Kenny With An Important Public Service Announcement

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Read and do.


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  1. Celebrate diversity!

  2. I got my motivation back in 1989 Roos Roberti Act and the 1993 “Assault Weapons Ban Act” and of course, the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    I have an adequate inventory as per the author’s opinion, but I don’t have enough ammo. See y’all downrange. Keep training and be safe.

  3. Roger that. You may only have 10 days. Would the federals close down firearm and ammo emporiums if there is sufficient violence (in their minds). They would call it a cooling off period. Regardless, you do not have enough ammo for what is coming.

  4. Damn it. I’ve been panic buying for years and I still feel the need to heed this advice.

  5. Please. Anyone who hasn’t stocked up long ago isn’t worth reminding they should have stocked up.

    • European American

      Yes, indeed. Just more fear-mongering drama to excite the natives. By the way, how much is “enough” ammo? 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000 rounds? Same goes for food. How much is enough?

      • Food = a C-5B ‘Galaxy’ hangar full, times 2
        Ammo = any pro football stadium full (LxWxH)
        Med gear/meds/supplies = 2 semi trailers full, of each

        So get to it …

    • This! Been done since 2008.

      Think about small parts and redundancy too. One is none. Yup, all said and done for years.

      Reloading equipment? Okay. Can someone please paint the picture for me where ammo isn’t available, guns are banned, and/or the cities are on fire, but reloading matters? You won’t have time/space/resources. If the rounds aren’t ready, on clips, portable (carriers/bandoliers), and in sufficient quantity, they don’t matter. If we throw it in without a fight, your guns can never see the light of day.

      • Anon, are you saying reloading is moot? Or the ability to reload moot.?

        Please explain you,rationale, Trying to,see what your saying.

        Thanks in advance.


    • Bad Attitude

      I’ve been trying to enlighten others on the need for firearms and ammunition. They are starting to see the symptoms of the deep rot, including lots of diversity in their formerly nice neighborhoods. I guess they’ll need a shock before they are fully on board, at which point they’ll be paying three times as much for what I’ve been suggesting they buy.

  6. +1 & another +1 on extra parts, NOD’s, thermal, armor, etc. or anything else tyranny will seek to take away in their recruit of more slaves!

  7. If your just now purchasing your ammo, and your loading supplies, your wayyyyy behind the curve. Would suggest considering adding to your loading kit, extra dies for each caliber. 2 is one.

    If your only buying a couple pounds it won’t be enough.

    An after thought regarding your nods and red dots, consider storing them and any scopes in a faraday cage, and without batteries in the battery casing. I tape one battery plus another to every rifle with a red dot, and the same with my pvs 14s and my older pvs 7s.

    Keep in mind that if your rifle sights are on at 70/100 y, if your dot is off a scosh, dial the dot to center the front sight, I actually dial them to,sit just on top of my front sight post.

    I know you all know this, just a genial reminder.

    Go Oregon!.


  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Thanks for the link. Actually, if I thought people had been doing what I’ve advocated for years and buying a box of ammo a week, I wouldn’t have felt the need to post it.
    -Kenny Lane

    • Ken, I think years ago – you by blog and me by posting – advocated the every payday plan of ammo, beer, and whiskey. Now, we’re all at the point where back in ’07 – what seemed tin foil hat foolish, doesn’t sound so foolish anymore.
      And I agree with Dirk – if you waited until now, it will require all of your next several months income, and then some; to get squared away. And it may likely be too late – you’ll have to dance with what you brought to the party.

  10. Marlo Stanfield

    Old gunsmith says CORE LOKT works just fine.

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  11. An executive order expanding the power and reach of ITAR (like recently with gunsmiths) is only a stroke of a pen away; look for tighter restrictions on ammo, firearms, repair parts, body armor, reloading supplies, STANO devices (like night vision and laser designators), tear gas, gas masks, pyrotechnics (tanerite), edged weapons, maybe comms, military surplus, and journalistic freedoms.

    • One more time, for the hard of hearing.

      They won’t be going door to door as they’re too cowardly for that.

