The New Crime Syndicate Logo For The Federal/Globalist Regime


From a reader.

Hat doff and deep bow.


28 responses to “The New Crime Syndicate Logo For The Federal/Globalist Regime

  1. So now the globalist are toast?

    Will tomorrow be ,”you can’t vote your way out if this”?

    Schitzophrenia….there is treatment for this.

  2. I’m surprised the old hag didn’t stroke out when she heard the news.

    • Maybe she really did….and “they” refilled her with Go Juice and pushed her back out the front door and into the fray.

      God I love it when a plan comes together………

  3. Thanks for the laughs. Keep ’em coming, please.

  4. Tisk, tisk, tisk; all that carpet munching and she still gets thrown under the bus….

  5. No matter how carefully one plans a crime, it’s the littlest thing that unravels it and gets you caught. In this case it was Weiner’s weiner. I mean how could Hillary have overlooked that little detail in all the planning that went into the Clinton crime network?

  6. Steve Ramsey

    Aside from finishing off the Clinton’s, a primary reason for me voting Trump is to stab the feckless gimp GOP right in the guts.

  7. It is extremely difficult to be a successful criminal.Basing success upon not getting caught. Lying and keeping them straight is hard work.Lying cocksuckers are the worst. Look you square in the eye and lie their ass off. Enter the Barnhardt axiom. A politician must be a sociopath to live in that incestuous cesspool of filth. That requirement has been exceeded ,by the transformation into raging psychopaths.
    The trail of victims, both dead and alive, is testament to a dangerous occupational hazard.. Do not discount the power of true evil. It must reveal itself. The Clintons are hazardous to your health.

  8. People who serve their egos, and lust for power and money, sooner or later receive the fruits of their labors…

    Discovery. Desperation. Delirium. Death.

  9. Is it too early to get the midgets practicing their dead witch dance? Think I may have seen a house flying around.

    Liberal tears are pepes favorite.

  10. From Watergate to Weinergate, what a ride.


    “No one could be admitted to the US mainland from the island reception centre who might prove to be, as the rules put it, “a charge upon the state” either through mental unfitness or ill health. (Because my grandmother’s cousin had measles, the whole family was held in the quarantine centre until she was deemed non-infectious.) Perhaps more surprisingly, prospective migrants were not permitted to have pre-arranged jobs. This was to prevent the importation of cheap labour gangs into the country: if you wanted to come in, you had to take your chances for survival with the indigenous population. There would be no state support and no employment stitch-up.”

    My my how things have changed.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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