Bracken Sends


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  1. Whatever Agent passed along the DickyLeaks needs a Medal of Freedom.

  2. As I mentioned (predicted) at the beginning of this show – it will be the biggest spectacular for quite some time – can’t make this up – and hold on, it’s only going to get better ……..

  3. What does it matter what We The Peons think of the Federal Einsatzgruppen? When the Death Squad stuffs the door and enters with flashbangs and full auto your opinion of them is irrelevant.

  4. A Supernatural fan.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Umaduma has disappeared. Think she sleeps with the fishes now?

  7. MOAR:

  8. Scott Adams: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (You know… I think I may have left out an “HA”…)

    Can you believe these people? Wow!