      A lot of them will get killed if they try, and they know it.

      Instead, everybody will receive a certified letter in the mail stating that you must turn your firearms and ammo in to the nearest law enforcement establishment and you will receive a tax voucher for $200 for each hand gun, $300 for each shotgun, $400 for each long gun, $100 for any amount of ammo or reloading products.

      When you renew any license you will sign a document stating you possess no firearms.

      When you enroll your child in a school you will sign that document.

      The banks and the state and federal tax collectors will require you to sign that document.

      To collect gov’t payouts you will sign that document.

      When you try to get medical service or fill a prescription for medications you will sign that document.

      The media will broadcast a message continuously that if you are caught with a firearm or supplies you will be incarcerated at hard labor for a period of no less than 10 years in a federal penitentiary.

      The media will also run PSA’s stating that a reward of $1000 will be given to anyone providing direct information that leads to the conviction of all violators of the gun ban.

      Your family and friends and neighbors will become Quislings and turn your ass in.

      In 1 year the entire country will have become completely pussified and all of the honorable patriots will have been exterminated.

      Criminals from top to bottom will reign supreme.

      All licenses will eventually expire and your bank account will (be seized) no longer work.

      If you have children in the public schools they will not be enrolled the following year.

      All of your insurances will expire and you will not be able to see a medical professional or get prescriptions filled.

      True, some die hards may elude the sieve a little longer.

      That is when phase 2 comes into play.

      Phase 2 includes access to foods, municipal and private utilities.

      They will systematically make possessing a firearm very difficult for most people.

      See, they have unlimited resources, time, and power, and you don’t.

      They will win, they always do.

      The only way they can be beaten is for them to trip over their own dicks, and they will, as they always do.

      Leviathan is a very large drunken ogre stumbling about, bent on destroying all it encounters and the best anyone can do is stay out of it’s way and let it kill itself, for if you get to close (to kill it) you run the risk of it falling on you, and when it falls everyone all around it falls to, like a sinking ship it pulls everything close, under.

      • My take:
        -Those ‘turn in your guns or else’ letters, will be the final ‘go hot’ notice. Millions of us in our group of one will do so, very quietly.
        -When the Leviathans miscreants figure out that they’re dropping like flies just by going to work, Leviathan will grind to a halt.
        -Leviathan will declare martial law and post sacrificial guards/brown shirts/crooked cops etc everywhere, for you know, the good of the chirrens.
        -See bullet (no pun intended) item #2 and substitute miscreant body.
        -Nation will turn hard right politically.
        -Those (liberals first and foremost including activist ‘media’, judges etc.) who have sought the destruction of our God given rights and Godly principles will…..well, use your imagination.

        Vote Trump

      • Ghost, I won’t be signing anything of that nature. when signing a doc like that, your signature means you agree to the policy. By not signing, your simply says Fuck you!


  12. “Pubic” service announcement? 😉
    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” (Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride – )

  13. ‘Pubic Service Announcement’?

    I’ll happily order more ammo, but what does that have to do with curly short-hairs?

  14. Geebus! Ignore the ‘you’re behind the curve’ BS posted above. If it’s still legal, you’re not behind the curve. When it goes illegal, you’ll find a work around.

    If you don’t reload and wish to start (or think you do), here is some sage advice from someone (me) who’s been hand loading since the ’70s.

    -Start small. A single stage press will work just fine for the rest of time.
    -Start with a straight walled pistol case like 9MM or .45 etc….whatever your favorite is. Bottle necked rifle cases take more care, tools and know how. Start with ONE caliber!!
    -Buy only quality components from major manufacturers.
    -Save your brass and have your friends do the same. Pistol brass can be reused many times.
    -Get a reloading manual and FOLLOW THE RECIPES!

    -Perhaps most importantly, find someone you trust who is schooled in the art of reloading and ASK FOR ADVICE! That’ll make your reloading life easier and you might just make a friend.

    Keep buying ammo when you can. Store in air tight containers. It will last for decades kept clean, dry and cool.

    Vote Trump.