bring Them All,
    And In The Darkness Bind Them

  16. I am thinking (always dangerous at least for me) that while this is big headline material right now, given what has happened in the distant and near distant past, so what? The ‘in your face’ criminal acts, political manipulation(s), pay for play schemas, incestuous relations between (big) business (both financial, corporate and military contractors) and the outright vote theft by those who are in charge will only promote more of the same: what gets reported and what is actually done are two different things. Don’t like it? So what – go fuck yourselves because in the end, you (that would be me also) really do not matter …… this is where we are at today – plan accordingly.

  17. Urtel,

    Your remarks read as though you justify the extensive criminality of the Klinton Crime family. Your justification for the Klintons being since everyone is impure then who are “you” to call out Klinton(s) for their extensive impurities. Correct ?

    What is the “moral solution” you allude to ? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

    Bullshit !

  18. At this point, even if she wins, which is likely, she will be totally unable to govern. Half the country will simply ignore her. If she tries to send her flying monkey thugs to enforce her orders, the game is on.

    • GA,

      Should the Bitch weasel (no offense Mr. Weasel) her way into the Oval Office she will issue executive orders to attack 2A, the USC and citizen’s right to self-defense. The scum of BATFE will be part of that half who DOES NOT ignore the tyranny of this no-good piece of garbage.

      Will you work to terminate with prejudice thugs attacking what’s left of Freedom ?

    • thesouthwasrght

      Trump is your next pres, she is unelectable at this point and you can bet more goodies will pop up over the next few days. Done deal.

      Now what happens from 9 Nov to 20 Jan is where it will get sporty.

  19. The Pathocratic deep state will not just hand over it’s multinational interest owned technocracy. They fear destruction of their technocracy so they will do anything beyond what we are seeing to preserve they’re power & infrastructure. Why else would SCOTUS decided that LEO’s / LEA’s only have a duty to protect infrastructure & NOT citizens. That would be a clue. Why else would the ponerological corporatfacistocracy want a Federal Police force. The curtain is closing on America & this is the last election should Trump not get it. They are rigging it from every conceivable & possible angle.

  20. Poltical canon fodder to make it look good. Rothschild already picked their candidate.
    Pope picked Trump to keep people thinking it’s not a ‘con-stituiton’ & keep from making the connection. Same Roman Empire has been ruling the planet for thousands of years & not going to give up their Experiment called America w/o a fight. They fear destruction of the infrastructure technocracy that pioneers & steers other countries of envy & less opportunity while raping, pillaging plundering other ignorant countries of their ego-resources.
    If they can they attempt the Project Blue Beam – Blue Book Agenda at some point possibly.
    Stay frosty & danger close as time is neigh & prepare for impact.