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  1. just plain todd

    i think i missed something CA, what is the green lizard-frog-monster looking thing we see here occasionally?

    • Pepe – designated amphibian of the BFYTW crowd

    • It is pretty hard to define, but it is too funny for words. When it hits you you will bust a gut and have face cramps from laughing, and you will suddenly burst out in tears laughing hours and days later when the hilarity of it hits you.
      It’s become a part of the zeitgeist of Alt-Right, Pepe is like the ghost of Christmas Past of the dirt people, come home to roost.
      What is so funny is Pepe is kind of that vast white right wing conspiracy HRC rants about, she created Pepe really. But what is so great is by doing so, she has created an underground almost cult like conspiracy of defiance and resistance, she handed Pepe to the Alt-Right on a silver platter.
      Pepe is a sublime tongue in cheek needling of the crazy bitch.
      Ol’ Pepe has taken on the persona of total resistance, a total left handed kind of fuck you.
      It will come to you how funny it is.

      Somebody will do a “militia” Pepe with an AR15 and chest rig behind hillary and it will be on like donkey kong.

  2. Saudi intelligence will treat Huma worse. Watch for her to have a suicide soon.

  3. wealthy farmer

    Lest we forget the ’90s: This IS how the Clintons roll-In a thunderous shitstorm of sleeze, corruption and graft.

    • And a host of fellow travelers to accompany them. Her supporters know all of this and don’t care. They praise her because her supporters have no character and are absent of the Holy Spirit. Some people are evil, just to be evil.

  4. has had her profile online for years.

    They are meticulous in their research and a valuable site to keep bookmarked. Here is her profile:

    • Never seen this before, could be an invaluable tool for those of us who still care. Now on my computer for research. I’ll need to,confirm much to be completely comfortable.

      Thank you.


  5. Pepe the Special Agent? Hahahahahaa! The crowd at /pol/ is going to love this.

    Best election ever.

  6. The new crime syndicate logo of the federal regime:

      • It is deliciously hilarious.
        Like you stated apically CA, “Auto-Deligimization”
        Bet you things larger than them are now beyond the power of political influence.

        There is another angle here also. That vicious corrupt crone can not be allowed to be POTUS.
        It they put her on the throne the idea of a United States Government is toast too. It will be a laughing stock of a regime. The only thing we as a nation got going for us now that is not real politick is trust and faith as a people, beyond that and much of the world will turn their backs on her dictatorship. Gun boat diplomacy will be a clinton regimes only lever without 747 cargo planes of pallets of cash and arms as influence running nonstop flights. And that blood thirsty hag is crazy enough to scream Off With Their Heads! if she is defied. She is owed her crown, this is her ultimate entitlement, and nothing is going to deny her her right to rule. That is how she thinks.
        The thought “it” would have access to the nuclear football is pretty fucking scary.
        Venezuela will have more credibility as a viable legitimate government than the CCS Inc. returning to the oval office.

        Me thinks they are on the brink of collapse, when it happens it will happen so fast and so completely we will be stunned by the turn of events.

        Comey is a canary in a coal mine. For that weasel, to run to the weasels in congress and plead for his safety, because he is afraid of something that is so bad it overrides the clinton crime syndicate inc. (CCS Inc) putting a contract out on his ass and getting the dirt nap. Comey was chosen as chief executed of the FBI because he could be controlled as an enabler and fixer. He knows things. He saw something that is existential to the entire weasel regime. The only insurance policy he has is to run like hell, or go in front of congress and signal if I go down I’m taking everyone with me. It’s something along the lines of a pivotal event and time from the past. Something they all either know and looked the other way or was a part of that was set in motion to acquire the power they lust after, and the unintended consequences are coming home to roost.
        They are toast.

  7. Once again. 5 days ago all was lost for Trump. Everyone said so. Cucks like Bill Crystal were gloating. “I tole you so” they crowed. And still. The only ones left in Trumps corner, were Pepe. And Harambe. And Milo. And the Alt-Right. When Trump appoints his first supreme court justice, the establishment republicans will have to bow down to the new alpha dog, the Alt-Right. Out of fucking nowhere, the Alt-Right has taken over. This new French revolution, complete with memes as guillotines, has wrought panic among the left, the establishment right, the prestitute media and the global corporations.
    Pay attention to Wirecutter when he says to stock up on ammo. Be packing from here on out. You saw the commies kicking the shit out of the homeless black woman protecting Trumps star in Hollywierd. That could be you. Or me.

    • Understand that not only will the Democrats conspire to corrupt the vote for Hillary in the precincts and counties that they control, but so will the Rove Republicans as well. After all, Hillary is nothing more than Jeb!, but with the pair of balls that he never had.

    • Milo does not represent the Alt R. He is a blatant hyper-dramatic homosexual Jew who has attempted to co-op the movement in order to redirect its focus and render it controlled opposition – somewhat in the same way that the Tea Party, inspired by Ron Paul, was co-opted by cuckservatives like Beck or Ryan.

  8. Wake me up when Trump wins and begins deporting 45 million. Until then I will keep sharpening my ax.

  9. Marlo Stanfield

    Friday – DAMN

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  10. So, the same organization that can headshot you when you’re holding a baby, burn you and your family to death for no reason, infiltrate the fuck out of your group, state hrc committed multiple crimes and not arrest… those assholes couldn’t have found this info on their own… we now have to thank God for pedophiles!? Yeah, the justus system is blind… they don’t even know you exist except when you annoy them… like a house fly.


      Word. Something really stinks about all of this. Maybe Comey decided he better back a probable winner so he will not end up in an orange jump suit playing drop-the-soap in the Lompoc showers.

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