Where’s Huma?


Huma Abedin Swore Under Oath She Gave Up ‘All the Devices’ With State Dept. Emails

NYT Email Scandal Overview


NYT: Huma & The Latest – A Scandal Too Far?

Abedin not on HRC campaign plane Saturday

GVDL asks a related question above.


WaPo Limited Modified Huma Hangout: Clinton aide Huma Abedin has told people she doesn’t know how her emails wound up on her husband’s computer

UK Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE – Huma Abedin holed up at her New York home the day after FBI reopens case against Hillary based its bombshell findings on estranged husband Anthony Weiner’s laptop






19 responses to “Where’s Huma?


    Again, I state: BALDERDASH! When the Hildabeest and Huma are being perp-walked in orange jump suits to the Marshal’s van which will transport them to Lompoc, then I will humbly apologize to one and all. This Marxist bitch is harder to kill than a cockroach and has more lives than my wife’s cat from Hell(even though he did eventually croak). I just cannot believe that anything will come of this.

    • Dweezil:

      Think of it as a gamma rad dose.

      They are getting politically poisoned in a terminal way at the same time that they are denying that there is any “there” there.

      Even if they survive, they face all of the joys of post-exposure high REM counts.

      Savor, my friend.

      Read that WaPo limited modified hangout just posted.


    • Lompoc? No way Mrs. Clinton – or anyone else – deserves the hell that is Lompoc. Anyway, you’re right: Comey has to get Loretta Lynch’s approval just to pass gas. Nothing will happen.

  2. Huma has become a contestant in the Vince Foster look-a-like contest.

  3. Wishful thinking.

  4. She doesn’t know how they wound up on his computer? Why are people talking like this? They aren’t on ANY computer! They’re on servers! Clouds! Databases! They are not on a computer unless someone purposely saved them there.

    • Microsoft outlook will download emails as most client applications will. Chances are they used something like outlook.

      • Thanks. But is that where they’be trying to access them from for the investigation? I mean, it seems like there was so much talk about how these emails had been “lost” because of this issue with this computer or that issue on that computer. And the whole time I was sitting there saying “Go get them from the host!”

  5. Neither of them will do a day behind bars despite this. Expect comey to be disgraced and resign shortly thereafter.

  6. The way you take any of these criminals down is to
    1. Determine all their circles of association around the principal, in this case, the Hildabeest.
    2. Find the associations between the circles.
    3. Start breaking the associations to isolate the target.
    The whole aim is to isolate the target and blind him/her.
    It works. Sadam and Pablo Escobar can attest to it, if they were available.
    Break the association between Huma and the Hildabeest and that will seriously cripple the Beest. Maybe tip her over. Keep breaking more associations. Stand clear when the Beest goes down.

  7. Even if Trump turns out to be the worst prez ever, he will still have thwarted the Last and Worst prez ever.

  8. Maybe Christmas comes early

  9. Anyone else see the irony in it being a wiener that brings Clinton down, and it wasn’t Bill’s?

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